Love makes the world go round, they say. And love makes every individual’s life go on too, every human being’s world go round too. Love is fundamental to our existence; it sees us through from the beginning to the end of our life. It sustains, protects, fosters, energizes and invigorates our life. It is a great stress buster too.

What is the power of love?

Love is about sharing and caring. Love is about friendship and togetherness. Love is about being together through thick and thin, through the ups and downs of life. Love is about sharing joys and laughter, sorrows and tears.

So, isn’t it a huge power?

We experience love in so many different ways, with so many different persons and even so many different life forms, through all our life.

Love Relieves Stress

Imagine you are faced with a stressful situation. Who do you look to for support, succour, consolation or counsel? Instinctively and impulsively you look for your trusted friend, your parent or your spouse. Don’t you? What is it that makes you turn to them? Their love for you. Whatever your age and wherever you may be and whatever your position in life, you seek solace from your loved ones. Such is the power of love.

Love is not love/which alters when it alteration finds, wrote Shakespeare. That points to love being a huge power. No change can change true love. And this true love is what we all seek, it’s what we can share, and it keeps us going.

In a tensed situation, when life turns tough, in times that cause you stress, what brings a smile to our face? Love. And only love.

How Love Relieves Stress?


As a student you have had exams to appear for. Imagine it is a public examination or a competitive examination. You are under stress. But it is your parents who do so much for you to help you go and appear in the exam. Their love and blessings accompany you. And that’s what helps you clear your examinations. It is easy to succumb to stress and fright, but it’s the power of love of your parents because of which you don’t. Isn’t it?

Through your childhood, teenage and adulthood and even after you become independent, the love of your parents stays unwavering. It remains a constant. And it is such a source of comfort.

And it works the other way round too – parents too glow when their children show them love, in small ways as little children, and in more appropriate ways as they grow older. Elderly parents feel so much better, despite all their problems related with age, when their children give them a happy family to live in. When elderly parents are taken care of with love, their troubles don’t seem big any more for them. And it’s the power of love that works wonders.


It’s sibling rivalry as a term that is heard very often. But siblings love each other too. You and your siblings live together, and you share so much time and space with each other. In troubles your siblings are the ones who readily help you. They know you so much better than anyone else. They interact with you from very close quarters, and whatever rivalry and little fights may crop up from time to time, they love you and care for you so much.


A friend in need is a friend indeed. Real friends will always step in when you need them the most. Your friends share time with you. You chill out together. You do fun activities together. You also share important information with them. If you are a student you study with your friends, you exchange notes. You feel most comfortable with your friends. Right? You can communicate with your friends easily without inhibitions and hesitation. Isn’t it?

Friends are a big stress reliever. They can up your happiness quotient like no one else can. So your real friends are those who make your life happy and joyous. And love you without any expectations. So your real friends could, in fact, be your parents, your siblings, your spouse or God! Anyone who means a lot to you! And to whom you mean a lot!


Your spouse is your best friend. Marriage, whether it is a love marriage or an arranged one, makes you and your spouse soulmates. What begins as a romantic relationship grows into a strong love relationship. It is a relationship that withstands many a trial and tribulation. There is a togetherness that grows in a couple that sees them through the ups and downs of life through life. Arguments may come up and tiffs may accompany the relationship, but they never take away from the deep love that a couple shares.

When you are stressed, it is your spouse who lifts up your mood. When there is responsibility to share, your spouse doesn’t shirk away from it. And when there are issues in the lives of children or the elder generation, your spouse and you share the work and duties unhesitatingly, willingly and readily. Isn’t it?

If your life with your spouse is one of sharing and caring, full of joy and pleasure, it’s because of the love you both share. And that is the power of love that lets you handle the stresses that accompany life.

With all that makes up the routine of life, there is a satisfying romance and intimacy that you share with your spouse. Physical intimacy, in bed and out of it, is a great stress buster. A romantic dinner, a holiday or just a walk on the beach hand-in-hand with your spouse, can be so enjoyable and relaxing. Yes? And then it isn’t just a day that is a Valentine’s Day. Your togetherness always brings in the Valentine’s Day spirit.


When you get back home after a hard day’s work, what’s your feeling when your dog comes wagging his tail, with love and concern in his eyes for you? You forget yourself and all your tensions. Don’t you? Keeping pets, whether it’s a canine or feline, is indeed a big stress-reliever. Faithful and loving dogs can be such mood-boosters.


When you love your job or work or your hobby or creative interest, it is these that can then be your stress-busters. You work with passion. And your involvement in the work takes away your stresses. It matters little what the work or job is and what the creative activity is. It could be service to the needy for one who loves to be engaged in social service. It could be a long walk for those who love going on walks in a sylvan setting at sunset, for instance. It could be the joy of dabbling with colour on a palette and canvas for an artist who loves to bring her ideas onto canvas and bestow them colour. It could be the clay in a sculptor’s hand that relieves her of her stresses. Whatever.

The Divine

The spiritual, divine love is heart-warming and spiritually elevating. The devotee often goes into ecstasy in divine love. What do worship in a sacred place, a pilgrimage to a sacred site or quiet meditation and contemplation or prayer accomplish but to grant you peace and calm? And then where is the stress that torments the mind? It evaporates away. All devotional and sacred activities with love of the divine do lead naturally to stress relief.

Love is a Stress Reliever

The power of love is enormous. It can create, generate, heal, give joy, and relieve stress. Anywhere and everywhere love is a great power.

Love is, of course, all about giving. And it is you who need to fill love into your relationships and your life and that of others. And then you can bask in the love. With your loved one. Always.