Now a day, everyone is health conscious and knows the role and importance of vitamins in their diet for the maintenance of proper health. Vitamins are the most required elements of the body for the better growth and development of the body as well as maintaining the normal functioning of different systems. Vitamins are organic compounds, which cannot be synthesized by body, required as a vital nutrient on daily basis in limited amounts.

They acts like hormone in the body and involves the cells and tissue growth, minerals metabolism and etc as a regulators. They also act as antioxidants (vitamin E and C) and protects from early ageing. Vitamins are naturally available in the variety of food sources such as fruits, grains, cereals, vegetables, dark green leafy vegetables, meat, fish milk, milk products oil, ghee and etc. Vitamins are also available as vitamins supplements in various forms in the market for those who are not able to take naturally or suffering from some health problems. However, it is best to take vitamins through the natural sources by the normal person if not prescribed by their physician.

I have mentioned below some points regarding importance of vitamins for good health:

  • Vitamins are required by the body for interaction with cell enzymes in order to regulate essential body functions such as metabolic processes, energy production, building healthy bones, maintaining health of teeth, skin and blood and other vital functions.
  • Fat soluble vitamins get stored in the liver and fatty tissues for future purposes to carry out some significant body functions. So, they are not required to have on daily basis (two to three times a week is enough).
  • Water soluble vitamins are required to take on daily basis as they cannot be stored in the body. It can be taken within limit on daily basis through the natural sources of fruits, vegetables, cereals and grains as excess amount gets removed from body.
  • It protects our body against various diseases and promote proper growth among people of all age group especially children.
  • It assists in the formation of hormones, nervous system chemicals, blood cells, genetic materials as well as helps as a catalyst in many body reactions in the body.
  • It carried out variety of chemical reactions in the body by getting combined with the proteins.
  • It takes part in the maintenance of vision, cells reproduction, bone growth, cell division and enhances body resistance to cope with stress.
  • It aids in the digestion, skin health, regulates blood pressure, maintains the normal muscle tone, reduces muscle spasms, leg cramps and etc.
  • It strengthens our body immune system and prevents bone loss.


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