This article would help you all to find the answer of question “How non-veg foods support better growth and development among growing kids”. Eating non-veg foods have countless health benefits as they are excellent source of the high quality protein, healthy fat, vitamins and minerals including all the essential amino acids which body requires for important functioning. They contain lots of iron which is beneficial for everybody to maintain their hemoglobin count and body stamina.

Points clarifying the above question are mentioned below:

  • They are rich in calcium, phosphorus and vitamin B12 which are very necessary for the bone and blood health.
  • They are very rich in proteins and healthy fat which are mostly required by the growing age kids for their healthy growth and development of the muscles, bone and other body systems.
  • They are rich in Vitamin B complex and other vitamins which are very necessary to maintain the normal body system functioning.
  • They help in repairing and building new body tissues and enhance the production of antibodies to get protected from various infections.
  • They are rich in zinc and selenium which helps in the tissue formation and metabolism whereas selenium helps in breaking down fat and other chemicals.
  • They helps in maintain the good vision, strong teeth, bones, healthy skin, hair, central nervous system, promote brain development and etc.

Following are the list of non-veg foods, click on the link to know their benefits:

Goat Meat


Chicken Meat