Pregnancy Week 30

Hey you all pregnant women, start your countdown of 10. You have passed three quarters of your journey and this too shall go quickly. What once was a dream and seemed so far is now getting closer every day.

Rather than YOU, it’s your belly which is speaking a lot. While you are out and about, everywhere people are making lot of comments on your physical appearance. Some good, some bad and some are even totally unacceptable. However, just ignore them!

Your dreams must be getting weirder as you are going through big emotional turmoil, anxiety and excitement.

However, rest and relax are the two words for you in this time.

Growth and Development of Baby

Your growing belly is a good sign to reveal the fact that the baby is growing at a quick pace. Though, he or she is fully developed by now, but a little bit of fine tuning is left to make him/her a complete individual. By this week, your baby turns 15.7 inches in length and weighs around 3 pounds.

Presently, your baby is lying in about a liter of amniotic fluid. However as he/she grows, the fluid goes on decreasing. Until now, the baby’s brain appears to be smooth and plain. However, with the formation of grooves and indentations, it is turning in the form of the characteristic brain to be smart outside the womb. The nervous system is also maturing to make your baby ready for interaction and stimulation; she will be receiving in her life.

By now, the soft hair covering was protecting the baby and was regulating his body temperature. However, with the development of brain and fat tissues under skin, the task is taken over by them casing lanugo to disappear gradually. However, some babies are left with few leftover strands on back and shoulders after the birth of your baby.

The baby’s eyesight is still developing and is not very keen. However, she is able to distinguish between light and dark. In fact, even after the birth of the baby, he/she will keep her eyes closed for most part of the day. His eyesight will be 20/400 as compared to the adult one of 20/20. This means he or she can make out any object or person only a few inches from his face. Baby is developing fingernails at the fingertips. Get ready with a nail cutter otherwise she will scratch her face with her own nails.

The baby’s lungs are still in the process of development as they are still not mature to support life outside womb. However, by this week, baby would have developed extremely good chances of survival.

Another major development of this week is the production of red blood cells by the bone marrow. By now, the task was handled by the spleen. This means your baby is becoming more independent and is gaining excellence to survive in the outer world on his/her own.

Currently, your baby may be positioned either with her head up, down or sideways. However, in the coming two three weeks, he/she would start facing downwards as that would be the most favorable position for the vaginal delivery.

In the coming weeks, baby will put on weight and thus you must eat well. As after baby you will be put in lot of restrictions, enjoy your food now. Eat whatever you want but in moderation. Occasional treats are allowed.

Childcare choices:

If you have decided to return to work or if you are not allowed for too long maternity leave, you must start searching for your childcare options to get the best, reliable and cost effective deals.

What are your options?

There are many options available, you can choose accordingly which suits your time, budget and needs.

  • Day care nurseries are good as they take can care of children of few months to primary school age. Though, this is an expensive option but they are registered and inspected thus extremely safe. Moreover, they provide longer timings and are open all the year round, benefit not available with other options.
  • Registered child minders, a cost effective choice, registered and inspected but offers less hour service than day care nurseries.
  • Nannies, they will visit daily to your home to look after your child. This is the most expensive choice but they will take of your child right in your home. Your child need not move anywhere. However, before hiring any, you must check some their credentials, qualifications and training. It is better if you opt one through references.
  • Au pairs (domestic assistant) providing part time cover and live in your homes. This is the cheapest option but they have little or no experience. Their work is confined for few hours per day only. However, they do work for extra hours but with extra money.

If cost seems a prohibition to work on these options, you and your partner must sit together and find some other ways. If possible, you both may change your working patterns and timings. You can also ask for help from family members or relative if they are willing to do so.

Changes in Mother’s Body

Most of the pregnancy symptoms, you had put behind after your first trimester are now hitting back on you. The growing belly is making your life difficult day by day.

Feeling fatigued or wishing to take a nap? Your growing belly makes it pretty difficult to sleep. The tossing and turning around in bed leaves you worn out. This is quite a common condition for pregnant women in their last trimester. You cannot do much about it except following a good bed time routine, using lots of maternity pillows to get comfortable position, drinking warm milk or trying some relaxation techniques. Do not opt for sedation as it is extremely dangerous for you and your baby.

Besides your big belly balloon, frequent trips to bathroom are also causing a disruption in your sleep. Try to empty your bladder each time you go. This will also help you in preventing urinary tract infections.

Varicose veins may be troubling you a lot. Day by day, they are getting worse and painful. Some unlucky women also develop them in their vulva along with hemorrhoids. You have to bear with this pregnancy symptoms, though you can opt wearing supportive underwear with lycra component, take cooling baths and showers or avoid standing for too long. Keep your feet and legs elevated as much as you can. Most of the women get relief from them after pregnancy but for some, they lingers a bit longer.

Indigestion and heartburn are the most common problem in pregnancy hitting most of the women. This is again caused by the same pregnancy hormone which relaxes the ring of muscle that separates esophagus from stomach. This makes your food and digestive juices move upstream in your chest and throat. On top of that, expanding uterus exerts further pressure upwards on the stomach.

As your body retains more water to supply your increased blood supply, your face, ankles and fingers swell too much. Drinks lots of water and avoid standing on your feet for too long are the only saviors of this problem.

As your uterus pushes your diaphragm out of its place, you may feel as if not getting enough air. However, the hormone, which brings all the problems, is helping you out in breathing and taking in more air every time.

Some Important Tips to Consider

  • It’s the time that you get organized and start packing your hospital bag. It is good that you get all the bits and pieces not leaving anything to search around in the last few weeks. Some of the important things your hospital bag should have comfy over-sized t-shirt or gowns, Baby clothes, Toiletries.
  • You must discuss with your partner or other family members about the idea of cord blood banking. If you are planning for the same, you must look for the reliable options.
  • A little time is left and everybody would ask you to enjoy at its best. Eat whatever you can as baby would put you in lots of restrictions. But if you want relief from heartburn and other problems, you need to sacrifice a bit. Stay away (not completely) with spicy, fried or fatty foods as they can cause digestive discomfort.
  • Now as you are suggested to relax as much as you can, why not utilize this time intelligently. Join online pregnancy forums and read as much as you can. This is a good time to enhance your knowledge and decide on philosophies you will be sing in raising your child.
  • If this is your second child, you won’t be getting enough rest while looking after the older ones. Try to take rest when you find time. Ask your partner to share some responsibilities.
  • If you haven’t shopped for maternity clothes, go for them now. The coming weeks will be more tiring and you would be refraining from doing any tasks.
  • Fatigue and exhaustion may cause you to break your exercise in 5-10 minutes sessions. Many of you would even stop doing so. However, exercising during third trimester will help in countering several pregnancy symptoms, pains and aches. Do low impact Pilates, yoga or some other gentle exercises.
  • As the due date approaches, make sure that you are not missing any of your doctor’s appointment even by mistake. It is important to go through all the ultrasounds, checkups and blood tests during this time.

Getting downright tired and fatigues may make novelty of baby bump disappear. However, all these aches and pains will disappear once you will hold your little bundle of joy in your hands.