Guavas are the most nutritious fruit found everywhere in the world. Generally it is found in both seasons like winter and summer. It belongs to the Myrtle family (means Myrtaceae) and has around 100 species. They are cultivated in the Mexico, northern South America, New Zealand, Central America, Africa, Southeast Asia, South Asia, North America, Australia, the Caribbean, Hawaii and Spain. It is also known by the name amrood, armoot and pera. It is liked by everyone as it has various health benefits and cheaply available in the market. Its skin may be smooth or rough and available in bitter or sweet tastes. It is available in many colors like yellow, green or maroon or red. It is cultivated in any tropical or subtropical countries. It is used in many eatable things like candies, jellies, jams, preserves, marmalades, juices and etc.

Benefits of Guava/Amrood

Guava or Amrood is considered as the super food (loaded with numerous health benefits) which is bestowed by the nature to all of us. It is very affordable and cheap which is beneficial to all without any marked side effects. Here I am listing some of its health benefits:

Regulates Blood Pressure

  • Guavas are most advantageous fruit having ability to effectively regulate the blood pressure as it has high potassium level.

Manages Cholesterol Level

  • It also reduces the bad cholesterol levels in blood and prevents from various heart diseases.

Treats Constipation

  • It is beneficial for the person having constipation problems because of its high fibre content.

Prevents Cell Damage

  • Vitamin C level found in the guava is four times more than the oranges. Antioxidant property of the guava prevents cell damage from the free radicals as well as lowers the risk of cancer.

Promotes Functioning of Thyroid Gland

  • Guava contains iodine which promotes the well functioning of the thyroid gland and its copper content helps in the production and absorption of this hormones.

Contains High Level of Manganese

  • Guava also contains high level of the manganese which is a best enzyme activator utilizes some nutrients such as the biotin, thiamine and ascorbic acid.

Enhances Blood Circulation

  • Its richness in the B group vitamins promotes the brain and nerve functioning by enhancing the blood circulation.

Maintains Eye Health

  • Guava maintains the eye health, improves the vision and prevents from variety of eye problems due to its high level vitamin A.

Relaxes Nerves and Muscles

  • The magnesium content of the guava has relaxing effect on the nerves and muscles.

Cleanses Digestive System

  • Guava has cleansing property and cleanses the digestive system as well as maintains the bowel movement as it is rich in fibres.

Low Calorie Fruit

  • Guava is a low calorie and low fat fruit having vital vitamins, phytonutrients, flavonoids, minerals, antioxidants, poly-phenolic and etc which play a great role in preventing cancers and early ageing as well as boosts the immune system.

Prevents from Colon Cancer

  • The fibers found in the guava acts as a laxative which helps in preventing the colon cancer.

Prevents from Lung and Oral Cavity Cancer

  • Flavonoids such as beta-carotene, lutein, lycopene, cryptoxanthin and etc found in the guava protects from the cancer of lung and oral cavity.

Treats Bacterial Diseases

  • Guava is very beneficial in treating the diarrhea, dysentery and other small problems.

Strengthens Digestive System

  • Amrood is alkaline in nature and acts as an antiseptic and anti bacterial thus strengthens the digestive system and prevents from the gastroenteritis.

Inhibits Growth of Cancerous Cells

  • Regular consumption of the guava inhibits the growth of cancerous cells thus prevents from the variety of cancer like prostate cancer, breast cancer, and etc.

Promotes Wound Healing

  • Guava provides relief from the toothaches, swollen gums as well as oral ulcers. It speeds up the wound healing process.

Provides Relief from Respiratory Diseases

  • It provides relief from the asthma, acidosis as well as the lungs congestion.

Improves Iron Absorption

  • The contents found in guava like Vitamin E, K, B group vitamins, minerals (copper, magnesium, manganese) are very helpful in the blood formation. Vitamin C increases the iron absorption in the body.

Cures Piles

  • Guava helps in curing the piles by softening stools and improving metabolism due to its high fiber content.

Treats Acidity and Heartburn

  • Amrood helps in treating the acidity and heartburn as it is high in potassium which neutralizes the stomach acids.

Treats Kidney Stones

  • Having guava in diet regularly helps in treating the kidney stones by preventing the stone formation as vitamin C absorbs the extra calcium in the body.

Benefits of Guava for Diabetes

Lessens Sugar Absorption in Blood

  • Regular consumption of the guavas lessens the sugar absorption in the blood due to its high fibre content thus it is too beneficial for the diabetic persons. Its high fibre level lowers the risk of Type 2 diabetes.

Benefits of Guava for Women

Rich Source of Folates

  • Guava helps a lot to the women suffering from the infertility problems as it is rich in the folates which have the fertility promoting property.

Relieves during Menstruation

  • Eating Amrood regularly helps in getting relief from the excessive and prolonged bleeding and menstrual cramps during the menstruation.

Treats Excess Vaginal Discharge

  • Guava leaves is used in treating the excessive vaginal discharge in women when the private parts are washed by using the extracts of boiled guava leaves.

Benefits of Guava for Skin

Prevents from Skin Ailments

  • Amrood is very good source of the Vitamin E and Vitamin C which have astringent and antioxidant property which nourishes the skin and prevents from variety of skin ailments such as scurvy and etc.

Prevents Skin Damage

  • Guavas available in the pink color have lot of lycopene (like tomatoes) which prevents skin damage by UV rays, rejuvenates the skin and protects from the prostate cancer.

Benefits of Guava Leaves

Provides Relief from respiratory Problems

  • Guava leaves have lot of medicinal and astringent properties. The juice from the guava leaves provides instant relief from cough and cold by reducing mucus creation, cleansing respiratory tract and preventing bacterial growth in the throat.

Benefits of Guava for Weight Loss

Increases Metabolism Process

  • Guava is helpful in the weight management strategy as it is rich in roughage, proteins, minerals, vitamins and fibers. It aids in the metabolism and increases the absorption of nutrients in the body.

Benefits of Guava for Hair

Promotes Hair Growth

  • Guava is very rich in vitamin C which promotes the healthy hair growth by preventing from all the hair loss problems.

Benefits of Guava for Pregnancy

Provides Relief from Morning Sickness

  • Guava is very beneficial for the pregnant women and her unborn baby as it is loaded with the number of vitamins, nutrients, folic acid, calcium and etc which provides a pregnant women relief from the morning sickness.
  • It should also be avoided over eating of the high fiber diet in pregnancy as it may lead to the diarrhea.

Guava as a Home Remedy

Guava or Amrood is used as various home remedy in the following ways:

Treats Tooth Pain

  • Chewing the guava leaves twice a day or gargling with boiled water (in which guava leaves is boiled) is the best home remedy to treat the tooth ache.

Treats Constipation

  • Eating guava continuously for a week is helpful in treating the constipation problem.

Relieves Dried Cough

  • Eating roasted guava in the sand or eating a fresh amrood (without cutting with knife) in the early morning provides relief from the severe and dried cough.

Treats Mouth Ulcers

  • Applying guava leaves paste to the mouth provides relief from the mouth ulcer.

Treats Loose Motion

  • Drinking the guava juice mixing with palm candy provides relief from the loose motion.

Relieves Headache

  • Applying the paste of guava for a week on the forehead for 5 mins before sunrise provides relief from the severe headache.

Relieves Seasonal Cold and Cough

  • Eating slightly ripe and roasted guava with salt helps in relieving from the seasonal cold and cough.

Relieves Joint Pain

  • Applying the paste of fresh and soft guava leaves on the area affected with gout or joints pain provides instant relief.

Nutritional Benefits of Guava/Amrood per 100 g

(Source: USDA Nutrient Database)

Energy: 68 Kcal

Carbohydrates: 14.3 g

Protein: 2.55 g

Fat: 0.95 g

Dietary Fibers: 5.4 g


Folates: 49 µg

Niacin: 1.084 mg

Pantothenic acid: 0.451 mg

Pyridoxine: 0.110 mg

Riboflavin: 0.040 mg

Thiamin: 0.067 mg

Vitamin A: 624 IU

Vitamin C: 228 mg

Vitamin E: 0.73 mg

Vitamin K: 2.6 µg


Sodium: 2 mg

Potassium: 417 mg


Calcium: 18 mg

Copper: 0.230 mg

Iron: 0.26 mg

Magnesium: 22 mg

Manganese: 0.150 mg

Phosphorus: 11 mg

Selenium: 0.6 mcg

Zinc: 0.23 mg


Beta carotene: 374 µg

Lycopene: 5204 µg

How to Select and Store

Always buy fresh guavas from the market and select well ripe, bright green or bright yellow, hard, soft, intact skin, medium sized guavas. Avoid buying bruised, wrinkled, spotted, too soft, too hard and infected guavas. Buy in little amount and finish within time as they become wrinkled and over ripe after two to three days. It can be stored at room temperature for 3-4 days however in the refrigerator for one week.

How to Enjoy

Guavas can be fully enjoyed during whole winter season. It can be enjoyed as a whole fruit, fruit salad, fruit cream, sliced, chopped, roasted and other ways according to the requirement of person.

Disadvantages and Side Effects of Guava

  • Overeating of the guava should be avoided by the pregnant women or breastfeeding women as it may cause loose motion due to its high fibers content.
  • Eating too much of the guava may cause tooth decay, nails and hair thinning, weakness, skin problems and etc due to the high fructose availability.

How Many Guavas A Day

As guava is the natural source of Vitamin C, eating one guava a day provides the daily requirement of the vitamin C. Eating one or two guava is good but it should be noted that overeating of any fruit may be harmful to the health.


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