Skipping meal any time in a day or night is a bad way to shed some weight. It is a myth we consider that skipping meal help us in losing some weight. Instead of losing weight, it increases the weight of a person who skips meals. Skipping meals promotes the hunger pangs to a great extent from normal rate. People in the rush of losing weight either eat very small amount of diet or completely skip the meal, however both the ways are wrong. It is a big mistake people are doing in their life as it may cause serious physiological issues in the near future. The bad effect of meal skip depends on the reaction of body to missed meals according to the age, health condition, and diet.

In this article, I have shared the information about reasons why people skip their meals and what happens when we skip our meal of any time especially breakfast or dinner. Dear friends, skipping meal is not healthy in anyway and badly affect our health. We think that doing this we can reduce some weight however it never comes true, instead we gain some weight.

Reasons why People Skip their Meals

There are various reasons people skip their meals whether at breakfast, lunch or dinner. Some of are:

  • Mostly, people skip their meals because of being overweight and want to reduce some weight. They do not want to do exercises and other tough ways of losing weight. They think that skipping meal is easy to lose some weight that’s why they do so.
  • Sometimes, people skip meals because of their busy schedule, they do not have time to take their breakfast, lunch or dinner due to the work pressure, study, etc and get the goals at right time in the office, school or home.
  • In some cases, people become habitual to skip meals as they don’t know the importance of getting their meals at right time.
  • Sometimes, the reason of skipping meals become overeating means when people overeat in breakfast, they generally skip lunch or eat very small amount of food.

What happens when we Skip our Meal

Following are some points indicating the effects of skipping meals on our body:

  1. Skipping meal on regular basis increases fat in the belly area. We may feel some weight loss however it is not from fat loss; it is from muscle weight as our body does not get proper protein and calorie to fulfill the need of muscles when we skip meal. It never help us to lose our weight from fat instead weakens our muscles and makes us feel tired and energy less.
  2. Regular meal skip increases the risk of various diseases in our body such as cancer, heart disease, obesity, overweight, arthritis, etc.
  3. We feel tired whole day and do not complete our daily tasks in office, school, home or other working place. Regular meal skipping leads towards fatigue and poor mental condition because of the lack of required nutrients in body.
  4. People, who skip their breakfast, are more prone to type-2 diabetes by 20%. We need a healthy and energetic diet in the morning after the whole night rest, skipping that disturbs our blood pressure, blood lipid and balance of hormones in the body. It puts strain on our body and increases the risk of insulin resistance, type-2 diabetes and blood pressure related health issues.
  5. When we skip our meal, we feel hungrier and we need more tasty and spicy food. So, we eat junk food which is very unhealthy for us.
  6. When we skip meal at dinner, we feel tired and weak in the next morning. Thus, we avoid exercise and eat more food than our body requires to remove weakness; it puts more weight on our body and causes poor digestive system. It leads to the bloating and chronic constipation
  7. Skipping meals leads to the low blood sugar level and causes dizziness. Thus affect the concentration, memory level and mood which develop poor concentration, low memory and fluctuating mood.
  8. Regular meal skippers get sick soon and more prone to the seasonal infections.
  9. Skin gets dry and hair becomes weak thus increases the risk of early aging.
  10. It causes smelly breathe. When glucose level gets down our body does not get enough energy and liver produces ketones as an energy source to stabilize the glucose level. The by-product of ketones smells like acetone and causes bad breath.
  11. It slows down the metabolism which affects the body ability to burn calories and prevent from losing weight.
  12. Skipping meals improves stress level by increasing the level of stress hormone (cortisol).

So, friends, we should never skip our meals and eat food in proper amount at right time. In order to reduce weight, we should practice a healthy routine with healthy diet, physical exercise and diet plan but never skip meals. I have also shared a video above; you can follow that to get clear.