What is Disease

Disease can be described in number of ways according to its type, cause, occurrence, person and etc. It is not a simple word which can be described simply however it is a word which can temporarily or permanently affect the person’s health in terms of body, mind, social status, living status and etc. Here I am going to describe the means of disease in my own views:

  • Disease is a bad condition of the health which affects health in many ways.
  • Disease is a condition which has ability to discontinue the healthy activities.
  • Disease is a condition which creates obstructions to the normal habits of daily routine.
  • Disease is a condition which can disable a person mentally, physically, intellectually, socially and spiritually.
  • Disease is a condition which forces a person to become dependent from independent.
  • Disease is a condition which spoils the person’s mental, physical and social status.
  • Disease is a condition showing abnormal activities of the body organs and systems due to being infected from pathogens, lack of proper nutrients (vitamins, minerals, proteins, healthy fats, phytonutrients and etc), high level of some nutrients or compounds in the blood from normal/daily requirement (cholesterol, glucose, uric acid, bile pigments, and etc), environmental causes (flood, fire, electric problem, tsunami, seasonal, and etc), psychological causes, social causes and hereditary causes (some diseases are passed free of cost to the next generations from parents and grandparents called hereditary).
  • Disease is an abnormal condition of the body which may affect only parts or whole body of the human or animal and let individual to realize the visibility of its presence by some specific symptoms and signs obstructing the normal functioning.
  • Disease can be caused anytime to anybody (who is weak and vulnerable) by some internal or external sources which lead to the internal dysfunctions or external disability.
  • Disease is a more dreadful condition for any suffering person than the normal or accidental death as it kills a person’s moral (spoil common rights to live normal life) daily whereas real death kills only once.
  • Disease is a terrible condition which destroys individual’s real personality mentally, physically and socially as well as forces the person to realize that he/she is not common like others and kills his/her interest in living life.

Why People Suffer from Disease

As we have discussed above about the reality of disease word, here we would discuss about the reasons of “Why people suffer from disease”:

Any type of disease can attack a person anytime whether it is a communicable or non-communicable type of disease. Communicable disease is one which is infectious in nature and can be spread from person to another very easily (the person with weak immunity). Non-communicable disease is one which is non-infectious in nature and cannot be spread from one person to another (limited to the person) however; non-communicable disease can be hereditary in nature which can be passed from older generations to the next generations.

My motto of discussing about the communicable and non-communicable diseases was just to let you people realize that we are not safe throughout our whole life as diseases can attack us in any form and condition. We must have to carefully take care of our body health as only individual body is completely responsible for his/her own health. It’s very necessary to keep our eyes open every moment whether we are sleeping or awaking. We have to keep all aspects of the body safety in our mind to be protected from such dreadful diseases.

There is a good healthcare saying that “Prevention is better than cure”, I too is agree with this saying as every person is own responsible for his/her badness or goodness. I have given below some points justifying the real reasons of “Why people suffer from disease”:

  • People who are not taking proper care of their health during healthy or diseased conditions.
  • Now a day, skipping breakfast is the common reason of the occurrence of various diseases because of the lack of good health knowledge and proper healthcare tips due to the tight and busy schedule.
  • Overeating is the common reason of inviting diseases. Generally every mother has tendency to finish their kids’ leftovers (half finished plate).
  • People are more prone to diseases who are used to of bad drinking habits of alcohol, smoking, tobacco chewing and etc.
  • People not following the natural discipline of health care means they are not doing their daily routine of early rise in the morning, fresh activities, proper bath, physical exercises, first eating, right time of eating, water drinking, early bed time and so many.
  • People who are not sleeping on proper and comfortable bed, at right time for proper hours, sound sleep mean sleep without stress and anxiety.
  • People who lost in the crowd of this world and forget their real need to live healthy life.
  • People who do not enjoy the beauty of nature and do not have their own aim or dream.
  • People who think negatively are more stressed thus highly vulnerable to disease.
  • People who eat more so quickly within less time without chewing properly due to the bad habit or lack of proper time.
  • People who are not following proper posture of sitting, standing or sleeping while working in office or at home.
  • People who do not wear proper clothe or other things like shoes, sandals, under garments and etc.
  • People who do not take care of their body part such as skin, eye, ear, hair, teeth, foot, private parts, nails and etc.
  • People who are not taking proper and healthy diet means diet rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals, healthy fat and phytonutrients.
  • People who eat unhealthy diet means diet lack of fresh fruits, vegetables, salads, milk, well cooked food and etc.
  • People who do not go to doctor in early stages while they feel uncomfortable or unhealthy to get diagnosed and get proper treatment for right disease.
  • People who ignore their bad habits and occurrence of common health disorders repeatedly.
  • People who do not adjust with the conditions according to the requirement.

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