There are many reasons for us to wake up early in the morning however; it is not so easy on regular basis. It is quite challenging and tough but we can practice it to bring it into our habit on regular basis. I have provided some interesting, easy and useful solutions in this article about how to wake up early in the morning. I think waking up early in the morning is really tough and a big problem to us, however it is beneficial in all aspects, we must find out solutions and follow those to take all the benefits of waking up early every morning.

Waking early every morning is one of the most beneficial habits in the world as we get perfect and sufficient time for meditation, yoga, exercise, study and some other interesting things we like. It is the best time of 24 hrs we have as we get extra time to focus on our creativity. Now-a-days, people are so busy in their daily schedule; everyone is running in the race to get the false destination, they don’t have time to know what is their real destination but they are just running in the crowd. There are many natural scenes and events to see in the morning but we generally skip those because of our busy schedule.

Rising early every morning we can get lots of joy in various aspects like physical, mental, social, and intellectual. It only benefits us in all manners without taking anything in return. We cannot be habitual of this habit soon but after days through regular practice it will be easy for us to get up early. To be an early riser, it is nice to bring it into habit gradually and start waking 10-15 minutes earlier to your time for 2-4 days until you become used to it. Then, add another 15 minutes for next 2-4 days and repeat it accordingly. Getting up early in the morning is completely depends on our sleeping time in the night; if we sleep late we wake up late and if we sleep early we wake up early.

Sudden changes in the daily routine create many problems and it becomes more difficult to get up early. Starting days of practice will be harder but slowly it will get easier and much better. So friends, first of all we will talk on the topic ‘why we don’t get up early in the morning’. Yes, before getting solutions, we must find out all those reasons which interfere with waking up early in the morning.

Reasons not to be an Early Riser

Following are some points which force people to wake up late in the morning:

  • Most of the people sleep late in the night because of their habit that’s why they don’t wake up early in the morning due to incomplete sleep till morning.
  • Some people have many things to do till late night such as office tasks, home work, study and lots of other interesting things like mobile use which make them a late riser in the morning.
  • Some people feel weak, tired and energy-less because either they don’t eat healthy dinner, sleep very late or skip their dinner to lose weight soon. That why, they only get 3 to 4 hrs of sleep and become a late riser.
  • Some people become overconfident, they think that they can wake up without setting an alarm but they spend months in doing this experiment and never get up early.
  • Some people think that sleeping is the real happiness of life so they enjoy sleeping late in the morning.
  • Some are there without any morning task and they think that waking up early in useless that’s why they sleep late in the morning.

Tips to Wake up Early Every Morning

Let’s see some points which will really help us in getting up early in the morning however we need to follow accordingly to get practiced:

  • It is very necessary for us to sleep 7 to 8 hrs in the night as we can wake up early in the morning only when we get proper sleep and rest.
  • We must sleep at 10 pm or hardly 11 pm in order to get at least 7 to 8 hrs of sleep till 6 am in the morning.
  • If we are unable to wake up early, we must set an alarm or take help from a family member.
  • We should eat dinner early in the night and finish all the office and home tasks if pending so that we can sleep early without tension.
  • If we are not habitual to sleep early in the night, we should follow all the effective ways which promote sleep such as if we wake up early a day and do exercises, our body will get tired automatically and need rest and sleep.
  • Washing up hand, foot and face as well as wearing clean clothe at night promotes good and sound sleep.
  • Taking bath in evening or massaging the head with oil also promotes good and early sleep.
  • We should eat proper diet at proper time in the night so that can wake up early with full energy and without feeling tired.
  • We should not see TV and use mobile late night, think about benefits of early rising many times in the day and before sleep and meet people who are early riser as we will get inspiration to get up early.
  • Making good friends while going to gym, morning walk, etc is also very effective way as it gives us a reason to wake up early and meet those friends daily.
  • We need to commit ourselves and before sleep we must say to us that ‘I need to wake up in early morning, anyhow call me up at 6 am’.
  • Setting an interesting goal related to hobby is also very effective technique to rise early such as novel reading, book reading, story writing, painting, singing, listening music, walking, running, sports (playing cricket, football, badminton, etc), cycling, dancing, cleaning, gym, newspaper reading, helping someone, etc whatever we like to do.
  • We should feel excite that we have to wake up early and put alarm away from bedroom so that you have to reach there to put alarm off. We can also do other activities to completely wake up from sleep such as going to washroom, drinking water, going to roof, etc.
  • Taking the pet (dog, cat, etc) to morning walk is also a good way to wake up early as after some days they themselves arouse us at the same time.
  • If we are habitual to use whatsapp or facebook at night, we should make it a morning task which will help us in waking up early.

All the given tips to rise early may help you a lot if you follow anyone of them regularly. I have also shared a video above; you can be more clear about ‘how to wake up early in the morning’.