Pregnancy Week 10

With the start of this week, you may realize that you are speeding through your first trimester. Many women already start to feel better while some others have to wait until the end of this trimester. However, in the second trimester, there will be remarkable relief from embarrassing and frustrating pregnancy symptoms.

By now, you must be wondering from when you will start looking pregnant, but this week probably bring that time for you. The continuous rapid growth of the baby will bring some visible changes in your body. So, this is right time to stock up some new and loose clothes to use in further.

Growth and Development of Baby

When you are 10 weeks pregnant, your baby starts with the proper fetal development i.e. now tissues and organs will rapidly grow and develop. Your baby is growing at a fierce pace. He or she is now more than an inch long and resembles the size of a prune. The baby is taking more of a human shape now and is busy kicking and swallowing whole day.

There are eyelids on the eyes; ears have started forming with ear canals developing internally. Looking at baby’s face, you may notice proper lip and two tiny nostrils.

The major development of this week is in bones and cartilages. If you could peek into your uterus, you may notice small indentations on the legs which will soon form knees and ankles. The arms have already developed. In short, now your baby can show limbs movement. The hands can be flexed at the wrist and touch his own body. The feet are also long enough to touch the front part of body. No more webbed fingers are there. The baby has now separated toes and fingers like all of us.

Apart from this, other vital organs like kidneys, intestines, brain and liver are developing at tremendous speed and are starting to function. Heart is now four chambered and beating twice the speed of our heart beat. Stomach is producing digestive juices, kidneys are busy in filtering blood and producing urine, and if he is a boy, the testes have already started their work of producing testosterone. Doesn’t it sound great? A bulge is sporting at his/her forehead to accommodate the growing and developing brain. But don’t worry, it’s quite normal and will soon adjust with the size of the brain.

The baby’s skin is translucent and thus one can clearly see the spine running through the length of her body. Various spinal nerves have also started to extend in the body through the spine.

Do you know that your baby has started developing his little choppers under his gums? However, they will not come out until the baby is 6-7 months old.

Changes in Mother’s Body

  • Have you noticed yourself in the mirror lately? No? Try now. Your weeks of desperation to look pregnant may get some relief as you notice slight roundness in your abdomen. Try to wear loose fitting and comfortable clothes so that your uterus get enough space to expand. Right now, it is still the size of a grapefruit, however, will soon become bigger and bigger to give you the real feel of pregnancy.
  • One more thing that you notice in the mirror is blue criss-cross line on your breasts and abdomen. If you have a fair color, the lines may be more visible. They are nothing but your blood vessels which are now carrying more blood supply so as to provide proper nourishment to the baby. Do not be sad with these lines as they going to be more in the coming weeks on hands and legs also. So, wear them with pride and believe that they will disappear with the birth of the baby.
  • By this time, many expectant mothers would be facing uncomfortable and irregular bowel movements. The culprit of all problems, the darned pregnancy hormones causes the muscles of large bowel quite lazy. To offset the hormonal influence, you must include lots of fiber in your diet and drink plenty of water. However, if you still struggle with the problem, ask your doctor to give you some safe over the counter medicine.
  • Lately now, headaches may have bothered you. Though, it’s quite normal in this condition but you can still ask your doctor for some medicine. Moreover, help yourself by staying away from the noisy places, intense light or exhausting work to alleviate the symptoms.
  • Call it flatus, wind or gas, but the problem will trouble you at least convenient times. Though, it’s a common problem but uncommon in discussions. Only your eating habits and exercising regime can save you from embarrassing moments.
  • Most of the women may feel aches and pains due to the stretching of muscles and ligaments. These are often referred as the “round ligaments pain”.
  • The breasts continue to be bigger and sore as they are prepping for the breast feeding. Give them some relief by wearing cotton sports bra. You can also try a gentle massage to get some relief.

Emotional Worries

  • Weird, strange, frightening and irrelevant dreams must be common with you. Don’t worry, you are not alone having such dreams. However, do not associate your dreams (either good or bad) with reality. Do not try to extract any meaning and hidden messages from them. They have no relevance in your real life.
  • You may have become superstitious and must have started believing other’s stories easily. Please try to be practical and filter out all those things which you do not want to hear.
  • Though, there is no baby bump yet, but you may feel carrying some extra weight. Don’t think it as unattractive, instead enjoy the time by visiting parlors for massage, hairdressing and go for shopping.

Care and Tips

  • Start using some ointment, oils or lotions on your abdomen and massage gently to ensure minimal of stretch marks.
  • As baby’s teeth are developing this month, you need to have sufficient vitamin D otherwise you will be inviting future cavities for your baby. So, better talk to your doctor regarding that.
  • Do not fear with your mood swings as they will turn off in the second semester.
  • Do not eat in front of TV as doing so you will be likely feeding your baby in the same way.
  • The usual hot and caffeinated drinks may feel you turn off. So, why not try herbal tea replacing your regular tea. Believe me, you will feel great.
  • Don’t stand up instantly if you are sitting for a while it can make you feel dizzy. Keep a regular supply of healthy snack in your body to ease the nausea and sickness.

Some Easy Ways to Beat the Pregnancy Stress

  • You must be wondering that stress and headaches have become your permanent enemies. It is true to some extend as even after the birth of baby, the stress will not be dissipating any soon. So, better focus on stress relieving practices like yoga, breathing techniques, aromatherapy, meditation, relaxation tapes and listening to good and relaxing music.
  • Get some extra soft and comfortable pillows and blankets to ensure a good and sound sleep at night.
  • Read any book of your choice by lying down comfortably and unwind yourself completely.
  • Try fragrance like lavender in your room so that the fragrant air can have some soothing effect on your mind.

Why Exercise is so Important from this Month

Right from the third or fourth month (depending on individual’s condition), you would be recommended to do some mild exercise and yoga. This is important for your and baby’s health.

  • Pregnancy brings a lot of stress associated with baby names, baby’s health, maternity leave, and also with the irritating symptoms. However, involving in some light exercise like walking and swimming will melt your stress away.
  • Apart from that, it will also work as your mood lifter. When you do some workout, endorphins are released from your body which gives boost to the mind and body.
  • There are lot many aches and pains associated with pregnancy like back ache, muscle pain, headaches or pelvic pain. With exercise, you can tone and strengthen your muscles so as to ease your pains. Besides that, muscle strengthening will also help in easy delivery of baby.

Before getting on with any exercise routine, talk to your doctor as each individual has different needs and demands. He or she will advise you with suitable guideline to start any exercise. You may also join prenatal fitness class in your area as it will fun working with women who are going through same conditions.

Garbha Sanskar Practices

The meaning of Garbha Sanskar means teaching the fetus in the womb. In Indian culture, it is believed that from the day you conceive, you have an unsaid bond with your child. Though, it may sound weird and strange but your baby can feel your feelings in the womb. Therefore, it is important to have positive thoughts and attitude so it can have a good impact on your child.

Garbha sanskar practices are important to shape your baby’s impressions. This can be done by reading books, positive thinking, listening to music, practicing yoga and meditation, and talking with the baby and of course your lifestyle. Your lifestyle has physical, emotional and spiritual impact on your baby. So, better avoid spicy and fermented foods, watching horror movies and other activities which may harm your baby.

With the end of 10th week, you become more close to the end of first trimester. Soon, you will be going for your first ultrasound scan and would be able to see your baby in the monitor. Must be excited, right? Just, be careful with the changes and precautions and wait for the most beautiful and exciting time of pregnancy.