Pregnancy Week 3

So, finally the week has arrived when your hopes comes into reality. This is the official pregnancy week when your baby starts his life. This week marks the fertilization of the egg and sperm which will finally implant in your uterus for the further development. The fusion of genetic material from both partners will create a life which features characteristics of both.

There may or may not be any physical signs of being pregnant but an emotional turmoil will definitely bothering you if you were trying to conceive. Your mind will be in disturbed state with the alternate positive and negative thoughts of your pregnancy. You must be eagerly waiting to confirm the news so that you can declare the world that you are pregnant.

However, hold on! Still there is time. Though, some pregnancy tests can give a positive test by the end of this week but the actual picture will be clear only in the following week. However, to calm down your curiosity and excitement, we can help you with the early signs and symptoms of pregnancy which may or may not strike you.

Early Signs and Symptoms

Some moms-to-be can feel even the slightest change in the body to tell that they are pregnant while others may not feel any signs of impending motherhood for the next few weeks also. Here are some very early signs and symptoms of pregnancy which you may or may not feel during this week.

  • There is an increased surge of pregnancy hormones which enhance the blood supply to your breasts. This makes your breasts feel tender and sore. At times, you may also feel trickling and pricking sensation in them.
  • Though, morning sickness is not an early sign of pregnancy because it generally starts during six weeks. However, some women may feel some metallic taste in their mouth. There can be increased sensitivity towards some particular smell also which can make you feel nauseate.
  • Your vaginal discharge may increase after conception.
  • The increased amount of pregnancy hormone is also responsible for making you exhausted, tired and weepy all the time.
  • There may be a change in your food cravings. You may start hating foods and drinks you used to enjoy earlier like tea, coffee, fried foods, eggs, alcohol, etc.
  • As implantation occurs during this week, you may notice a slight vaginal spotting or bleeding which is often mistaken for periods.

However, the most reliable sign of pregnancy apart from the pregnancy calculator is the missed period which is still a week away. So, either you wait for that or you can opt for some highly sensitive pregnancy kits which can detect even the low levels of pregnancy hormones. This can probably give you a positive test if you are feeling other symptoms also.

Growth and Development of Baby

As soon as you enter in your third week, you are officially pregnant probably, if everything goes as desired. The ovulation has already taken place in the end of second week and now your partner’s sperm and your egg will have probably met to form the fertilized egg.

Though, all the activities are going down deep there in your body but as everything occurs at microscopic level, you are unaware of that. Now, let us discuss what actually occurs in the third week of pregnancy.


The ovulated egg reaches the fallopian tubes. After a successful sexual intercourse, several million sperms make a race to reach the egg. However, only few hundred are successful in reaching to the tube completing their journey. Other are either destroyed or lose their capacity to fuse with egg. Out of those hundreds, there is only one sperm which penetrates the outer layer of egg and enters into it.

This fusion of sperm and egg is known as fertilization. Now, the egg is termed as zygote. There will be a miraculous transformation of this zygote into embryo passing through several stages. When the zygote initially divides, it forms a mass of cells known as Morula. After about 30 hours of fertilization, Morula starts travelling to uterus and result in implantation.


Implantation is the process of attachment and burrowing of your embryo to the walls of uterus so that it gets nourishment from your body. The journey from fertilization to implantation takes around 5-6 days. The uterus provides necessary conditions, environment and nutrition for the development of baby. The uterus lining or endometrium also helps in the removal of waste from the developing baby. However, before implantation, Morula divides to form a large mass of cells. These cells then arrange themselves such that there is an inner hollow fluid filled area. At this stage, Morula is termed as blastocyst.

The outer cells of the blastocyst forms the placenta which provides nutrition from mother to child throughout pregnancy while inner layer cells forms your baby. The fluid will form amniotic fluid which will cushion and protect the baby in the womb. Placenta is not formed until the end of next week so initially there are microscopic tunnels from blastocyst to uterus lining to give nourishment to the baby. Peeling away all the technical jargons, you can say that now you actually start the baby making process and going to begin the incredible journey of pregnancy for the next nine months.

By the time, your baby is implanted, its gender, eye color, skin color and hair color have been already decided. Now, it will further develop its brain, head, spinal cord and gastrointestinal tract in the following weeks. However, still it is too soon to observe the little life in an ultrasound.

The cells of the blastocyst release the pregnancy hormone, HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone which is detected in the pregnancy tests. However at this stage there is a lower level of this hormone, therefore more sensitive pregnancy tests are suggested.

Twins or multiples:

If you fear or hope for twins, the deed has already been done during this week. Sometimes, two eggs are ovulated which fertilize with two different sperms. In such cases, two individual babies will develop having their own placenta and amniotic sacs. Such process forms fraternal twins. While other time, a fertilized egg splits equally into two resulting in identical twins. In such cases, they have a common placenta but have different amniotic sacs.

Care and Tips

  • If you feel you are pregnant or there is positive test, ask for some good gynecologist or obstetrician in nearby area first of all. Once decided, he/she will be handling your pregnancy and its issues for the rest of the time. Therefore, make a smart decision from the start.
  • Pregnancy does not hold you from doing anything. You can continue your job and other activities as earlier but with some precautions.
  • Although, you must start a healthy diet as soon as you think of conceiving. A good start always benefits till the end. However, if you have not done so yet, do not delay further. Fall on healthy, nutritious and well-balanced diet to ensure healthy development of baby.
  • Drink lots and lots of water.
  • Avoid alcohol, smoking, drugs or any kind of prescribed and non prescribed medication. These may cause fetal defects in your baby. Talk to your doctor before taking any of these.
  • Pregnancy states the beginning of a tough time which can be overwhelming for you. So, just stay calm and relax. Get excited and enjoy being pregnant.
  • Do not delay in taking pre-natal iron and vitamins supplements with folic acid as this is the perfect time to help your body and baby with these.
  • Whether it’s confirmed or not, you must avoid picking heavy weights, doing strenuous exercises or other exhausting physical activity as it may disrupt in the initial processes of pregnancy.
  • Keep yourself away from environmental hazards, poisonous chemicals, gases and fumes as your body is quite sensitive at this time. Any intake or inhalation of the same will directly affect your developing baby.
  • Sometimes, the implantation bleeding during this week is quite heavy associated with severe abdominal pain like stabbing in pelvis. If this is the case, immediately call your midwife or doctor as it may be due to ectopic pregnancy or tubal pregnancy. This type of pregnancy occurs when your embryo attached somewhere other than uterus in fallopian tubes itself.
  • Even in case of pre-planned pregnancy, both you and your partner will undergo with mixed feelings of joy excitement, happiness along with fear and insecurities for the next weeks. So, better be open to each other and discuss all the issues. As a male partner, you cannot share her physical pain and changes but try to make your partner happy and excited for the next 37 weeks.

Week 3 marks the initialization of baby making process but there is still few weeks when you can actually see your baby through ultrasound. The following weeks will mark the development of all his body systems and outer parts.

Though Garbha Sanskar Practices are too early to work but there is no harm in keeping yourself physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally in good state through yoga, meditation, soft music and positive thinking. This will also help you release the stress and enjoy your pregnancy at its best.