If wealth is lost it can be regained. But if health is lost everything is lost. We have heard this said often.

It is a healthy body and a healthy mind that work together to keep you going healthy and happy. You can then work smart and achieve your goals. You can be physically, mentally and intellectually as also emotionally and spiritually in fine fettle only when you are enjoying holistic good health.

Holistic health calls for ensuring the good health of your body and mind. A healthy body has a body weight that is optimal. In other words, a person should neither be a victim of obesity nor suffer from anorexia.

What determines our physical good health?

Our physical well-being depends on what we consume in the form of food and drink, the kind of physical activity we engage in and the type of lifestyle we live. It is when these parameters are at their optimal levels that our physical condition is at an optimal level.

When these parameters are not controlled and regulated, the body’s metabolism and functioning as also appearance are influenced. Diseases are thus caused and the body suffers. Obesity is one of the outcomes.

People’s increased junk food consumption in the world today is one of the reasons for an increasing percentage of people suffering from being overweight and obese. Besides, with technological advances there is much comfort, and even with the least physical activity there is a lot that can be done with the many gadgets that have been made available for humanity’s use. Our lifestyle has also become highly sedentary. People go in for IT jobs that are, for the most part, sedentary. People sit on their chairs before their computers and spend the whole day working on them. And such IT jobs are being ravenously grabbed by the youth today.

Instead of the sports fields, people go in for video games, and instead of physical exercise, the modern generation has become couch potatoes. Besides, higher income levels have made it possible for people to easily hire help for their domestic chores so that people save themselves even the physical activities of maintaining their households neat and clean.

The consequence of all this has been an increasing trend of obesity among the people.

Losing weight for good health

Obesity or being overweight is a health condition. It affects the person’s physical and psychological well-being. Being in the normal weight range and body mass index range is important to avoid various diseases that are caused due to being overweight.

Victims of obesity or overweight desire to lose weight to be in the normal weight range and body mass index range so that they may avoid the risks of other serious health conditions and may enjoy good health.

Losing weight requires following a regimen of exercise and diet meticulously. It is important to take advice from doctors and health specialists as also from dietitians and nutritionists to come to safe exercise and diet plans that can be followed without any risk to your health. If you follow a plan of your own accord without medical advice, it may prove risky.

Losing weight and staying fit also requires a change in your lifestyle so that you are more active and follow a daily schedule that is close to nature’s diurnal scheme.

Getting motivated to lose weight

When you realize that being overweight is a risk to your long term health you will definitely appreciate the importance of losing weight and staying trim and healthy. It is this appreciation of the need to stay within the normal weight range that will help you feel motivated to take up all that is necessary to lose weight.

Being overweight also induces sluggishness to your body. And sluggishness further promotes weight gain. So, they reinforce each other. Therefore, it is important to lose weight to stay fit and active.

One who is overweight also suffers a loss of confidence in oneself. When you are overweight you experience an inferiority complex. Your appearance also speaks of your lack of care and concern for yourself. Therefore, you are also unable to pursue your professional work with confidence. You fear people may turn around to ask you, “If you cannot manage a healthy and fit body, how can you make any system, whether an office or any other professional one, work efficiently?”

Such loss of confidence, verve and smartness to work due to being overweight will leave you inactive and inefficient. And once again it is a vicious circle.

Therefore, decide to do what is necessary to be healthy and fit. It is in your hands. You have to be enthusiastic and be ready to work hard to lose weight. Realize that the effort you make will benefit you. And will keep you healthy and fit with a trim body well into your later years.

So, be motivated to follow the schedule and regimen of activity and exercise and diet to help you lose excess weight so that you may be fit and healthy. It will help you feel confident and give you the freshness in body and mind to be active and work hard to achieve your goals.

Weight loss motivation tips

Let us discover what serves to motivate us to stay with the schedule and regimen that is to be followed to lose weight and stay healthy and fit. Unless you feel motivated to lose excess weight, it will be difficult to follow the program designed for you meticulously. When you feel motivated to lose weight you will in fact find it easy to follow the regimen advised. By following the regimen and seeing the positive results, you will feel enthused to better follow it in right earnest. Following are some points you can follow to motivate yourself towards weight loss:

  1. Enjoy light and healthy food

Diets to lose weight may take away the pleasures of eating junk food and fat-rich and sugar-laden food items.

But it may not be a big price to pay for the benefit that would accrue from the weight loss and improvement of physical and mental and emotional health.

Start enjoying the meal plan. It may not be easy. But then it is better to enjoy following the plan than following the plan grudgingly. In fact, since our mind has a lot of influence on us, a grudging attitude to a diet plan may, for all you care, make it ineffective in weight loss.

A positive attitude to the schedule and plan may make it easier to go through it. So, why not? If it has to be followed, do it with some pleasure.

Try to make the diet plan interesting. Go one day at a time. Don’t take a look at the entire plan and feel disheartened. By going along one day at a time you will feel less monotony or dullness.

Maybe you could also use interesting crockery and cutlery for your meals. Make the presentation of the meal fun. You could make the dining table interesting and colourful. You could try to bring in fun elements into your dining area. If your food is dull, you could definitely make the surroundings interesting. Isn’t it? So make an attempt at doing these activities. They will more than compensate for the dullness you may likely feel in your diet. Remember, a diet may not always be boring or dull. There are always interesting and healthy substitutes for unhealthy items. A slice of whole wheat bread with a sprinkling of sesame seeds can be more fun than a slice of bread made with refined flour. Isn’t it?

Likewise steamed vegetables can be made up with interesting and colorful vegetables.

Similarly, interesting flavours like that of fresh mint and of fennel can add zest to your meal without taking away from the nutritional benefits of the food.

  1. Food is for energy, so enjoy it as such

Food gives us the energy for the proper metabolism of our body. So, if your diet plan is boring try to be more realistic and see the food as serving its purpose and, therefore, good for you.

When you eat with a positive attitude you up the value of the food you are consuming. That is why negativity during partaking of food affects us adversely. Eating in a happy disposition can make the otherwise dull or boring meal more palatable.

  1. Take pleasure in exercise, it is always good for your health

Avoid grumbling about the exercise and workout schedule that you may have to adopt to lose excess weight. Adopt it cheerfully. Always get medical guidance about what exercises you can do. Exercising without sound medical guidance may be risky. Exercise is always good for your physical, mental and emotional well-being, weight loss or no weight loss. Such being the case, why grudge exercise?

Exercise not only tones up your muscles and makes your nerves and bones strong, but also promotes mental and emotional well-being. Hormones that play the role of keeping you happy are secreted as a consequence of exercise. Even when you have reached your optimal weight, exercise will be beneficial for you.

  1. Exercise can be fun

Find fun ways to exercise. Exercise with your friends. If you have a choice of sport or game, choose what you enjoy the most. If it’s a choice between cycling, swimming and going to the gym, choose what excites you the most. You can enjoy your game with your friends. If brisk walking in a garden for a particular duration is what you choose, take the opportunity to see the beauty of nature that you get to see in the process.

Similarly, listen to the music of your choice while at the gym. It can up your mood.

  1. Motivate yourself to adopt lifestyle changes

Motivate yourself to adopt the lifestyle changes that are recommended for you to lose weight. These can be changes that you may like to adopt life long as you find them good for you in the long run. Being a couch potato is, for instance, a very unhealthy habit. If you can desist from being one you not only avoid being sedentary, but also save your eyes and nerves from over exposure to radiations from the television. The idiot box, as it is called, may truly be one gadget you could avoid overindulging in.

Many other lifestyle changes may be suggested for you to lose weight. See the big positive outcome of losing excess weight and adopt the lifestyle changes gladly. Don’t frown upon the changes suggested.

  1. Your goal acts as the big motivator

Imagine yourself in the right weight range. See yourself as healthy and fit. You will feel a big sense of confidence imagining that. And this will serve as the motivator to keep at your diet and exercise regimen and adopt the necessary lifestyle changes to lose excess weight.

If weight loss can bring you to good shape physically, boost your self confidence and make you feel good, is it not worth taking the trouble?

When you imagine yourself, in the future, as a healthy and happy person in good health, fit, and in the normal weight range, with a normal body mass index, you will be enthused and encouraged to do all that is necessary to lose weight. So, do engage in seeing how the outcome of weight loss can bring a big positive change to your life. It is a psychologically useful method.