Now-a-days, everyone has a busy life style and no one has time for them so that they can follow a healthy lifestyle in order to be healthy, happy and fit. I have written this article to share with you the benefits of waking up early in the morning. I have also given below a video in Hindi on this topic so that you can be more clear about.

Most of us have a very active life as they are self motivated, some people are there only to make plans, whereas some people are very lazy and do not want to do any physical activity in their life. They only go to office and just eat and sleep. Some people generally make plans to wake up early in the morning and they follow too for some days. But they feel idle after some days and they also think that there is no benefit that’s why they again start waking up late in the morning.

As we all know that waking up in the early morning is very beneficial in all ways, still we listen to our fickle mind, become idle and remain devoid of all the benefits of waking up in early morning. So, friends we should not listen to our fickle mind, we should be intelligent enough about what is right or wrong. It is quite hard to wake up in the morning but not so tough that we cannot. Once we get practiced to it, we become habitual and feel happy as we start getting all the benefits. Let see how waking up early in the morning is advantageous for us:

  • Morning time is full of calm and peace. The percentage of oxygen becomes high in the morning. It gives us feeling of a unique cooling effect on our mind and body.
  • We get fresh very easily in the early morning thus feel relaxed and light. Morning time is best time to give us a quality time and we can practice yoga, meditation, cycling, morning walk and lots of other exercises for our wellness.
  • When we wake up early our mind become relax because we don’t have any tension about being late for getting fresh, taking bath, eating breakfast, getting ready for office, etc.
  • There is less pollution in the morning environment and it becomes full of natural sound and music such as sound of birds and trees.
  • We feel relax full day, remain active and happy, and feel improvement the working capacity.
  • We get fresh in the early morning and do exercise thus it regularize our eating habit also. We get our breakfast, lunch and dinner at right time daily which is very necessary for our health and fitness.
  • We get proper time to read newspaper which makes us up-to-date about the world and helps to improve our general knowledge. We also become able to give time to all the family members which create a happy environment in the home by reducing communication gap.
  • It helps in regularizing our sleeping pattern and promotes sound sleep thus prevents from various mental illnesses like tension, stress, anxiety, depression, etc. If we get up early, we sleep early in the night thus it become easy for us to wake up early in the next morning.
  • Morning environment becomes full of very healthy air which treats various ailments and also prevents us from many diseases.
  • It enhances the work efficiency and our productivity at office or school and college as it promotes positive thinking and reduces negative thinking within us.
  • It makes us active and helps us to make proper decisions, better plans and goal setting.
  • It improves our physical, mental, social and intellectual health and well-being.
  • It makes us physically and mentally strong thus we can tackle our problems very easily.

Our health and fitness completely depends on our daily routine from morning to evening thus, if we want to remain youthful for long time and remain away from early aging, we must strictly follow all the regimes of health and fitness on daily basis. You can also see above a video on ‘benefits of waking up early in the morning’.