Pregnancy Week 15

Yet another week of second trimester and you have started baby dreaming. As of now, when you are liberated with the pesky issues and kicking in with the burst of energy, you can plan and implement your baby care ideas. This is the best time to bring your parenting dreams into reality.

Coming to the baby activities, your baby has made your womb a small home with big playground. He or she is busy curling, somersaulting, turning and kicking when not snoozing. Her nutritional requirements are fulfilled through your diet which is helping your baby to mature, grow and develop who will your reflection in every sense.

Growth and Development of Baby

Now, as you are in week 15, your baby has grown 15 cm from head to toe or we can say 10 cms from crown to rump. The probable weight of the fetus is approx 100 g and it is almost equal to a navel orange.

With the skin still being thin and transparent, one can see blood vessels through it. The eyes, which once lied on the sides of the head are now moving towards nose and taking their position. The external ears start their development giving your baby more human looks. Along with that, three small bones of ear are developing giving hearing capability to your baby. This is the time when you should start singing and talking to your baby as it will build your emotional connection with him. He or she can even hear your heartbeat and breathing.

The length is continuously increasing and there is no more flexing and curling up. The body is becoming more proportionate. However, head still accounts for 1/3rd of body. The legs are now longer than her arms. As the amniotic fluid increase around the fetus, your baby can make squirm, kick, curl and making other swift movements which you will feel within a week or two. Lately, in your ultrasound, you can observe your baby playing with umbilical cord or sucking his thumb. In short, he is busy exploring your uterus.

His face has got its individual characteristics and he can now make facial expressions. The fine, downy hair, Lanugo, is still increasing in density to regulate body temperature in absence of subcutaneous fat. The umbilical cord is almost mature with two arteries and one vein. These are protected with the “Wharton’s jelly” which is a thick gristle like substance. This jelly also makes it slippery so that it can move freely without any compression. The bones have started ossifying i.e. forming skeleton. The vocal cords are developing.

All the physiological systems of the baby are growing and maturing along with their respective organs. Though your baby’s eyes are still fused but he can sense light and move away from the flashlight on the tummy. He or she has not got anything to taste in her tiny home but taste buds are forming inside there to judge the varieties once out of your womb.

The reproductive organs are mature enough to be identified as the sex of the baby. However, nailing down this mystery sometimes become tricky as the baby is often curled up or turned up in a manner to hide that.

Changes in Mother’s Body

  • Feeling peppier and more human? Not you? I know but may be pregnancy clumsiness must be bothering you. Having scattered and forgetful brain is the common problem of pregnant women during this trimester. You may forget things, drop things somewhere, trip over nothing or many other behavioral changes. You can blame this clumsiness to all the changes happening in your body.
  • Finding it difficult to button your jeans? Take it as a cue to spend in maternity pants as your baby is growing in size and the awaited baby bump is beginning to show now.
  • Stumbling and tripping is obvious as you are getting bigger and center of gravity is shifting. When your body is in habit of keeping you upright for years, it may feel it difficult to manage with the higher weight. The result is that there are fair chances of falling or tripping. Though, baby is well protected in the amniotic fluid, still you must avoid such incidents. Mind your steps and movements carefully.
  • Do you feel it comfortable to work with fuzzy gloves? As expected, I heard a NO. While pregnant, though you are not wearing any gloves but swollen fingers (due to retention of water) may change your gripping sensation. Holding, picking or carrying things may be difficult now. This is also one of the reasons of your clumsiness.
  • The belly is growing and internal organs are making space to accommodate it. The relaxing hormone, as the name suggests, relaxes the muscles of all organs, skin and joints so that movements can be fine.
  • The relaxation of ligaments in your pelvis may make your shoe size increase by half or more.
  • Be prepared for nose bleeds, nose congestion and sniffles due to venous engorgement. Don’t be panic but just keep calm and sit quietly.
  • Amidst these not so welcomed symptoms, there is good news. The pesky pimples which took residence on your beautiful face has bidding you good bye. Continue with your usual skin care regime.
  • Though you have left behind many pregnancy problems but still your breasts are tender, sore and sensitive. What you need to add as wardrobe essentials are new maternity bras.

Picking up Maternity Clothes

Your growing belly needs some new sets of maternity clothes but still it’s too early to invest in whole new maternity wardrobe. Here, we are suggesting you with some ideas which can keep you comfortable for a while and make your normal clothes work for you.

  • Pregnancy stretch pants are a wonderful option as they can stretch with your growing belly and can support your lower back too. The best part is they are smooth outside.
  • If your current bras are making you uncomfortable, why not extend their size with bra extenders. They can increase the current size by almost 8 cm.
  • Stretch fabric made belly band will hide the gap between your top and waistband.
  • If you do not want to invest in maternity clothes right now, you can also think of borrowing clothes either from your partner or from someone who is larger than you.
  • Similar to the bra extenders, there are pants extenders which allow you to wear your normal pants with your mushrooming belly.

Pregnancy Tips

Though, you have not started showing it properly, there is no difficulty in walking, standing or sitting and I think you have not put on much weight until now. So, why not consume this time in learning and practicing habits which you ought to follow in last trimester. Learn how to sleep, stand, sit and walk so that you develop a habit.

Lock your high heels for a while and pick some flats or sneakers. As the probability of stumbling and falling increase, you must be extra cautious. Be watchful when climbing stairs.

With the burst of energy now, you can feel comfortable in exercise. Follow a suitable regime to reduce risks of complications like gestational diabetes.

As your baby is in process of forming his tooth, you must drink lots of tap water these days. The fluoride in it will help in building enamel. In addition to this, it will also keep you mentally alert.

Cranberry juice is highly recommended as it contains higher levels of vitamin C. This helps in absorption of iron from food and formation of connective tissues.

While pregnant, you are prone to urinary tract infections which are indicated by the higher and foul smelling vaginal discharge. Though, it is not a serious issue but it is highly irritating. So, make sure that you drink lots of water, wipe from front to back after peeing and empty your bladder every time after sex. These precautions will protect you from getting infected.

Pregnant women are not allowed for any dieting; instead they must indulge in all types of tastes and flavors. Doing so will make your baby willing to accept foods when introduced to solids. As amniotic fluid is giving them flavors of different foods you are taking in making them more adventurous of eating.

How to deal with Scatterbrain: Partner’s Role

Lately, you must have noticed that your partner has become awfully forgetful even about her daily routine things like keys, purse and other essentials. Though, she understands that this muddled thinking is due to the chaos caused by hormones but she still feels it difficult to adjust with that.

As her partner, you must take up some new responsibilities so that she does not have to bother about little things. Help her with her troublesome memory by reminding her often. Make her feel better so that she could not realize what she is going through. This is just the starting. Once the baby will be there, you both will be scatterbrained due to sleep deprivation.

The coming three months you have enough time to enjoy. Plan your baby moon but do follow some precautions. Apart from that, we can only suggest you to eat well, exercise well and sleep well and enjoy pampering. No one is going to pamper you once the baby is there.