What happens when you drink water in standing position?

From the ancient time we have been ever instructed by our grandmothers and mothers to avoid drinking water in standing position. They shouted on us many times whenever they saw us drinking water in standing position because they were very careful to our health and wellness. Now, it’s our responsibility to take care of us as well as notice our children while doing any wrong habit and tell them a right way of drinking water with proper reasons. Drinking water in sitting position has lots of importance and a significant manner. There are numerous negative effects on our health when we drink water while standing.

I have shared below a video on why we should avoid drinking water while standing for more clearance to you. You can be more clear about ‘what happens when you drink water in standing position’ by seeing the video given below. When I was in my childhood, my mom was very conscious to my health and she always noticed the way I drank water and that was only sitting position. She described me the reasons of why to avoid drinking water in standing position but all time it was out of my mind. But, you cannot believe friends, whenever I was able to understand the reasons I never did that mistake again in my life till date. And, I always drink water only in sitting position; in office by sitting on chair in working position but at home I always follow proper sitting position to drink water.

I always like to have a bottle or a jug filled with water at my desk in office so that I can drink water by sitting at my place. We cannot follow the proper sitting position outside the home however we can avoid drinking water in completely standing position. At least we can sit (like we sit on chair) and drink water whenever we feel thirst. There are many such small good habits which we generally avoid in our daily life due to the less time, poor routine, lack of proper knowledge or because of our idleness. But, we should never forget that such small mistakes and avoidances create a big problem a day to us which really disturb us a lot.

We all are very conscious to our health and fitness and know almost all the ways to maintain health and fitness and even we follow some of them but soon we get tired and everything get messed up because of lack of patience as we do not get positive results in just few days. We need to commit ourselves to strictly follow all the good habits on daily basis. Let see, how our internal organs get affected when we drink water while standing.

  • Drinking water in standing position does not quench our thirst completely and does not settle down well in the stomach.
  • We and our body become relaxed in sitting position; so, when we drink water it goes very easily and smoothly in the stomach and does not put much pressure on the stomach wall. However, whenever we drink water while standing, a big amount of water put pressure on the lower stomach wall which makes stomach wall weak. It also causes damage to the stomach wall and its nearby organs. And may create the problem of hernia and Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease in the near future.
  • If, we are used to of drinking water in standing position for long time, it affects both heart and kidney functioning together with the digestive system.
  • It puts pressure on the kidneys which disturbs the water filtration process thus impurities gets collected in the blood and urinary bladder which ultimately gives rise to many problems in the future.
  • It also disturbs the balance of other body fluids especially fluid which helps in the movement of joints which causes inflammation and pain in the joints (also called arthritis).

So, friends, I have shared some small but useful information to you related to your health and fitness as I want a happy, healthy and developed nation and that is possible only when its citizens become healthy and happy. And, I am sure that you too will never do the same mistake in your life after reading this article. For more details, you can see the video given above.