Seeds can be of any shape, size, color and structure and are found in many fruits, vegetables and other eatable things. A seed exists in an embryonic form and can generate whole plant to nourish the human fraternity. Seeds are concentrated with lots of vitamins, minerals, essential oils, high quality proteins, healthy fats, energy, effective enzymes and many more things. They are very nutritious having their own health benefits and can be taken in any form according to the taste and requirement of the person such as raw, fried, snacks, soaked, roasted, sprinkling on salads, ice-cream and many other ways.

People consuming healthy seeds have healthy habits in their life for making their living good and healthiest. They should not be exposed to the heat, light, humidity or roasted as they generate toxic substances and their vitamins, minerals, oils and antioxidant property may get spoiled. Eating raw seeds regularly provide real strength and immunity to the body as they contain lots of iron, vitamins and antioxidants.

They are bones and muscles building food rich in calcium, phosphorus, vitamin E and proteins. They contains heart healthy magnesium mineral, immunity and prostate gland healthy zinc mineral, plant based fatty acids and etc. They are very effective against diabetes, its complications and oxidative stress. Seeds oil has phytoestrogens which is very effective among postmenopausal women and helps them to combat with postmenopausal symptoms.

They are heart and liver friendly food nourishing all the body systems to work well in healthy ways. They contain sleep inducing tryptophan amino acid thus provides relief from the depression, sleep disorders and other brain problems. Their richness of antioxidants prevents our body cells from the harmful free radicals and thus from the premature ageing.

Following are the list of Seeds, click on the link to know their benefits:

Watermelon Seeds

Radish Seeds

Flax Seeds

Methi Seeds

Jeera (Cumin) Seeds

Walnuts Seeds

Guava Seeds

Peanuts Seeds

Almonds Seeds

Papaya Seeds

Cucumber Seeds

Onion Seeds

Mustard Seeds

Tulsi Seeds

Muskmelon Seeds

Sesame Seeds

Bitter Gourd Seeds

Lady’s Finger Seeds

Corn Seeds

Litchi Seeds


Jackfruit Seeds

Jamun (Black Plum) Seeds

Fennel Seeds

Carom Seeds

Neem Seeds