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Week 40 of Pregnancy

Pregnancy Week 40 So, finally week 40 is here. It means your due date is here. It may have seemed to you pretty long to reach this week when you first saw that extra line as a positive indicator of your pregnancy. Pregnancy...

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Week 39 of Pregnancy

Pregnancy Week 39 Growing impatient or eager? At 39 weeks, every little twinge in your body must be bothering you. Any pain or any movement seems like triggering labor contractions or labor pains. Well, if you have successfully...

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Week 38 of Pregnancy

Pregnancy Week 38 You have turned all rounded, and desperately waiting for either the cute angel or the little hero to hold him in your hands. Well, be patient as your baby will himself decide his birthday to come out and he...

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Week 37 of Pregnancy

Pregnancy Week 37 Wow, you are so close to your baby! You have almost passed all the hurdles, pains, aches and emotional upheavals with success and finally reached the week which is safe in every sense for your baby (until and...

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Week 36 of Pregnancy

Pregnancy Week 36 Only four more weeks to go! Doesn’t it seem like a magic that once a poppy seed is now big enough to live his life in the outer world. Your baby has prepared himself to survive in this 36 weeks journey. He is...

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Week 35 of Pregnancy

Pregnancy Week 35 You are about to enter in your last month of pregnancy. The countdown has begun. Working women must be winding up their work in office as their maternity leave entitlements start during last 4-5 weeks of...

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Week 34 of Pregnancy

Pregnancy Week 34 With every passing week, your life is becoming tougher and tougher. Doing everyday errands seems to be quite daunting. You are feeling squeezed and squashed in your mid section. You just want to stretch out...

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Week 33 of Pregnancy

Pregnancy Week 33 It’s getting harder to remember time when you were not pregnant. Frequent niggles and pain, big belly, insomnia and complete transformation in your physical and emotional well being, constantly remind you...

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Week 32 of Pregnancy

Pregnancy Week 32 Its 32nd week and the starting of your 8th month! Doesn’t it sound too near to the due date? Having left with just two months, your mind and heart would be filled with mixed feelings of excitement and...

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Week 31 of Pregnancy

Pregnancy Week 31 Do you know that your baby is smarter than you right now? Feeling surprised? While the pregnancy hormones are making you dumb and absentminded, your baby is working on all his five senses and getting perfection...

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Week 30 of Pregnancy

Pregnancy Week 30 Hey you all pregnant women, start your countdown of 10. You have passed three quarters of your journey and this too shall go quickly. What once was a dream and seemed so far is now getting closer every day....

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Week 29 of Pregnancy

Pregnancy Week 29 The big belly and hard jabs and kicks must already be giving you feel of your little one every time. The baby hiccups are another way to feel him. Apart from this, your baby is big enough to make his presence...

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Pregnancy Week

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