Neem tree is also known as the Indian Lilac or Margosa tree, widely famous in India as well as abroad for its medicinal purposes. It is a herb type, belongs to the Meliaceae family, commonly available all through year everywhere in India. It is very beneficial to the health because of its natural ability as an anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, anti-parasitic, anti-fungal, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and so many properties.

It is a miraculous herb tree beneficial in its every form such as leaves, seeds, oil, bark, root, wood and etc. it is used as a medicine in Ayurvedic, Unani and Homoeopathic therapeutic systems of cure and treatment. It grows in both regions like tropical and semi-tropical regions and found in many countries including Bangladesh, Nepal, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. It is a most famous and sacred tree in India having its own cultural significance and worshipped as a Neem Mata during fairs and festivals celebration.

Benefits of Neem

Neem tree has lots of health benefits which everyone must know to get cured and treated in cheap, affordable and natural way. It helps in curing lots of problems and ailments because of its anticancer, antioxidant, anti-aging and wound-healing properties. Some of its nutritional health benefits are mentioned below:

Benefits of Neem for Skin

Treats Skin Problems

  • It is very beneficial for the skin as it acts as a miracle for the people suffering from lots of skin problems.

Provides Relief from Acne and Pimples

  • It provides relief to the people with sensitive skin, oily skin or skin having acne and pimples because of its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.

Makes Skin Youthful and Glowing

  • It contains high level of vitamin C which helps in treating skin ailments like blackheads, dryness, pigmentation, dullness, wrinkles and ageing problems as well as provides skin a youthful and glowing look.

Benefits of Neem Leaves

Benefits of Neem Leaves for Skin

Provides Relief from Skin Disorders

  • Applying boiled neem leaves water as a skin toner every night on the face provides relief from the acne, blackheads, scars, eczema, scabies, pigmentation and etc.

Prevents from Skin Infections

  • Taking bath with the boiled neem leaves water provides relief from the skin infections and bad body odour.

Provides Instant Relief

  • Applying the concoction of boiled neem leaves and orange peel into water provides instant and permanent relief from the acne and breakouts including whiteheads and blackheads.

Remedy to Dry Skin

  • Dry skin problems can be solved by applying concoction of boiled neem leaves and orange peel into water and add some honey and yogurt.

Provides Clear and Flawless Skin

  • Applying the mixture of neem leaves paste and turmeric to the face provides help from the acne and pimples as well as provides clear and flawless skin.
  • Applying mixture of neem leaves paste, turmeric and grated cucumber also provides relief from the acne and pimples.

Treats Pimples

  • Applying the face pack of powdered mixture of neem leaves and Tulsi leaves into the rose water helps in treating pimples.

Keeps Skin Clear

  • Applying the mixture of neem leaves powder, lemon juice and yogurt helps in controlling sebum gland thus keeps skin free from excess oil secretion.

Provides Skin Clear Complexion

  • Applying paste of rose flower petals, neem leaves powder, yogurt and milk gives skin soft, bright, smooth, glowing and clear complexion.

Best Scrub to Skin

  • The mixture of neem leaves powder, multani mitti or gram flour acts as a best scrub to the skin.

Keeps Skin Free of Pigmentation and Blemishes

  • The mixture of powdered form of neem leaves, Tulsi leaves, and sandalwood with rose water keeps skin free of pigmentation and blemishes.

Keeps Skin Soft and Supple

  • Applying mixture of powdered neem leaves, water and grapes seed oil to the face keeps skin soft and supple by protecting from dryness.

Prevents Skin from Aging

  • It has regenerative properties and helps skin to fight with infections and allergies caused by pathogens thus prevent skin from aging.

Benefits of Neem Leaves for Hair

Neem leaves and oil are natural ways of getting shiny, long, and healthy hair without any problem for all girls and women. Some of are:

Stimulates Healthy Hair Growth

  • Applying boiled neem leaves water to the hair after shampooing and rinse with normal water provides help in getting rid of dandruff and dryness problems of the scalp because of its anti-septic and anti-bacterial properties. It also helps in stimulating the proper and healthy hair growth.

Resolves Hair Problems

  • Applying paste of neem leaves to the hair keeps away from the problem of dandruff, head lice and itchy scalp.

Prevents Premature Hair Graying

  • Its regenerative property helps in nourishing the scalp by reducing the hair fall and prevents from premature graying.

Good Hair Conditioner

  • The mixture of boiled neem leaves paste and honey acts as a good conditioner for the hair.

Keeps Hair away from Dryness

  • The mixture of neem leaves powder, amla powder, reetha powder, shikakai powder, water with small amount of lemon juice acts as a deep conditioner to the hair and keeps hair away from dryness and etc.

Strengthens Hair

  • Applying the paste of neem leaves and peach leaves (ber) stimulates new hair growth as well as strengthens hair.

Benefits of Neem Leaves for Cancer

Prevents Development of Cancer

  • Consuming some fresh neem leaves on daily basis in the morning helps in preventing from the development of cancer in the body as it has strong capability to kill and destroy the newly growing cancerous cells.

Benefits of Neem Oil

Remedy to Get Rid of Insects and Pests

  • Neem oil acts as a best, cheap and natural pesticide and insecticide without any side effects. The mixture of neem oil, water and liquid soap helps to get rid of insects and pests.

Cures Respiratory Problems

  • Swallowing few drops of neem oil for 4 to 6 months helps in curing the asthma and other respiratory problems like cough, phlegm, wheezing, difficulty in breathing and etc.

Makes Nail Strong and Healthy

  • Applying neem oil on the nails makes nail strong and healthy by curing problems of nail infection, nail peeling or brittle nail as it has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

Benefits of Neem Oil for Hair

Enhances Blood Circulation to Scalp

  • Massaging hair scalp with the neem oil enhances the blood circulation to the hair scalp as well as promotes natural hair growth.

Good for Hair Massage

  • Massaging head with the mixture oil of neem, coconut, olive, almond, and jojoba etc also beneficial to the hair.

Benefits of Neem Oil for Skin

Remedy to Blackhead Problems

  • Chronic and sensitive skin blackhead problems can be solved by applying diluted neem oil into water over the blackheads.
  • It helps in curing skin psoriasis if neem oil is applied regularly to the itchy and irritated skin.

Benefits of Neem Bark (Neem Chhal)

Provides Relief from Ulcer

  • Extracts from neem bark has been used for years to treat and cure digestive problems like peptic ulcer and etc. Regular intake of neem bark extract twice a day for two and half months provides full relief from the ulcer.

Effective against various Ailments

  • Neem bark is very effective against malaria, stomach or intestinal ulcers, skin abrasions, skin ailments, fever and etc.

Controls Hair Lice and Dandruff

  • Neem bark and root extract or powder is used for medicinal purposes in order to control hair lice and dandruff.

Benefits of Neem Flower

Treats various Disorders

  • Neem flowers are generally found during spring season when the neem tree get some rain water and good cool environment to get flourished and grow. It is used to treat high level of bile, phlegm, intestinal worm problem and etc.

Benefits of Neem Seeds and Seeds Oil

Best Remedy to Problems

  • Neem seeds are also known as neem fruit and it is used to treat problems of hemorrhoid or pile, UTI (urinary tract infection and disorder), intestinal worms, phlegm, diabetes, external wounds, leprosy and many more.

Treats Skin Diseases and Stomach Ailments

  • Neem seeds oil has been used for years to treat skin diseases like leprosy and stomach ailments like intestinal worms. It is also used to control baby birth.

Restores Skin Elasticity

  • Neem oil contains high level of antioxidants, fatty acid and vitamin E which helps in preventing skin from the environmental impurities, rejuvenating skin cells as well as restoring skin elasticity to the normal level.

Control Pests

  • Powdered neem seeds are used to control pests by spraying on the crop after full night soaking into water.

Used in various Cosmetic Products

  • Neem oil is used in manufacturing various beauty and cosmetic products such as shampoo, bath soap, body lotions, capsules, moisturizer creams, toothpaste and etc.

Relieves Joints Pain and Redness

  • Neem oil massage on the swelling joints or gout affected areas helps in removing pain and redness.

Provides Relief from Piles

  • Taking neem seeds with little rock salt and jaggery in the morning and evening with cold water provides relief from the piles.

Benefits of Neem Powder

Used for Medicinal Purposes

  • Neem powder is prepared using neem leaves or seeds and used to make capsules and tablets for medicinal purposes in order to treat health disorders like worm infections, ulcers, leprosy, heart diseases, diabetes and etc.

Breaks and Removes Kidney Stone

  • Taking neem leaves powder or ash with cold water thrice a day helps in breaking and removing kidney stone in some days.

Benefits of Neem Leaves Juice

  • It helps in removing pain during painful periods if neem leaves juice and ginger juice is taken by mixing with water.

Other Health Benefits of Neem Leaves and Sticks

Treats Serious Infectious Diseases

  • It is anti-bacterial in nature and helps in treating serious infectious diseases including small pox, chicken pox, herpes, hepatitis B infection and etc. Placing neem leaves near to the person suffering from chicken pox helps in soothing the irritation and cures the problem.

Used as Contraceptive

  • Earlier it was used by the women as a contraceptive and method for family planning such as birth control and abortions by applying soaked cotton pads into the neem seed oil because of its spermicidal property.

Reduces Pigmentation

  • Neem leaves paste helps in treating big dark circles around the eyes as it reduces pigmentation.

Reduces Blood Sugar Level

  • It has property to reduce blood sugar level as well as effects of dangerous symptoms thus helpful for person suffering from diabetes as it is a cheap and natural insulin.

Treats Mouth Disorders

  • Neem sticks are used as a natural toothbrush which helps in treating various mouth disorders such as bad odour, gum infection, cavity, plaque formation, tooth decay, pyorrhea and etc.

Purifies Impure Blood

  • Consuming some soft neem leaves in the early morning with honey on empty stomach or drinking neem leaves juice helps in purifying impure blood.

Treats Seasonal Health Problems

  • It helps in strengthening the body immune system, improving liver functions, detoxifying blood and preventing from various seasonal health problems like cold and cough.

Boosts Body Immunity

  • Drinking neem tea or taking neem capsules on daily basis helps in boosting the body immune functions as well as cleanses blood.

Prevents from Serious Health Disorders

  • It keeps away from the serious health disorders like cancer, AIDS, malaria, hepatitis, kidney problems, duodenal ulcers, fungal and yeast infections, sexually transmitted diseases, periodontal diseases, blood disorders, heart and nervous system disorders, allergies and etc.
  • It helps in treating some serious disorders including leprosy, bloody nose, stomach upset, intestinal worms, appetite problem, skin abrasions, fever, gingivitis means gum inflammation and so many.

Used to Save Crops

  • It is very useful for the gardeners and farmers to use as a spray to keep insects away in order to save their crops, vegetables, flowers and trees.

Kills Pathogenic Bacteria

  • Its antibacterial property helps in killing various pathogenic bacteria causing infections and chronic diseases in the body thus keeps body healthy and free of troubles.

Destroys Fungus

  • Neem leaves have strong antifungal property because of the availability of two compounds called nimbidol and edunin which have ability to destroy fungus.

Treats Bone Problems

  • It helps in treating bone problems such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis as well as muscle problem like fibromyalgia.

Used to Store Grains Safely

  • Neem leaves are used by the farmers in villages to store their grains for long time.

Removes Chicken Pox Marks

  • Neem leaves paste is very beneficial to remove chicken pox marks on the face if applied before bed time and wash in the early morning.

Treats Ear Pain

  • Applying the paste of neem leaves and ajvian on the ear helps in treating ear pain.

How to Select and Store

If you are going to use neem leaves for chewing purpose always select fresh, intact and soft neem leaves however, older ones can be used for other purposes. Neem seeds should also be selected fresh and not bruised, soiled or infected which are fallen on the ground.

How to Enjoy

Neem tree is a tree of most importance because it’s each and every part can be used for many purposes such as leaves, leaves juice, leaves paste, sticks, fruits, seeds, seeds oil, root, flowers, powder, bark and etc.

Precautions, Side Effects and Disadvantages

It needs some precautions while using for any purposes as it contains some side effects and disadvantages which are mentioned below:

  • The person suffering from any type of stomach illness or bowel irregularities should avoid using neem leaf supplements.
  • People having disorders of liver or kidney must avoid using neem as sometimes it may enhance the level of fatigue.
  • Women during pregnancy or lactation must avoid using neem or its parts as it may lead to loss of pregnancy or loss of breast milk.
  • Neem seeds or oil may be toxic to the infants thus using for them should be avoided.
  • People using neem sticks or twigs for brushing their teeth should not use two weeks older neem sticks as they gets contaminated with fungi.
  • It should not be consumed in excess amount by the men as it is spermicidal in nature and has ability to kill sperm cells.
  • It is a powerful contraceptive agent effectively reduces fertility level in women or men.

How Much Neem Leaves to Eat a Day

Using neem, its parts or products should be used within limit and according to the conditions and requirements of the body as unnecessary use or use in high amount may be highly toxic or harmful to the health. The person suffering from any type of illness must consult his/her doctor before using neem or its products.


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