Pregnancy Week 5

By this week, you must have probably missed your period and has already taken a pregnancy test. Congratulations to those who got that extra line in their tests while who did not must not disappoint as it’s quite normal. There are only 25% chances of getting pregnant every month. So, just keep on trying. Women with positive pregnancy tests must have started feeling major pregnancy symptoms due to heightened pregnancy hormone levels.

Now as you are in your week 5, it means you have entered the second month of pregnancy. At this stage, your baby is developing at a furious pace and resembles like a tadpole rather than a human. Your baby is 2 mm long and the size of a sesame seed right now and is continuously growing in weight and size. Along with that, it has started developing the major organs and tissues. Out of all, circulatory and nervous systems are the first ones to develop.

With the development of heart in circulatory system, you will be able to hear your child’s heartbeat. So, isn’t this week brings excitement for you. Let us know more about the baby, its development and some careful tips.

Growth and development of baby

Your developing baby is in the form of bundle of cells which are arranged in a C- shape from top, bottom, front and back. It is 1/6 to 1/8 inch long from crown to hump.

The baby forms around itself three layers which forms various organs.

  • Ectoderm- brain, spinal cord, nerves, backbone, skin, hair, nails, mammary glands and sweat glands
  • Mesoderm- heart and circulatory system, muscles, cartilage, bones and subcutaneous tissues
  • Endoderm- lungs, intestines, rudimentary urinary system, thyroid, liver and pancreas

A lot of development has to take place right from the scratch. All the major and minor body systems along with important organs have begun to form. Firstly, the circulatory system of your baby will develop. Along with that an initial form of heart is also developed to pump the blood to the baby tissues. At this stage, your heart resembles two tiny channels known as heart tubes. Initially, they are beating individually but within two-three weeks their beating will coordinate forming a fully functional heart.

Along with this, the ectoderm is developing which creates a groove forming hollow tube like structure. This tube is known as neural tube which is destined to become brain and spinal cord of your baby. The tube’s top is wide and flat which forms the brain of the child.

Sometimes, some defects arise in neural tube which leads to structural disorders of brain in your child. If it occurs in the tail end, it is known as Spina Bifida while the head end defects leads to anencephaly.

Signs and Symptoms

With the beginning of week 5, the early signs of pregnancy must have kicked you. However, some women who have irregular cycle must be still in dilemma when they experience tiredness, nausea and sickness. For all those, we can just say hang in there, things will get better soon.

For those who are pregnant must be a time to rejoice and feel elated. However, their excitement may sometimes be overpowered with the physical exhaustion and other symptoms of pregnancy. But the news itself is big enough to give you strength and courage to move on with a smile on your face.

Let us now know what all early symptoms; a woman faces during her fifth week:

  • A feeling of joy and happiness which is clouded by the stress and depression in next minute or in simpler terms mood swings are quite common during pregnancy. Your hormones are flaring and thus on the one hand when you feel elated, powerful and overjoyed, the other moment brings depression, insecurities and fears.
  • Morning sickness is another thing which every other pregnant woman has to deal with. A slight queasiness, increased sensitivity to smell, metallic taste in mouth and difficult to keep food down will be common throughout your first trimester.
  • The increased surge of pregnancy hormone, pelvic engorgement and increased blood supply in your body gives you a heavy and sense of fullness in uterus which generates an urge to wee often.
  • Tender and sore breasts can make your nights uncomfortable. They are heavier and more sensitive than usual.
  • Growing a baby is pretty exhausting work and thus it makes you feel more tired, sleepy and exhausted whole day. You can just relax and sleep as much as you can, as this tiredness will only subside by 12-14 weeks.
  • The internal changes in the body cause you feel bloated and there can be mild cramping and tugging sensation in your tummy. There can be backache also. This is because your baby’s placenta and amniotic sac is developing down there in your uterus. All this will make you feel as you are about to menstruate but there will be no vaginal bleeding associated with it.
  • At this stage, you will become very weak emotionally as having fears of baby wellness and his health. As everything is new and unfamiliar for you both, you may feel it uncomfortable to share things with your partner.

Care and tips for fifth week

  • You must have planned a prenatal appointment with the news. If you haven’t done it yet, do it immediately. Bring it to the notice of your doctor if you are feeling any odd symptoms other than the pregnancy ones. The initial check up is essential to ensure that you are having a normal pregnancy.
  • No need to tell that a healthy diet means a healthy child. As said earlier, placenta and umbilical cord has begun to form which will extract nutrition out of you. So, supply your body with fuel enough for both of you. Eat healthy, nutritious diet full of veggies, fruits and cereals. Also, keep yourself hydrated with lots of water and health drinks.
  • Alcohol, smoking and drugs are all injurious to your health and thus for baby too. Though, some experts say that occasional drinks would not cause any harm but why to take any risk. Just set aside all these stuffs and fall for something healthy and nutritious for your baby.
  • This week is quite crucial in terms of development of brain and spinal cord of your baby. Therefore, it is very essential that you take daily supplements of prenatal vitamins like folic acid. This will prevent your baby from neural tube defects.
  • Whether prescribed or non-prescribed, some drugs may hinder the embryonic development. So, make sure that you do not take any medication without the doctor’s concern.
  • The best way to beat the tiredness and fatigue is to sleep as often as you can. This is due to the pregnancy hormones which will settle only around the end of first trimester so just be with it and take rest.
  • Following a suitable exercise regime is good for pregnant women. It may include walking, mild yoga or few minutes of meditation. Exercise boosts your flagging energy levels and keeps your stress at bay. Yet, even mild exercise needs doctor’s green signal when you are in your first trimester. Some women unfortunately start their pregnancy in a complicated way which needs them to take complete bed rest for initial 12-14 weeks.

Other things you can do:

Writing a pregnancy diary is a good idea so that you can mention every day’s thoughts, pain, feelings and mood swings. Write whatever you feel and talk to your baby. Though, it may seem a profound thing right now, but this diary will give you memories to cherish for your life as this pregnancy time will never come back unless you think of another baby.

Join birth clubs or mums-to-be club or subscribe for some online baby magazines so that you can get weekly updates regarding the changes happening inside and outside your body. Joining a club will let you share your feelings and thoughts with other moms-to-be. This makes you realize that you are not alone undergoing such situation.

If you are working start planning your maternity leave and ways to inform about your pregnancy in office. It’s better to inform on time rather to declare as it as shocking news for others.

Risks of miscarriage:

The first trimester is the time when there are more chances of miscarriages. This is because your baby is at very delicate stage and developing in a sensitive environment and any disruptions or interference may lead to abortions. Studies say that around 15-20 percent of pregnancy leads to miscarriages and it is actually Mother Nature’s way of ending a faulty or abnormal pregnancy. However, in some other cases women who drink, smoke or are involved in some physically demanding work increase their chances of abortions.

Some women are quite skeptical when it comes to leaking their pregnancy news. It is because of their superstitious mindset or because the first trimester is more prone to cases of miscarriages. Thus, some women wait until 12 weeks before declaring anything. However, it is completely your decision as when to inform.

Partner’s feeling:

Learning that a baby is growing inside you or learning that it is growing inside your partner is two completely different situations. Therefore, thoughts, fears and feelings will also differ. Your male partner may feel elated, apprehended and shocked trapped with the panicking feelings of responsibility.

For them, I would say that do not feel guilty, it will take you one more week to adjust to the news. Instead, I would suggest you to pamper your wife. Share your feelings with her and tell her that this news has made you happiest man.

Try to keep a good hold on your relationship as pregnancy and related issues and parenting may take a toll on even the strongest and most promised relations.

Pregnancy brings you excitement and some pretty amazing changes. Like every women, you must also be quite eager to know about your developing baby. Read our further articles to know what will be next step in your baby’s development.