Pregnancy Week 11

Aren’t you excited with the thought of ending your first trimester? I am sure you definitely would be, as it will not only take you to the second phase of pregnancy but will also free you from the major health issues. With 11 weeks pregnant, you have almost completed one third of your journey. You will soon see a light at the end of this tunnel of pregnancy problems.

You will be happy to know that either next week or one after it, you will be called for your first ultrasound where you will be able to hear your baby’s heartbeat and would be able to see her on the monitor. Though, only professionals can understand everything about it but you can be happy knowing about your baby’s growth and development.

Growth and Development of Baby

Do you know that your baby has been almost turned into a human being although quite small in size. Yes, it’s not very far when your baby will be fully formed and will just increase in size and weight for the next two semesters.

In week 11, your baby is pretty busy in its growth and development. Measuring about two and a half inches long, almost the size of your thumb and weighing about one third of an ounce, the baby is becoming straighter, giving itself a human like image as the bones harden. Be happy, as there will be no more comparison with alien, marsupial or a tadpole.

All organs and body structures are formed in your baby. Some of them have already begun their functions. If it’s a boy, the testes would have developed and in case of a girl, ovaries will be taking their place in the body. Though, lings are still immature, but heart is almost fully functional with four chambers, valves and ventricles. The baby’s head is almost half of it’s would be size and almost equal to the rest of the baby’s body. The facial bones have hardened giving your baby distinct human characteristics with ears taking their shape and position, tongue and palate developing and nasal passages opening for breathing.

The webbed fingers and toes are completely gone and now, one can clearly see and count the number of fingers and toes. He or she will soon be able to close and open the fist. Along with that fingernail and toenail beds have also developed. Surprisingly, the nails are also developing on them. In addition to that, tooth buds and hair follicles are developing which means soon, your baby will have hairs on her body which you see at the time of birth.

Yet, you are too far to feel anything but inside there, your baby is doing lot of wriggling, moving fluidly and gracefully. The fetus can stretch, move its head and must have already started thumb sucking. He or she has already learnt swallowing the amniotic fluid and excreting it out with the help of kidneys.

In the coming few weeks, your baby will become double in size. There will be more blood vessels in placenta to provide better nutrition and nourishment to the growing needs of your baby.

Some Nice Things To-Do

  • Make other mums-to-be your friends as this will help you share your thoughts, worries, feelings, pains and fears with someone who is also going through same situation.
  • Research and join some antenatal classes in your area.
  • Before you leave your job due to pregnancy and delivery, start saving money for your baby. Planning, saving and making financial goals would really help you kill the anxiety once you leave the job.
  • Stock up some new bras, panties and loose fitting clothes. However, do not overdo with that as you will be buying looser in the later part of pregnancy.
  • This is the good time when you plan for your baby moon. Unless and until, you have a normal pregnancy without any complications, you can plan a small holiday with your hubby or family in the coming semester. This semester will ease up your major pregnancy symptoms making you feel good and let you enjoy your pregnancy.

Changes in Mother’s Body

  • As the baby grows more like human, you will develop those motherly feelings in you. You will start loving other children surrounding you and will have different kinds of feelings for them which were not initially. If it is your second child, you may agonize about loving him the same way as your first one. But, don’t worry. Nature has bestowed mothers with the immense love to share with their all children equally.
  • Your abdomen may have started protruding a bit which only you can feel. Other may still be confused with your weight gain attributing it either to pregnancy or to your love for junk foods.
  • You must be loving your thicker and luxurious hair, aren’t you? All thanks to the otherwise darned pregnancy hormones. There is no more hair shedding as they have entered in their dormant state.
  • Along with hair, you can also notice some change in your fingernails. Due to the increased surge of pregnancy hormones, they are growing at a different pace.
  • Emotionally, you must be feeling nice and strong as now you can focus on other things as well rather than your nausea. You must be feeling and thinking about your baby now. Need not to be in guilt, if something else dominates your mind it’s perfectly normal.
  • If it is not your first child, you must be comparing this pregnancy with your last ones. The last ones can have good as well as bad experiences. So, better understand that every pregnancy is different and there is no connection in any.
  • Nausea, vomiting and queasiness must have kept the weight needle fluctuating during last weeks, as you were unable to eat properly. However, from now, morning sickness will ease up gradually making you feel better. Along with that, the growing baby demands may make you feel hungrier. So, be prepared to see your weight scaling up. Hey, don’t feel sad, it’s for good.
  • Fatigue will still remain with you for 2-3 weeks as you are constantly involved in a 24/7 business of baby making. On top of that, the magnificently complex placenta is also building up simultaneously. So, you feel exhausted and overtired with the internal work your body is doing. Help your body in that and rest as and when you find time. Soon, (in early second trimester) you will pick the pace as the placenta would have formed completely and body must have adjusted to the changing hormonal environment.

Will I get any Relief from Abdominal Bloating

Sorry, may be your nausea is easing up but you are not going to get any relief from bloating and burping in the coming weeks also. Actually, the pregnancy hormone, progesterone (which of course is responsible for all things happening with you) relaxes the smooth muscle tissue. This includes the tissues of gastrointestinal tract also. This slows down the digestion so that more nutrients can be passed on to the baby. This makes you feel bloated even hours after you eat.

The problem will worsen in days to come because as your uterus grows in size, it will put more pressure on stomach and intestines and making you feel more bloated.

Some Tips for this Week

  • Oral hygiene is quite important when you are pregnant. The hormonal changes can bring some dental issues so better brush and floss daily. Bleeding gums are quite common in pregnancy so, it is advisable that you see your dentist once during the course of your pregnancy.
  • Eating more is advisable and must for a pregnant woman but don’t fall for junk and packaged foods. Snack on healthy and nutritious items. However, do not feel guilty when fulfilling your food craving occasionally. But remember, keep it occasional only.
  • Eating nuts while pregnant will reduce your baby’s nut allergies.
  • Anxiety and depression often clouds the mom-to-be which may lead to postpartum blues and premature birth. It is said that following yoga practice once in a week will take her away from such negative feelings.
  • Being overweight or underweight is not a suitable condition for pregnancy. Your doctor must have advised you to gain or lose some weight during your first trimester.
  • Folate, fiber and iron are extremely essential for your baby, so make sure that you eat a very good diet and take necessary supplements on time.
  • Being pregnant means you are at higher risk of food positioning so avoid raw oysters, cured seafood, refrigerated meat spreads, and undercooked goose or duck liver. Besides these non-veg options, you should take care of hygiene when eating out.
  • Mild and gentle exercise is best to boost your energy level if you are feeling super tired. Yoga is also a good option to stay fit as it help you learn to relax and control your breathing during delivery.

Making Pregnancy Announcement

Many of you may have announced the news of pregnancy in your office by now. However, some others wait till the end of first trimester. Those who have done it yet must think ways and time to make it happen. This will help you in different ways. Firstly, it will help you get maternity leave easily. Secondly, your boss can make necessary arrangements to ensure complete safe and clean environment for you to work. Lastly, your colleagues would empathize with you and will be readily available to help you and share your workload. All these things would make your office hours easy, comfortable and less exhausting.

So, just make your mind and leak the news in coming 2-3 weeks.

As soon as this week ends, you will be entering in the last week of this trimester, 12th week. Be happy for this and gear up yourself to live three pre-baby months with full vigor and pleasure as the third semester will again bring you other big issues to handle. Do not panic, time and patience would handle everything.