How to Enhance Willpower and Determination

There are self help books that give you ten steps to become rich, or how to become successful in ten easy steps. These are touted as the easiest routes to reach the particular destination. Sure shot means, they are made to appear. Then there are two minute noodles. The quick and easy way to gastronomic satiation. The shortest and easiest routes and steps are forever being found.

But to choose to do anything, it’s all about a moment. Nothing more than that.

Decide to act

How, you ask. Because it takes just a moment to decide to do a thing. The actual doing of the activity may take any length of time. The gestation period may be of any duration. The actual fructification of any beginning may be a long period of time, or for that matter a brief period. But all it takes is one moment to say that magical word to choose to do an activity and start moving forward in your chosen direction: Yes! That’s the magical word to go ahead.

And so if you say yes, you start to doing it. If you say no, well, you don’t go ahead to do it. It’s just that simple.

When you say yes, you actually start bringing all that you need to get going. That first yes means much. Because it actually helps you in deciding the direction. Anyone who cooks for a family knows that it is not really the cooking that is arduous or time consuming but taking the decision on what everyone in the family wants and needs to have for the meal. Being bombarded by many different options and suggestions leaves the cook flummoxed. But once the menu is decided, it is only the bringing together of the ingredients.  And then for the cook to get cracking! So it’s important to zero in on what to do.

Power of will

The very first step is therefore to want and decide to do something. After that comes the keeping alive of the interest and to continue the effort with determination. Well begun is half done. And only half the work therefore remains to be done once you have begun well!

And what is it that keeps you going once you have decided to do something? It is your will. Your will is like a horse. Let it run more and the horse will gain strength to run ever faster, to cover ever greater distances, and to reach the destination quickly. Use the will and it will serve you better. Leave it to disuse and it will rust.

Arm yourself with determination

So now how do we use the will? When you feel like giving up, and giving in to laziness, recharge your will by defeating the defeatist thoughts and inclinations. Ignore the drag and get to doing what you have to. It will strengthen the will. That is the way to charge your will. And then the will actually becomes a power to help you. That’s why it’s called the will power. It’s a super-power, really. But it is you who need to charge it. And charge it by bringing it to the forefront. And empowering it. So the will is really to be empowered by you to give it its rightful name of willpower.

Imagine as a student you want to get up early to study when your mind is fresh. But when it’s time to actually get up, at five in the morning, in wintertime, you feel lazy, or you procrastinate. What then happens? You either give in to the temptation to stay longer in bed or jump up ready to study. It is really that important moment when you need to take a decision. If you decide to get up and start studying, it can make all the difference to your preparation for an exam or to study and grasp important topics and subjects. If you curl up in bed again, you can sleep a couple of hours more, perhaps, but you miss out on the early morning hours when the mind is fresh, fully relaxed, and the grasping power is at its peak.

Or consider you wish to follow a particular diet plan for good health or to lose weight. You need to stay away from certain foods. These very foods may actually make up your favourite foods list! What do you do then? Give in to temptation and eat the wrong foods? Or be lazy and avoid the foods you need to consume? Or decide to stick to the recommended and prescribed diet plan? It is really a moment that determines what you take onto your plate and into your mouth. That is where your will comes into play.

Or then if there is an exercise regimen you have to follow. You surely need to have the will to follow it. Fail to follow it only at the peril of having poor physical strength and well being.

Determination to succeed

Interestingly, and significantly, using the will, strengthening it, empowering it and moving ahead form a vicious circle, so that every time you use your will and strengthen it, it is able to step in the next time you need it. And equally significantly, every time you give your will a holiday and weaken it, it gets more and more lazy, unwilling to work for you.

So the will and its power are subject to the adage: if you don’t use it, you lose it. An axiom that works for muscles and nerves and brain cells also works for the will and its power!

Will to succeed and you will determine to act to go towards your chosen goal.

It is a matter of experience and observation that willingness to act and using the will also help in providing all that is conducive to work and accomplish a task and meet with success. Incidentally, and perhaps it is more than just a play in words and etymology, willingness shows there is will behind it. When you are willing to do a piece of work, it implies you have yoked your will to the pursuing of the work. Seems sound. And here comes the play of conducive factors coming together.

If you are willing, and have the will to act, hurdles seem to evaporate. And what you need to do to can become what you love to do.

So just do it. That remains the fool-proof way to do what you have to do or what you need to do and develop the will and have the determination to continue. That’s the way it is. No two ways about it.

The right mindset – Staying positive

It is by fighting odds and keeping at what you have to do that you can continue moving ahead. And it is all in the mind. You empower yourself by having the right mindset and being in the right frame of mind. For this the only way is to stay positive and remain focused. Being happy can impact your willpower. And this again has a spiralling effect. When you work with happiness you can work better and you can use your will better, and every success at using your will to work again gives you happiness. Every victory you gain by doing what you have to do, not succumbing to negativity and procrastination, gives you the impetus, encouragement and enthusiasm to better your activity in terms of skill, excellence and productivity.

So, the easiest way to increase your willpower and determination is to keep your will growing in ever-increasing strength. It will never fail you. And it is really this that gives you confidence – the confidence to begin, the confidence to stay on your chosen course, the confidence to shift course, if need be, to achieve your goal and the confidence to reach your destination.

And it is interesting that you will naturally choose at every step that which can up your chance of success. And this is true whatever you may choose to do. Whether it is to study, to go in for a particular profession, to choose a particular career or then anything that you strive for to improve your life and excel, be it physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually.

You need to opt for steps that create positivity. Manage your time and resources, whether they are physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, so that you are at your optimal level of performance and productivity. How can you be at the optimal level, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually? Exercise, good diet and good sleeping habits can help in giving you physical strength and well-being. Following a discipline in your daily schedule will give you the clarity and will to work towards your chosen goal. Read books that encourage you. Talk and interact with people who contribute to your positivity.

By enhancing your willpower and determination you can achieve your goal. Have the confidence to do it!