Pregnancy Week 27

With the last week of second trimester, your baby is getting little cramped in there. His/her playground is becoming smaller day by day. The easy somersaults, jumping and turning may be quite hard. However, the stubborn baby wants his space which he gets by pushing the boundaries to expand the uterus more and more. In short, you are going to have muscle and ligament pain now. This will result in backache, leg aches making them even sore.

With all this, you are gaining weight continuously. But let’s see how baby is growing inside his little home.

Growth and Development of Baby

This is the last week of second trimester and baby looks like the baby in your dreams though a bit smaller and thinner. Though the organs and other systems still need to mature but baby has good chances of survival if born pre-mature.

Right from 27th week, your baby spends lesser time in curled form and starts unfurling. Now, it’s easy to measure your baby from head to heel which was previously from crown to hump. This week your baby is around 2 pounds in weight and measures around 14 ½ inches in length. The baby is growing at a fast pace.

The baby continues to form fat under the skin so that he or she does not look skinny anymore.

You must have read in last week that baby has opened her eyes, this week retinas, most sensitive light portion, are maturing further. She is able to open and close the eyes thus showing good visual development.

Baby has got his own taste buds which allow him to taste the amniotic fluid. The variety of food you eat bring taste changes in the amniotic fluid too which can be now felt by the baby too. If you had a spicy meal, your baby may respond to that by hiccupping which is felt by tiny rhythmic movements lasting for few seconds. Baby hiccupping seems to be belly spasms and feels as if disturbing the baby. But in real, it does not stress baby at all. In fact, it’s another thing baby need to learn to survive in outer world.

The baby is continuously developing his hearing ability and now he could very well recognize yours and your partner’s voice (it means baby knows who his mom is and papa…isn’t it great?). Start singing nursery rhymes or lullabies which you will be practicing later. Your baby may develop the habit and get used to them so early. However, the sound is still muffled as the skin is still covered with waxy coating vernix which is protecting baby from amniotic fluid.

With the sense organs getting mature, baby enjoys sucking thumb. It’s no more an involuntary action as your baby is doing the same for his own fun. The lungs are practicing in breathing through inhalation and exhalation of amniotic fluid.

Do you know that baby brain’s is developing grooves and tissues and it is believed that babies even start dreaming at this point? However, there is no proof of the same till yet.

No matter what the truth is, the reality is that your baby is turning more and more like human having all emotional, mental and physical capabilities.

Changes in Mother’s Body

You are in the last week of your second trimester. The coming trimester would be filled with too many doctor’s visit, planning for baby. You have passed 26 weeks and some of them are like bit of blur even. However, the coming weeks will be long memory for you as you will be preparing for baby’s arrival and some of you would be enjoying baby shower too.

Well, by this week, your uterus must have moved two to three inches above your belly button. This means you have a big prominent belly. Some of your close ones may like to touch your belly. It’s perfectly fine to say NO, if you do not entertain the same.

Let us see what all changes, problems and symptoms you will be facing this week.

Swelling/edema: The increased blood volume and uterine pressure of vena cava may cause accumulation of more fluid in your body which results in swelling up. Fitting your foot in your pre-pregnancy shoes or getting off your rings from fingers may require hard squeezing but if it is more than this, you need to talk to the doctor. In rare cases, this condition gets worsened and changes into preeclampsia.

You can ease yourself with some light exercises like walking and swimming. Avoid sitting or standing for too long at one position. Drink plenty of fluids. Remember, it’s a temporary condition and will deflate soon after baby birth.

Tummy itching: Stretch marks were already there and now your tummy is giving you some ants crawling sensation which urge you to scratch there every time. This sensation is actually of stretching of collagen fibers in the middle layer. However, itching or scratching may worsen your stretch marks. Try rubbing some moisturizer on your tummy to keep it moist and wear loose fitting clothes. Do not use drying soaps and avoid overheating.

Numbness: Swelling is just one side effect of fluid retention. Another one is numbness in fingers which is caused due to the pressure on carpel tunnel of wrist. This is medically termed as carpel tunnel syndrome. Keep your hand in elevated condition to drain the excess fluid off the hand.

Innie turned outtie: By this week, you probably have noticed your belly button popping out even from your tight clothes (of course, no one can notice in loose ones). Though, the button will get back its position after baby but its shape will be little distorted forever. It will be bit wider and looser than what it was before pregnancy.

Embarrassing ones: Loud wind, piles, burps, or leaky boobs are something which at times embarrasses you in public. There is nothing much can be done about them. Just take it as a fun part of being pregnant.

Bizarre dreams: Have you lately noticed the type of dreams you experiencing? I am sure you all have something strange to tell about this. Some of them are pregnancy related while others are completely fanaticized. Whatever they are, it’s just due to increased pregnancy hormones and has nothing to do with reality. Some even say that it’s a way of handling the widest range of thoughts and emotions you are going through. Just enjoy your vibrant getaways of night!

Troubled sleeping/insomnia

Whether it’s your nervousness or the pregnancy hormones, but most women experience trouble in getting a good sleep in the nights. Some people say that body is actually prepping up for the sleepless nights after baby. No matter what people say or what the actual matter is, the fact is that lack of sleep may take its toll during this time.

You need to find out some good strategies to get a good night sleep. But before that let us see what all reasons may disrupt your sleep:

  • Belly balloon: the big baby bump can’t let you have comfortable snoozing position. You need to sleep on your side.
  • Breathlessness: as your lungs have less space due to growing uterus, you have to take shallower and frequent breathes, which again make you uncomfortable.
  • Urination: again, the big uterus is putting pressure on bladder to empty the contents more often. Waking p frequently disrupts a good sleep.
  • Indigestion: feel like throwing out or heartburn every time? Pregnancy hormones and uterus combined to cause this problem.
  • Weird dreams: the vivid and strange dreams may wake you up right in the middle of night, thus disturbing the rest of the night.
  • Stress: preparations of baby, handling motherhood along with work, labor, and delivery are common concerns of every pregnant woman which do not let her sleep in the night.

What are the solutions?

While pregnant, it’s very difficult to get pre-pregnancy sleep but you can always think of some ways to make it better and efficient.

  • Maternity pillows: take help of many maternity pillows to get a comfortable posture to sleep.
  • Relaxation strategies: meditation, slow breathing, light body massage, warm water bath and some similar strategies can work.
  • Drinking less water: try to intake less fluid during night to minimize your bathroom visits.
  • Eat simple: spicy, processed and fat filled food may result in heartburn and indigestion, so keep it light, simple and healthy.
  • Regular bed time routine: body adapts according to our habits. If you will go to bed every day at some particular time, your body will understand that it’s the time to sleep and will start inducing sleep in you. So, do not waste time on computer or completing your office errands. Just go to bed and sleep.
  • Baby thoughts: even by working on above strategies, if you are unable to sleep, you must start thinking about your baby. Doing so will at least make you happy rather than keeping you in stress of insomnia.

Some Important Tips to Consider

  • Feeling gassy? Swap your more gassy foods like broccoli or asparagus with less gassy like carrots, beans or spinach.
  • Sign up for birthing classes, if you haven’t done so far. You may also think of infant care or infant CPR classes.
  • Plan a visit to hospital and labor ward where you will be delivering your baby. This will make you familiar with the surrounding so that you do not panic at the last moment.
  • If you are thinking of cord blood banking, talk to your doctor for the same. Also, go through the guidelines stated by your state’s government for cord blood storage.
  • Turning from duo to trio will bring lot of shuffling and reestablishment of your roles and responsibilities in your life and relationship with partner. Talk to your partner regarding this as parenthood is a big role which requires heavy molding in your life.

As this week ends, you are entering in your third trimester. You must be really excited as you are getting closer to your little baby. Time is less and you need to do a lot to welcome the new life in the world. So, it’s the perfect time to execute your long made plans. Don’t get stressed anyway! We want a healthy you and healthy baby!