Pregnancy Week 2

Pregnancy is a psychological transformation of a woman in her emotions and feelings. There is anxiety and stress which is often overshadowed with the happiness and excitement. The feelings are more intense if this is your first pregnancy.

Before or after getting pregnant, a lot of queries and doubts hit your mind. These queries are often related to the internal changes in the body, baby’s development and cautions and tips one must follow. You cannot know about your pregnancy at least the end of third week or by the end of fourth week, but there are many changes going on in the first two weeks to prepare you for pregnancy. This article helps you know the body changes, care and tips during second week of pregnancy.

By week 2 of pregnancy, you must be free from your menstrual cycle. Now is the time when you set the stage for the baby growth. Like week 1 of pregnancy, week 2 is actually a time when there is no baby yet.

Changes in Mother Body during Week 2 of Pregnancy

As said earlier, there is no baby yet but your body is gearing up to prepare itself to support the fertilized egg. During this week, there will be an increased surge of pregnancy hormones, estrogen and progesterone. These hormones reach the uterus through bloodstream and cause its lining to thicken up and form lush, blood rich tissue lining. This lining is important to support the fertilized egg inside the uterus.

On the other hand, your eggs are ripening in follicles of ovaries to be released into fallopian tubes. During the end of this week that is around 14th day of your 28 days cycle, you will probably ovulate means egg will be released from ovaries to travel in the fallopian tubes. This is the best time for making relation as the egg is all prepared and released, and waiting for sperms. If there is sexual intercourse, the egg will get fertilized in next 12-24 hours of ovulation. The fertilization is the time when you are actually pregnant. For the fertilization, it is important that at least one ejaculated sperms successfully reaches the tubes after travelling through vagina, cervix and uterus and penetrate the egg.

Growth and Development of Baby during Second Week of Pregnancy

It is said that about 250 million sperms are there in the onetime semen ejaculation however; only around 400 sperms successfully reach to the tubes after completing a long ten hours of journey. Now, among these 400, only one sperm evolve out as a winner and penetrate the egg. After fertilization, you enter in the third week, in which the fertilized egg turns into embryo and implant itself in the uterus.

Before implanting, in the fertilized egg, the egg’s nucleus and sperms nucleus combine to form a common genetic material. This is the genetic material of your baby. Among the 46 chromosomes, the egg carries an X chromosome as sex chromosome while sperm carries either “X” or “Y” as sex chromosome, if sperms has “X”, it’s a girl baby while if it is “Y”, it’s a boy baby.

The fertilization takes place in the fallopian tubes and fertilized egg reaches to the uterus in next 3-4 days. During its journey, it keeps on dividing and forms a 16 cells stage known as Morula. Following this, it will bury in the uterus and continue its growth and transformation.

By the time, the egg implants in uterus, it changes into a mass of cells known as blastocyst. This gradually divides itself in three layer structure such as:

  • The first or the innermost layer will form digestive system and respiratory tract of your baby.
  • The middle one or the mesoderm will form bones, circulatory system, muscles, excretory system.
  • The last and outermost layer forms the brain and epidermis including nails, hair and skin.

Signs and Symptoms during 2nd Week of Pregnancy

As you are not pregnant yet, there is no point of any pregnancy symptoms. However, your body is undergoing several changes to prepare itself for the baby. The biggest change is ovulation, due to which you may feel and observe several physical and emotional changes within you.

  • Your ovaries are working in the growth and ripening of the egg before ovulation ad you may feel a slight pain on that side during ovulation. In fact, if carefully noticed, this can be one of the symptoms of ovulation also.
  • Your uterus lining is thickening to make you most fertile.
  • The basal body temperature starts declining; estrogen level increases and other female hormones also increases.
  • You will feel more romantic with higher libido. You will feel more love, sensual and attraction towards your partner ignoring his all little irritating habits.
  • There will be strengthening of immune system and developing of circular lymphoid.
  • Due to ovulation, you may have higher sense of smell and sensitivity.
  • Cervical mucus changes becoming more watery and slippery to give an enhanced movement to the ejaculated sperms in the vagina.
  • You may also feel pain in the pelvic region.

Care and Tips during Week 2 of Pregnancy

  • During the nine months of pregnancy, your baby receives the nutrition from your body. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you follow a good, well-balanced and healthy diet right from the start of your pregnancy to give your baby a healthy beginning. Your diet serves as the source of energy for two during pregnancy, therefore try to intake more of energy giving foods.
  • Some supplements like Folic Acid, a Vitamin B is essential for the women who are trying to conceive. Folic acid reduces the chances of developing neural tube defects like spina bifida in your baby. A 400 mcg of folic acid supplement daily for at least three months before and after you conceive is advisable. Besides this, your doctor can suggest you with other mineral and vitamin supplements depending on your body needs. Plan a preconception visit so that you do not miss any prenatal supplements.
  • Give up any smoking, tobacco or nicotine like drugs as they can seriously impair your ability to conceive making you less fertile. This tip is important for both the partners as in males too, these habits can affect the sperm quality and number.
  • The male partner must stop his bad habits as well as he is to donate the best of his sperms. For the same, he should also watch his eating habits. Besides this, he must maintain a good and healthy weight, should live in better hygienic conditions, drop all unhealthy habits, and maintain his testicles cool. Last but not the least, he must be stress free and plan for the best time for intercourse.

To conceive, it is important that you plan an intimate sexual intercourse with your partner at the right time. This needs to be done with some planning and organization. Baby making sex may need some attention and precautions.

What you must know about baby making sex?

Sexual positions: Although, there is no said position which ensures conception. However, experts say that the positions which promise more sperms near the cervix are the best. Therefore positions like missionary where man lies on the top is considered better. However, one must not take it for granted as out of millions of sperms, there is only one sperm needed for fertilization and it can reach to the female body anyhow.

Timing: Timing of your sexual intercourse is very important. Ejaculated sperms can remain alive in female body for around 72 hours while an egg can only live for 24 hours. Therefore, take help of ovulation kits or watch ovulations symptoms and plan your intercourse day before and after the ovulation.

Orgasm: People often believe that female orgasm is essential for getting pregnant but the belief is not completely true. Actually during female orgasm, the uterine contractions are faster and if a woman has orgasm before her man, the contractions help move sperms inside the body more easily.

However, studies also reveal that such contractions are normal during ovulation even if there is no orgasm in female.

Keeping horizontal position: Lying down in horizontal position or keeping legs up after intercourse may allow more semen enter into your vagina. Nevertheless, there is no evidence for the same as there is no need of excessive semen entering vagina. Even a drop is enough to create the life.

No lubricants: Avoid doing oral sex and using lubricants as they tend to kill the sperms. The lesser number of sperms means less probability of fertilization.

Week 2, still not the time to get excited but just be hopeful. The brain and reproductive organs of your body are working hard through some complex and essential processes which marks the series of events to make your baby a reality.

Being in the second week of pregnancy means your pregnancy is on your way. This will be possible with well timed interactions, luck and little cautions.