Menopause is the end of fertility period of a woman means during menopause a woman stops menstruating and most probably stops ovulating as well. Menopause brings end of reproductive years in the woman life. Some women may ovulate even after the menopause for some years so a little hope is there for some special women having there hormonal balance in the body. However, there are some advanced medical technologies helping woman after menopause in getting pregnant.

Chances of conceiving a baby after menopause are very less however possible in some ways during initial years of menopause with lots of complications. Getting pregnant after menopause is too much risky for the health of both mother and baby.

Tips for Getting Pregnant after Menopause

Below we have discussed some important tips which help you in getting pregnant in the initial years of menopause.

  • It is very necessary to follow all the medical advices to get pregnant during menopause in order to lessen the health risk of both mother and baby. Taking precautions to a great level prevents baby from the congenital birth defects.
  • Discuss to a best gynaecologist before planning your pregnancy as it may arise lots of difficulties due to the irregularity in ovulation. So it is best to confirm your some possible ovulation dates with your doctor to go ahead with the conception.
  • It is first and foremost thing to balance your physical and mental health. Try to be happy in daily life and never disturb yourself mentally.
  • If you are tired of searching ways of being pregnant in your menopause, adopting a child is the best way to bring happiness to home and life.
  • Getting pregnant during menopause with the use of donor healthy eggs is also possible but only under the watch of good medical assistance.
  • Generally, menopause is declared after twelve months of the last menstrual period as it is a gradual process of hormonal changes in the body. Good health habits may make it possible to get pregnant during this period.
  • A woman must sure the availability of required amount of calcium, vitamin D and iron in the daily diet as a woman going towards menopause requires almost double amount of all than her young age.
  • If you have planned to get pregnant you must maintain your healthy body weight and body mass index of 18.5 to 24.9 by intake of foods high in nutrients and low in calories.
  • You must go through all the required health check up and ovulation check up to get confirmed about the good health before conception.
  • If you are unable to get pregnant even after you are ovulating, go through the health check up of your partner to get sure about healthy sperms.

Why it is Difficult to Get Pregnant during Post Menopause

Menopause means infertile period of woman’s life (end of reproductive life) which is counted a year after her last menstrual period. It is the signal of decreasing female sex hormones in the body which leads towards anovulation. Some points are mentioned below:

  • Essential sex hormone level (estrogen and progesterone) starts decreasing which brings inability in woman to get conceived after menopause.
  • Decreasing production of essential hormones required for fertility in woman causes end of ovulation for ovaries.
  • Due to the hormonal changes in the body health conditions of a woman starts declining which reduces ability to conceive. Both poor diet and hormonal changes affect each other however menopause can be delayed a little while with the habit of healthy life style and diet.
  • Some woman neglects their health after menopause as they understand that they no more require taking care of their health as they are not menstruating. In this way they get health problems more often like sexually transmitted disease (loss of practice of safe sex), weak immunity (poor diet) and etc.

Tips to cope with Reality of Menopause

  • Do not make any plan in your life related to myths like being pregnant in 50s or 60s as exceptions are rare. It is very true that ovaries work according to the health and age.
  • Never trust anybody without any logic claiming on various products in the market making pregnancy possible during menopause.
  • Understand your body physiology and organs functioning properly which really let you know about reality.
  • A woman fertility level is at peak during her 30s which starts declining steadily and by age 44 to 50 it is near about menopause due to decreasing production of female sex hormones called estrogen and progesterone.
  • Know the fact that poor diet and bad life style also calls menopause at early age.