Triphala means the unique combination of equal parts of three health nourishing fruits called as Amalaki (Amla or Indian Gooseberry), Haritaki (harre) and Bibhitaki (baherre). Dried triphala (three fruits) are powdered to make it easily ingestible orally by the human beings. It has been used for year traditionally in India as an Ayurvedic medicine to treat various health disorders successfully. It is available in the market in many forms like powder, tablets, capsules, juice and etc. The combined form of all three fruits become a most powerful and strong medicinal home remedy to treat almost all health problems.

Benefits of Triphala

Triphala is taken by most of the Indian people as a laxative to treat their constipation problems however; it can also be used to treat wide range of diseases. Following are the list of nutritional health benefits of the triphala:

Benefits of Triphala Powder (Churna)

Benefits of Triphala Powder/Churna for Immunity

Boosts Immunity Level

  • Triphala is the richest source of multivitamins especially vitamin C which helps in boosting the immunity level of the body thus protects body against various disease.

Delays Ageing

  • It acts as a wonderful antioxidant agent which enhances longevity and protects from the ageing and age related health problems.

Reduces Free Radicals Production

  • It minimizes free radicals production in the body thus reduces the risk of early ageing.

Benefits of Triphala Powder/Churna for Digestive System

Stimulates Secretion of Digestive Enzymes

  • It stimulates the absorption of healthy nutrients from the food by improving digestion and balancing the secretion of digestive enzymes involved in the proper digestion.

Detoxify Whole Body

  • It helps in the proper body detoxification process by strengthening the functioning of liver and gallbladder to eliminate more toxins from the body.

Regulates Bowel Movements

  • It helps in regulating the bowel movements and improving digestion process thus provides relief from the chronic constipation problem.

Stimulates Bile Flow and Peristalsis Movement

  • It contains a special compound called anthroquinone which helps in stimulating the bile flow and peristalsis movement to maintain the healthy digestive functioning.

Stimulates Intestinal and Gastric Tract Linings

  • Its laxative property helps in stimulating the intestinal and gastric tract linings for better digestion process and relieve from the constipation issues.

Relieves Flatulence Problem

  • It helps in relieving the flatulence problem by dissolving the stomach acids if taken regularly.

Treats Digestives Disorders

  • It helps in treating some major digestives disorders such as ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, and etc.

Relieves acidity and Constipation

  • Eating half spoon triphala powder two to three times a day with cold water helps in relieving acidity however; eating one spoon full at night with luke warm water helps in relieving constipation.

Benefits of Triphala Powder/Churna for Anemia

Stimulates Iron Absorption

  • Its richness in the vitamin C makes it able to stimulate better iron absorption from food to the blood thus reduces the risk of anemia and other related health problems.

Purifies Blood

  • It acts as an excellent blood purifier thus prevents from the blood disorders.

Benefits of Triphala Powder/Churna for Reproductive System

Strengthens Reproductive Organs

  • It helps in strengthening the reproductive organs and their functioning as well as purifies the reproductive system by controlling the sex hormones secretion among both men and women.

Regulates Blood Flow during Menstruation

  • It is an excellent home remedy especially for women which helps in regulating the blood flow during menstrual cycles monthly.

Benefits of Triphala Powder/Churna for Urinary System

Nourishes Urinary System

  • It helps in purifying and managing the functioning of the urinary system by nourishing the urinary system organs.

Benefits of Triphala Powder/Churna for Respiratory System

Clears Respiratory Tract

  • It helps in clearing out the extra mucus collected in the respiratory tract during the seasonal problems like cough, common cold and etc.

Reduces Risk of Respiratory Problems

  • It is good for the lungs thus reduce the risk of asthma and other respiratory problems.

Benefits of Triphala Powder/Churna for Cardiovascular System

Improves Blood Flow Throughout Body

  • It contains some cardio tonic nutrients and flavonoids which makes it capable to strengthen arteries and veins by improving proper blood flow throughout the body.

Maintains Blood Pressure

  • It contains an essential fatty acid called linoleic acid which helps in lowering down the blood pressure thus prevents from various heart problems.

Reduces Serum Cholesterol Level

  • It reduces the serum cholesterol level and maintains normal level thus protects from heart disorders.

Prevents Plaque Formation in Arteries

  • It helps in reducing the risk of plaque formation in the arteries thus prevents from arteriosclerosis and heart problems by maintaining the proper flow of blood throughout the body.

Benefits of Triphala Powder/Churna for Brain

Improves Memory Level

  • It helps in improving the memory level by stimulating brain to function properly because of it calming effect.

Enhances Mental Clarity

  • It helps in enhancing the mental clarity and solve problem of memory loss, anxiety, nervousness and etc.

Stress Reliever

  • It has a powerful adrenergic property and provides instant relief from the stress.

Sharpens Memory

  • It sharpens the memory and makes brain healthy by protecting from the nervous disorders like Alzheimer’s disease including other degenerative disease.

Benefits of Triphala Powder/Churna for Skin, Hair and Teeth

Improves Nutrients Absorption

  • It enhances the capability of digestive system to absorb all the necessary nutrients from food which are required to maintain the health of beautiful skin, hair, nails and teeth.

Treats Skin Problems

  • It helps in treating many skin problems as well as prevents from many skin diseases.

Prevents Hair Loss

  • It prevents hair loss, hair fall, dandruff, scalp problems and etc by promoting healthy growth and development.

Improves Skin Health

  • It provides skin glowing, smooth, healthy, shiny, hydrating and natural look.

Prevents Premature Hair Graying

  • It properly nourishes the hair roots, prevents hair thinning as well as protects from the premature graying of the hair.

Benefits of Triphala Powder/Churna for Eyes

Treats Old Age Eye Problems

  • It is very beneficial home remedy to treat common age related eye problems (conjunctivitis, cataract, irritation, progressive myopia, glaucoma and etc) as well as provides further protection against various eye diseases in future.

Improves Eyesight

  • It promotes the eyesight improvement by providing proper nourishment to the eye cells.

Benefits of Triphala Powder/Churna for Weight Loss

Removes Excess Fat

  • It helps in promoting the removal of excess fat along with the harmful toxins throughout the body.

Manages Weight

  • It helps in managing the weight by controlling the secretion of a satiety hormone called cholecystokinin and makes stomach feeling full.

Natural Remedy to Lose Weight

  • Taking 2 tsf of triphala powder with lemon juice and honey in the early morning with empty stomach an hour after the exercise is very effective remedy to lose more weight.

Benefits of Triphala Powder/Churna for Bone and Joints

Provides Relief from Bone and Joints Problem

  • Its anti-inflammatory nature provides relief from the joint pain and gout problems by flushing out the accumulated uric acid to the joints through urination.

Benefits of Triphala Powder/Churna for Diabetes

Control Sugar Level

  • It is considered as the best remedy to control sugar level and treat diabetes mellitus by controlling the functioning of pancreas and secretion of insulin from beta cells.

Medicinal Benefits of Triphala Powder/Churna

Relieves Chronic Constipation

  • It provides relief from the chronic constipation if 2 tsf of the triphala powder is taken with a glass of luke warm water on daily basis before going to bed.

Solves Bloating Problem

  • It detoxifies the body particularly stomach and provides relief from the bloating problem if it is taken every morning with empty stomach.

Flushes Body Toxins

  • It cleanse the colon, liver, stomach, lungs and enhances functioning of skin, eye, heart as well as helps in flushing out the body toxins.

Natural Tonic

  • It can be taken daily before bed to get natural body detoxification whereas in the morning to get natural strengthening tonic.

Other Benefits of Triphala Powder/Churna

Promotes Wound Healing

  • It fast healing and anti-inflammatory properties fastens the wound healing process and treats ulcer problem in the body.

Prevents from Infection

  • Its antiviral and antibacterial properties make it able to prevent from the diseases caused by virus or bacteria.

Reduces Inflammations and Pain

  • It prevents from the inflammations and pain caused during the inflammatory problems like arthritis, joints pain and etc.

Prevents from Cancer

  • It powerful antioxidant property helps in preventing from the risk of cancer.

Treats Allergic Problems

  • It has anti-allergy property which helps in treating allergic problems as well as protecting from the same in future.

Reduces Risk of Abnormal Blood Pressure

  • Its anti-spasmodic property reduces the risk of abnormal blood pressure and intestinal spasms.

Prevents from Serious Health Disorders

  • Its anti-viral property makes it capable to protect from the serious health disorders like AIDS and HIV.

Benefits of Triphala Juice (Ras)

Loaded with Essential Nutrients

  • Triphala juice is a fresh and excellent source of the vitamins, minerals and iron which provides proper nourishment to the body.

Prevents Abdominal and other Disorders

  • Regular drinking of the triphala juice helps in preventing from the abdominal disorders, constipation, irregular bowel movements, high blood sugar level, eye disorders, weight gain, obesity, blood disorders, liver, lungs, heart, gastric problems and so many.

Tonic for Old Age

  • It acts as a very good geriatric tonic for all elder people and helps them in regulating their body organs functioning during old age.

Benefits of Triphala Oil

Promotes Hair Growth and Skin Health

  • It is very beneficial oil for the regrowth of the hair and health of the skin. It helps in soothing the dry skin if massaged regularly to the scalp and body.

Rejuvenates Skin

  • It moisturizes, smoothens, rejuvenates and softens the skin because of its richness in the antioxidant compounds.

How to Enjoy Triphala

It can be enjoyed in any form such as juice, powder/churna, capsules, tablets, oil and etc. It is easily and affordably available in the market of nearby areas. Triphala powder can be prepared at home by mixing all the three dried fruits in the mixer. It can be purchased from the market in the juice, tablets, oil, capsule and etc forms. It can be enjoyed with honey, milk or luke warm water.

How to Select and Store

Some points should be noted very carefully while purchasing triphala in any form. Try to buy only organically grown triphala from the market to avoid the risks of chemicals used in growing triphala inorganically. Avoid buying triphala from the market prepared using some preservative chemicals to get rid of side effects.

Disadvantages, Side Effects and Precautions of Triphala

It may cause some health problems to some people so; it needs some precautions while adding to the daily routine. Some of are mentioned below:

  • It may lead to the gastrointestinal disorders like bloating, gas, stomach ache, stomach irritation, indigestion, diarrhea, colon damage, sleeping disorder and etc.
  • It should be avoided by the women during pregnancy as it may cause miscarriage.
  • People taking medication of diabetes should eat triphala very carefully as it may highly reduce the blood glucose level and cause serious problem.
  • Its overdose may lead to the dehydration.

How Much Triphala Powder to Take Daily

It should be taken only required amount of the daily dose as its high dose may cause some serious health disorders as mentioned above. However, one tsf of triphala powder/churna can be taken with lukewarm water during night before bed time and at least 2 hrs after dinner. It is must to consult doctor before adding it to daily routine.