How to Get Twin Pregnancy

Some women wish to get pregnant with twins baby however some have fear of twin baby due to the problems arise all through the pregnancy as well as after delivery responsibility of caring and nourishing twins. Passionate women try to get pregnant to have twin baby naturally. Having twin is occasional and depends on some common factors which increase the chance of conceiving with twin.

Women crazy about getting twins should prepare their mind about all the risks and complications associated with the multiple pregnancy such as preeclampsia, prematurity, etc. Naturally made twins are of two types called as identical and non-identical twins. Identical (also called monozygotic twins or non-fraternal) twins are formed when an egg gets fertilized with a sperm and divides in two equal parts (having same genetic components and identical genetic structures) called embryos sharing only one placenta. Non-identical (also called dizygotic twins or fraternal) are formed when two eggs gets fertilised with two separate sperm. Such type of twins have their own and unique individuality and own placenta.

How to Conceive Twin

Getting pregnant with twins baby is not so simple however following some tips may enhance the chance of conceiving twins:

  • Having some weight under good dietician, before getting pregnant, increases the chance of twins as weight gain directly associated with the changes in secretion, serum level of reproductive hormones, post-translational modification, etc. However it is considered as weight gain may involve some complications during pregnancy.
  • Eating foods stimulating the hyper ovulation by enhancing the secretion of certain hormones which in turn causes ovaries to release multiple ova. Wild yam is a type of food found in Africa known for the highest incidence of twin pregnancies.
  • As women gets old over 35 to 40 rate of ovulation decreases however chances of multiple gestations increases.
  • Increasing the intake of folic acid before planning pregnancy decreases the risks of anemia and neural tube defects among babies as well as enhances the chance of twin pregnancy.
  • Some foods having high value of folates like lentils, green leafy vegetables, spinach, oranges, kidney beans, broccoli, etc which can be included in daily routine.
  • High cholesterol foods are generally restricted during pregnancy however they may increase chances of twins.
  • Enhancing the intake of dairy products also increases the chance of twins baby through hyper ovulation.
  • Fertility level can also be increases through exogenous hormonal supplements or medications under any authorized gynaecologist. Such medications enhance the ovulation by many folds.
  • It is considered that breastfeeding moms are prevented from pregnancy however it has been noted that breastfeed moms have 9 times more chance of twins baby.
  • Other artificial methods such as in-vitro fertilization and Intracytoplasmic insemination can be followed to get twins.
  • Planning pregnancy soon after stopping the intake of any birth control pill (as it stimulates ovaries to release multiple eggs) may result in twin pregnancy.

Factors affecting the chances of Getting Twins

Some of the factors influencing the probability of getting fraternal twins are mentioned below:

  • Heredity is considered as the first and foremost factor affecting the twin pregnancy means if a woman has family history of twin, she is more likely to have twins.
  • Age over 35 increases the chance of having fraternal twins or higher-order multiples as older women have more follicle stimulating hormone than the younger ones. Older women are less likely to have pregnancy as increasing levels of sex hormone are the sign of declining their fertility that’s why they are more likely to have twins.
  • Woman belongs to the African and Americans race are more likely to have twins than the Hispanics and Asians.
  • A woman having body type large and tall is more likely to have twin pregnancy than the small woman.
  • A woman having number of pregnancies has greater chances of having twins.
  • A woman having past history of twins is more likely to have fraternal twins in future pregnancies.