Mosambi Juice

Mosambi is a widely known healthy and juicy fruit (green or light yellow or mix of green and yellow), generally used by people to drink its juice. Mosambi juice is a refreshing drink gives cooling effect in the summer season. It is easily available in the market in all seasons and also known as sweet lime. We can enjoy this healthy fruit in almost all the seasons by taking its juice twice a day in order to cut calories and lose some weight. It does not only help in weight loss but also prevents and treats various diseases (dehydration, scurvy, jaundice, digestive disorders, promotes immunity and many more).

Does Mosambi Juice help in Weight Loss?

Now-a-days, people are very conscious towards their health and fitness. In order to maintain their fitness, they always want to eat and drink healthy together with lots of effective exercises. People, who are overweight and obese, want to reduce some weight to make that normal according to their body mass index (BMI: is the measurement of body fat according to the height and weight of the person), so that they can enjoy a happy and healthy life. Then, what about the Mosambi fruit and Mosambi juice, is this healthy for our health? A common question arises in everyone’s mind that ‘can Mosambi Juice help in Weight Loss?’ The answer is a big ‘Yes’. Yes, Mosambi juice helps in weight loss if it is taken in right way on regular basis.

How Mosambi Juice help in Weight Loss

Mosambi is a healthy and nutritious fruit packed with vitamin C and lots of healthy nutrients which makes it able to maintain health and fitness by losing unnecessary extra weight. It tastes good (generally sweet but sometimes mix taste of slight sweet and sour) and liked by everyone. It has wide range of health benefits including surprising benefit for weight loss. Health experts always suggest everyone to add Mosambi juice in the daily diet especially in the morning in order to be fit. It is a juicy fruit adds lots of fibers to the juice which is very good for the digestive system.

It can be easily added to the daily schedule by replacing our snacks (which we generally eat in between our meals) with it. After some days, we feel ourselves completely away from the habit of eating lots of unhealthy snacks in between the meals as it keeps our stomach full for long time. The surprising thing about Mosambi juice is that, it satisfies our hunger and keeps stomach full for long time even after having few calories. So, adding it to the daily routine we don’t have to worry about weight gain.

Following are some points describing Mosambi juice benefits for weight loss:

How Mosambi juice helps in weight loss

1: Rich source of dietary fiber

Mosambi juice is rich source of dietary fiber which makes it able to satisfy the hunger for a longer time than other foods.

*Dietary fiber is the roughage (indigestible portion of food) available in fruits or other foods in two types (soluble fiber which gets dissolve in water and insoluble fiber which does not get dissolve in water.)*

Adding mosambi juice including its pulp to daily routine fulfills daily fiber needs of the body which in turn helps in weight loss. It is packed with healthy nutrients and gives feeling of fullness thus help us to stay fit and trim. Having some juice before workout maintains the energy level and improves stamina thus does not let you feel tired.

2: Beats hunger pangs

Mosambi juice is rich source of citric acid (an alkalizing agent decreases acidity level in body fluids) which helps in curbing the hunger pangs and prevents from eating lots of snacks. Citric acid also boosts the metabolism thus helps in burning fat and weight loss.

3: Low in calories

Mosambi juice is very low in its calorie content; it is just 43 kcal per 100 g. The calorie content of it is much less than any sugar-loaded drinks like cold drinks and milkshakes. So, it is a risk free drink for the people who are weight conscious. Because of being a low calorie drink, it aids a lot in quick weight loss. Whenever you feel hungry, you can take it as a snack anytime without any fear of taking high calories. It is a wonderful fruit to add in daily diet for weight loss.

4: Full of nutrients

It is highly nutritious and juicy fruit full of important nutrients. This quality makes it amazing fruit for weight loss. It makes us feel energetic even after having low calorie and fulfills nutrients requirement of the body, thus never let us feel tired and lazy. It is a pack of energy and more nutrition, work as a supplement for weight loss.

5: Burns fat faster

Mosambi is a vitamin C rich fruit; it does not only strengthen our immunity system and protect us from infections but also increases our body’s fat burning capacity. According to the health experts, people who take adequate vitamin C burn fat 30% faster during workouts than those who don’t take it. In this way, it improves the fat burning capacity and helps in weight loss.

6: Keeps stomach full

Mosambi juice contains more water and dietary fibers which keep our stomach full for longer time. We just need to add mosambi juice with pulp in our daily diet in order to get it benefits for weight loss. It is recommended by the fitness experts that having some mosambi juice before workouts maintains the energy level and does not let get tired easily. Thus, it makes us able to exercise for long and burn fat.

7: Regularizes cholesterol level

Drinking mosambi juice on regular basis helps in regulating the cholesterol level in the body and thus manages weight. People, who take fruit or juice that help in cholesterol regulation, are tend to lose weight faster than expected.

8: Flushes out toxins

Taking mosambi juice on regular basis makes us able to detoxify our body because of its acidic nature. It does not let toxins to accumulate in the body, as acids available in it regularly eliminates toxins and other unwanted substances from our body and helps organs to function efficiently, thus promotes fat burn. Adding mosambi juice to daily diet is good idea for people, who want to shed some weight and remain healthy.

How and When you should Drink Mosambi Juice

Mosambi juice is a fat burner but it only acts positively when you take in proper amount. It should not be over the limit per day, two glasses of mosambi juice is upper limit which should not be crossed. According to the experts, everyone should take a glass of freshly squeezed juice. For more effectiveness it can be mixed with warm water and honey which is good to take on an empty stomach every morning to speed up the weight loss. It is good to have juice of mosambi that are fully grown and light yellow color without any spots. Always select heavy and firm mosambi having thin skin as they are ideal for juicing. It can be made more tasty and interesting by adding chaat masala and black salt.

Drinking fresh juice on an empty stomach before breakfast is ideal and good for health because empty stomach absorbs all the nutrients and antioxidants found in juice. It also contains various useful enzymes aids in digestive system. So, you must take juice on an empty stomach otherwise you can take at least 2 hours after the meal.