What is a job? Whatever activity we do is a job. Anything that is to be done qualifies to be called a job. And so any and every activity can be termed a job. And doing it to one’s best, doing justice to how it is carried out makes for the job being well done. Joblessness leads us to the early ageing, so we must involve ourselves in some interesting activities doing which we can feel happy, energetic and delay our ageing too.

Doing job is the key to avoid ageing

A job can be just anything. Maintaining your garden lush and pretty. Whipping up a lovely, delicious, healthy lunch for your family, or for your friends. Writing a story. Having a formal job in an office. Having a professional job in an organization. Being a volunteer in an organization. Being a homemaker. Sculpting with ceramic or clay. Painting a canvas. Designing garments. Designing homes or offices. Doing full-time, part-time or freelance jobs are all jobs that you should keep doing to stay young, physically as well as mentally.

Often women who are homemakers say, “I am just a homemaker”. It is said rather disparagingly of the role. They say this as against doing a full-time professional job. Having a professional job is seen as being superior to being a homemaker. But it matters little what job you do. If you are busy, occupied happily, are creative and productive, creating and producing something of value to yourself and others, and at the end of the day have a sense of achievement and feel content, you are enjoying your job.

Of course, when the nation’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is calculated, the contribution of housewives or homemakers is not included. There is no monetary attribution to their multifarious activities. For instance, if a homemaker cooks for her family, there is no contribution to the GDP, whereas if a hired cook cooks for the family there is an inclusion of the paid service to the calculation of the GDP. So, there is this bias against a homemaker’s work.

Being a homemaker by no means anything inferior compared to pursuing a professional job or career. And, whatever work a woman may be accomplishing as her career or for her livelihood or as a homemaker, she can have a huge influence and be a complete and content woman.

A job done well lets you stay young

And, so what is it to carry out a job, do it well to the satisfaction of oneself and others? It is a mindset, it is an attitude. And, when you have a job that you love doing, you are creative and youthful.

Consider cooking as an activity. Often cooking for the family or for guests is seen as boring, monotonous, time-consuming and drudgery. You need to cook for at least a couple of hours and the meal ends in no time. Nothing to show after a meal is over, however, grand it may have been however lavish the spread of dishes may have been. I, for instance, was not great at painting, though I loved to and still love to. But I have found that the creativity I could not find fulfillment in through art or drawing has been attempted at through cooking and has, in good measure, given happiness too. Let me tell you how. Chopping vegetables can be an art. Whether for cooking curried vegetables or for arranging a splendid salad. You can be highly innovative especially in preparing and arranging green salads, vegetable salads and fruit salads too.

You can also be creative in making combinations of vegetables. I saw once, for instance, broccoli and bitter gourd combined with cheese! And then I experimented with the recipe in my own way and it tasted wow!

There are many other novel ways to whip up a meal and lay the table for your family and friends to enjoy. From actually planning the meal, then cooking it and then presenting it in a simple or fancy or decorative way. The way to a man’s (or woman’s) heart is through the stomach, they say. Somehow this adage doesn’t lose its shelf life. It’s always valid. Lovely meals with nice company aren’t something easily forgotten by those who enjoy it. Bonding is great over a meal. Or for that matter over a coffee or a high tea. As the Café Coffee Day chain’s tagline goes: “A lot can happen over coffee”. So, it is really your mindset and attitude that matter. And then a simple, routine activity like cooking can be taken to another level. A creative, spiritually fulfilling and satisfying experiment, experience and event too. Now isn’t cooking a job to do? And accomplish?

How to avoid joblessness

So, if you consider what you have to do as a job, and as a job you love to do, you aren’t jobless ever. Whatever you have at hand to do is a job to be well-done. And that will say much about you. A job is not only to be done but also perfected and to be done better and better. This holds good whatever it may be, whether it is a professional job, a job with monetary advantage to it or then even a hobby activity. And there are creative and novel and fun ways to do a job. So you can enjoy your job, be productive and create value addition to your life and the lives of others – your family, your friends and society.

And, all this is true likewise if you are a volunteer, for instance, and serve a noble cause where you may not have any financial benefit at all. It could be a cause close to your heart. It could be a social, cultural, environmental or spiritual cause.

Or, similarly if you maintain a lovely garden at your home, or then a terrace garden, in these days of space-crunch in urban India, you can feel very creatively fulfilled, being at the same time closer to nature. You could have a verdant lawn and flowers in so many different colours blooming seasonally, making the air fragrant and inviting the butterflies and birds too! So you actually go beyond yourself to include other life forms too in your passion to create a beautiful garden, isn’t it?

So one needs to think twice before labeling oneself or anyone else jobless. If we follow our passion, we can feel good about it. So we need to actually love the job we are doing. We can spend our time very productively in whipping up creative and out-of-the-box ideas to accomplish our jobs, whatever they are. This actually helps us stay young at heart, youthful in our ideas and innovative in our thinking. And this is highly nourishing too. You feel physically rejuvenated and mentally invigorated.

Count on the benefits of your job

How can we love the job we do? Of course, if you actually are doing what you love, then it’s great. But what if you aren’t? Then start loving the job you do. Compare your work – the nature of your work, your timings, the hazards, the perks, the satisfaction you get – with that of others. You will see that your job has certain positive aspects to it that other jobs don’t have. Every job has its pros and cons. No job has only cons to it; if there is such a job, no one will opt for it. Isn’t it?

If you are a homemaker see the benefits to it. You work at your pace in the comfort of your home and can find it hugely rewarding. What you create is for you to enjoy with your family – a lovely, warm, loving home. You don’t have to undertake the hassles of daily commuting in rush hours, either.

Take note of the benefits of the particular job you are in if you are working out of an office. If you work as a postmaster in a post office, or a banker, you have certain advantages. Or if you are an air hostess, you have certain advantages, despite the time schedules that can be erratic. If you are a doctor or a teacher you will surely find the advantages to your noble profession. As a designer you will have the satisfaction to see your creative ideas take shape. If you are a florist, you have the benefit of dealing with and arranging beautiful fragrant flowers. Isn’t it? So, your job can always be fun. It’s about seeing the half-empty glass as half-full. Have the willingness to discover the benefits of your job.

Being jobless is the sure way to grow old

When you go the other way and end up being jobless, you grow old. And really even with a full-time professional job, if you are not happy doing what you are doing, you are as good as being jobless. And that is the sure way to age. Because you don’t use your brain cells anymore and you allow them to rust. Life is mundane and your job becomes a drudgery that you, nonetheless, perform mechanically, not in a happy state of mind.

And when you don’t enjoy your job you don’t enjoy leisure either. That the busiest man has the greatest leisure is a well-known saying. So, with a hectic job you could also make time for leisure to pursue other fun-time activities too and refresh yourself.

When you say you are jobless it is also a mindset you are showing. And that is then transferred to all your activities, even day-to-day mundane activities. You don’t wear a smile and you feel low and down. You are not able to engage in any activity with positivity. Those who are in your sphere of influence are also then affected by the negativity.

Age is just a number and aging isn’t about your advancing age. It’s about your attitude. If you can spread good cheer, positivity and promise, you are young. If you can enthuse and energize others to work, with the work that you do, you are youthful in every sense. And isn’t that about doing your job with verve and vigor?

So if you are listless about and dejected with your job and work, you not only affect your productivity, your body is affected too. A healthy mind makes for a healthy body. And a youthful spirit makes for a youthful body too.

So, having a job and holding it keeps you young. Being jobless only extends your joblessness and lets you age prematurely.