As everybody well knows and very familiar about that, what breast milk values for a new born baby and his/her mother recovery after the baby delivery. It is the most important topic for every woman preparing for getting pregnant or going to deliver a baby. Every mother should really know the importance and need of the breast feeding for a baby and mother both before going to getting pregnant or going to deliver a baby.

However, knowing about the importance and need of the breast milk to a baby and mother, a great problem which a mother generally faces is the lack or low production and secretion of the breast milk after the baby delivery. It’s a big problem for both, mother and baby which becomes very necessary to for a mother and doctor to solve this big issue in order to properly nourish the baby health, prevent him from various lethal infections and diseases as well as proper recovery of the mother after delivery.

Proper production of the breast milk is very necessary in order to meet the baby growing needs which require a mother to eat healthy and proper diet full of protein, green leafy vegetables, milk, egg, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and etc required for proper breast milk production. Instead of taking precautions and healthy diet, if a mother has less breast production, she must consult her doctor for solving the issue. However, some of the points and aspects which I have mentioned below can be followed in order to get proper breast milk production.

Foods to Increase Breast Milk before Delivery

In order to get proper breast milk production after the delivery of the baby, a pregnant woman must consider following points all through her pregnancy term:

  • Proper rest and sleep.
  • Mild exercises and yoga all through the pregnancy under the careful watch of good trainer.
  • Proper, timely ad healthy diet full of green leafy vegetables, protein and fatty acids.
  • Maintain stress free and happy life.
  • Maintain happy full work and family balance.
  • Proper and regular check up by the good gynaecologist.
  • Maintain healthy daily routine.
  • Avoid harmful eating things and unnecessary medicines which are strictly prohibited during pregnancy.
  • Proper cleaning of the body and private parts to avoid getting infections and diseases.

Foods to Increase Breast Milk after Delivery

Some of the food habits and living habits which are mentioned below may help a mother after delivery for getting proper breast milk production:

  • Fenugreek seeds (commonly known as methi) are being used for years by our grand generations in order to enhance breast milk production and supply. It is a most common ancient belief which has also been researched and identified that methi seeds increases breast milk production as it is rich source of vitamins, minerals, iron and calcium. However, it is a mild diuretic, the overconsumption of which may cause loss of water in the body. It can be taken as methi water or methi tea by the new mothers or can be added to the dishes like vegetables, meat, parantha, poori and etc according to the need and taste.
  • Black sesame seeds (also called til) help to increase breast milk production because of being an excellent source of calcium and copper. It can be eaten as til ladoo, poori, parantha, khichri, biryani, gajak, revdi and other dishes.
  • Basil leaves (most famous as tulsi in India) are traditionally used as best home remedy to cure lots of heath disorders because of being rich source of vitamin K. It enhances breast milk secretion and provides calming effect, improves bowel movement, promote appetite among mothers and etc. It can be taken as tulsi tea, added to cooked vegetable, soup and etc.
  • Dill seeds (generally called suwa) help in improving milk production and secretion as it is good source of calcium, iron, manganese and other minerals. It also improves good digestion and proper sleep. However, it is mild diuretic in nature and causes loss of water if over consumed. It can be taken through pickles, salads, tea, cooked vegetables and curries.
  • Green, colored and leafy vegetables are considered as the richest source of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and other nutrients enhancing breast milk supply. Some of the most effective green leafy vegetables after delivery are apple gourd (tinda), bottle gourd (lauki), sponge gourd (tori), spinach, methi saag, beans, carrot, sweet potato, beetroot (rich source of beta-carotene, iron), and etc.
  • Fennel seeds (commonly known as saunf) also help in increasing breast milk production which is very useful for the baby as it may prevent colic pain in baby. It is the rich source of vitamin C which aids to the good digestion, good immunity and mouth freshness. It can be taken as fennel water or fennel tea or added to the diet through cooked vegetables, rice, dal, dessert and etc.
  • Any type of pulse or lentil (commonly called dal) especially masoor dal is considered as very effective for improving milk supply because of being rich source of iron and dietary fibres.
  • Nuts (commonly called dried fruits) like almond, pista, cashew, kismis, akhrot, pea nuts and etc which are very effective in boosting breast milk production. They can be taken with milk for more effectiveness, badam milk, kaju milk, laddoo, halwa and etc.
  • Oats and porridge (commonly known as daliya) are considered as best diet for the breast milk production among lactating mothers because of being good source of iron, calcium and dietary fibres.
  • Fatty things like healthy oils (olive, flaxseed, sesame, coconut oil, ghee and etc) and butter are also very necessary for proper milk secretion among lactating mothers.
  • Drinking glasses of water all through the day helps breast feeding mothers to feed their baby sufficiently.
  • Regular breast feeding also helps in the proper secretion and production of the milk among mothers.
  • Carom seeds (or ajwain) are also very effective source of enhancing breast milk production as it keeps stomach clean, improves digestion and etc. It can be taken by post natal mother by adding to the cooked vegetables, raita, poori, parantha, ajwain ka pani or tea.
  • Proper, comfortable and enough sleep and rest during night are also necessary for getting proper and sufficient breast milk production.
  • Garlic is very beneficial for everybody however most effective in enhancing breast milk production among mother because of its curative properties. It is beneficial for both, mother and baby as it has appetising property if used regularly as a condiment in diet like dal, meat, vegetable, pickles and etc by the nursing mums.
  • Cumin seeds (commonly called jeera) also have stimulating property which enhances breast milk supply and production and strengthens body after baby birth as it is good source of iron. It has lots of curative properties like improves digestion, cures, constipation, acidity, bloating and etc. It can be taken as jeera water or jeera tea or added to the diet in many ways.
  • Stress free and relax life stimulates more milk production.
  • Green papaya is the very good example of galactagogue which has been used for years for enhancing the breast milk.