You have a lot of power. When you are in a conversation with your friend, you can direct the chat in the way you want to. Isn’t it? You may chat up on a hundred disparate issues. But they are all issues and topics that you and/or your friend like to talk about or find it necessary to talk about. When conversations go into subjects or areas you don’t want them to go into, don’t you take a turn and talk about something better or more useful or more pleasant? So, you do exercise such choice and power, isn’t it?

Ways to Zap Stress before it Strikes

Use your power of choice

When you do have the power of choice in your hands why not use it with wisdom making smart moves and wise choices? And why not choose to not let stress get the better of you? Let stress get defeated in its attempt to take you in its fold, to trap you in its web. Stress comes and envelopes you rather cleverly but you can be smarter and defeat it in its vicious plans.

You are in charge of your life. Take control into your hands. You are not a weakling to be affected by every little occurrence, every unforeseen event, every unknown situation and every other person. So be smart to beat stress before it strikes. Let’s see how.

Try to pre-empt stress

If you know what or who causes you stress, you can pre-empt a stress attack. Tell yourself you will not get bogged down by the stress the situation or person will cause or create. It’s easy. The fact that you are aware of a situation or a person being the cause of your stress implies you have experienced it before. Right? But post facto you would have known you need not have stressed yourself overly or unnecessarily. Most often it is so. Isn’t it? Unless it was a terrible event that was irreversible in its effect or impact.

So, stay calm. Normal life situations aren’t situations to stress out oneself with. Problems are there to be solved. They are not for getting frightened about. Your trouble has a solution and you can definitely find it. Or else smile and go ahead and face it. You will come out the stronger.

You can handle exam-related stress

Every time you had a test or exam at school and college and you got stressed studying and preparing for it and ultimately cleared it didn’t you feel you could have spent more relaxed hours studying than those same hours studying under stress? You are much better off studying and absorbing what you study when you are calm and relaxed than when you are under stress. And you are likewise so well placed to take an examination when you are cool and relaxed then when you are a victim of tension.

And exams, in any case, are not to be worried about. Study well and take it with courage. After all, the exam has a syllabus and you study according to it. So, why worry? No question from some topic not covered in the syllabus will be asked of you. At least this is the case most often, unless it is a general interview. There too you are asked only about your subject of study, or then events around you.

Besides, if you don’t know something well, don’t panic. Be cool and take those questions that you can answer well. There are always options and options to stay away from stress while preparing for and appearing in an exam, even if it is a tough competitive examination.

Does inter-personal relations cause you stress?

Sometimes it is team work or interaction with people or a particular person that causes stress. Is that the case with you? Then you need to work on your inter-personal skills. Don’t get worked up by divergent views. If someone doesn’t see sense in your opinion you have no need to get stressed up. See diversity as a positive aspect to life. There are as many perspectives and opinions as there are people.

Just as there is diversity in landscapes, colours in Nature, currencies, attires and colour of the skin of people around the world, there are divergent views of people. Would uniformity of views be exciting? Within the right and the righteous, there are so many different viewpoints on any subject. Besides, consensus is not impossible. It can be worked out. You need to have a little flexibility.  It is an art to work out a consensus. Be ready to compromise if it is not otherwise objectionable. It will be your strength if you can interact and get along in a team.

Be flexible

Life is about being flexible. Rigidity, whether in views or ideas, may not go down well with people and will ultimately affect you adversely. Be a little accepting and get along with people. Be a go-getter. You will not have to be a victim of stress.

When and where possible be flexible. It is indeed the fixity of thoughts and ideas and plans that we have that keeps us in stress. Well, life does not always go the way we wish it to go. So, be ready to show some grace in accepting others’ views and opinions and also be prepared to change yours if you have to for greater and all-round peace and well-being. If you are so willing, you will not have to experience stress at all.

Plan in advance and zap stress

When we know beforehand what stresses us we can plan well in advance. For instance, you may experience stress in getting ready in the morning and leaving for your school, college or work on time. This can easily be avoided. Plan the night before. Do the little tasks that you can do well in advance and that you may forget in the morning. For example, you can keep your bag and books and files ready. You could also lay out the uniform or clothes you need to or plan to put on. If you need to iron them, do that too and fold them neatly or hang them on a hanger. Often creases in clothes are cause for stress.

Likewise, if you are planning to wear a new dress or drape a new saree try it the night before. An ill-fitting dress is cause for embarrassment, discomfort and stress. Isn’t it? And we know how miserable it can be. Keep your footwear ready. And decide on your accessories and jewellery too. You like your accessories to match your outfit, don’t you? You don’t want to be a laughing stock. So, decide on them. You also want to be neat and well-turned out. So, you can save a lot of time in the morning if you simply have your outfit and accessories ready.

If it is cooking that stresses you in the morning, plan wisely the night before. It requires some thinking and planning. If you are leaving very early, as for instance, taking a 5 am or 6 am flight, plan to have a sandwich or fruit. Keep the items ready so you can make the sandwich quickly. If it is the cooking of your daily breakfast that is causing you stress, plan a healthy and nutritious breakfast beforehand, and spend some time the previous night in getting something of the item ready. It is possible.

The food can be prepared fresh in the morning, but you could definitely chop most of the vegetables you need and keep them in the fridge. Don’t decide on tedious items for your breakfast when you have less time on your hands. Save these items for weekends and leisurely made and eaten meals when time is plenty. Nevertheless, be a little innovative and wise and don’t compromise on freshness and nutrition value of the food you eat, whatever the time of day. Your food is most important. Stress in cooking or eating would definitely be best avoided.

Wake up early to avoid stress

Waking up early is often a target difficult for us to achieve. However, when you wake up early you are better off in every way. Firstly, you have more time to get ready for the day and its activities and challenges. Secondly, you can spend some time in exercising and quiet that will energize your body and mind.

It is the few minutes that we lazily waste in bed that causes us to rush and get stressed out in the last minute. It can be avoided. The morning hours are also the most productive hours of the day when you can complete tasks more easily. So, see how you can get up early. Set an alarm. Decide to get up early. That will work in your favour.

Stay positive to keep away stress

Start the day with a lot of positivity. This can take care of the whole day. You can invite positive energy by your positivity. Stress is a negative force and it is best kept far away. Your positivity can frighten stress away.

Think positive. The very idea of wanting to be relaxed and work well without becoming a victim of stress can keep stress away. The more you think of stress and the possible causes of stress, the more it will find the way to linger near about you till it makes you its permanent home. It may come as a part-timer and become a permanent resident. Avoid giving it a visa to enter your territory. Be happy and positive. And while stress may frown you, will never have to frown.