Carrot or Gajar is a root vegetable, commonly found in orange, pink or yellow color. Almost half of the total production of the carrot worldwide is grown by the China. It is a biennial plant cultivated from June to August. It is considered that the seed of the carrot was found in the Southern Germany and Switzerland during 2000–3000 BC. The seed of the carrot sprouts at least 11 days after it sown in a sand soil. It is considered as the top ten important vegetables of the world. Other countries like Russia, the United States, Poland, Uzbekistan and Ukraine where the carrots are being cultivated.

Benefits of Carrot/Gajar

Carrots are the precious gifts to the humanity from the God to get nourishment naturally for the better growth and development of the body, soul and mind. The one who consumes carrot regularly on daily basis has overall good health and well functioning of the major organs like skin, digestive system, eyes teeth and etc. Carrot is a type of vegetable which has following excellent benefits:

Keeps Skin Healthy

  • Carrot or Gajar has a powerful antioxidant called as Beta carotene is very beneficial for getting healthy skin and keep away from various diseases.

Purifies Blood

  • It is a rich source of alkaline elements which have ability to purify and refresh the blood. Eating carrots also maintains the acid-alkaline proportion in the body.

Keeps Blood Pressure under Control

  • Carrots are potassium rich vegetable thus helps in balancing the high sodium levels and deals with the hypertension to keep the blood pressure under control.

Controls Cholesterol Level

  • Carrots are the good source of the dietary soluble fibres which helps in reducing the bad cholesterol level and enhances the good cholesterol (HDL). It also keeps away from many heart diseases by reducing the blood clots.

Treats Heart Disorders

  • It also helps in treating various heart disorders as well as purifying blood if a glass of carrot juice is taken 3 hrs after the lunch regularly during carrot season.

Prevents Tooth Decay

  • Eating carrots regularly is good for the dental health by killing the harmful germs and preventing the tooth decay.

Improves Saliva Secretion

  • Carrots play an important role in the digestion by enhancing the saliva secretion and providing variety of vitamins, minerals and enzymes required for the digestion.

Reduces Risk of Digestive Disorders

  • People who are used to eating carrots have less chance to develop gastric ulcers or other digestive disorders.

Treats Worms Problem in Kids

  • Carrots are used as a good home remedy for removing the worms in children, treating the wounds, cut or inflammation.

Regulates Blood Sugar

  • Its high carotenoids content is very beneficial for the blood sugar regulation.

Reduces Risk of Colon Cancer

  • Its phytonutrient content called as falcarinol promotes the colon health as well as reduces the risk of colon cancer.

Improves Breast Milk Quality

  • Eating carrots habitually helps in improving the breast milk quality in mothers.

Regulates Menstrual Flow

  • It also helps in maintaining the menstrual flow in women.

Maintains Blood Acidity and Sugar

  • Carrots have essential organic alkaline elements which maintain the blood acidity and blood sugar level.

Improves Liver Detoxification Process

  • Carrots have effective cleansing effect in detoxifying the liver thus purifies the blood and prevents from the acne.

Prevents from Anemia

  • Eating carrots prevents from the anemia as it aids in building the hemoglobin molecules.

Cleanses Fat Deposits in Arteries

  • It helps in preventing the atherosclerosis because of its high cleansing power to scrub away the arterial deposits.

Reduces Risk of Heart and Respiratory Disorders

  • It reduces the risk of stroke, heart diseases, asthma and respiratory system problems. It also prevents the body from free radical and variety of infections.

Maintains Serum Cholesterol Level

  • Its pectin content reduces the serum cholesterol levels.

Provides Relief from Congestion

  • It provides relief from the variety of congestion of ear, nose, throat, sinusitis, phlegm and etc.

Relieves Chronic Constipation

  • Drinking carrot juice with spinach juice provides relief from the chronic constipation problems thus prevents from the piles and other chronic digestive system disorders because of its high level of dietary fibers.

Prevents from Smoke Exposure

  • It prevents from the side effects of smoke or smoke exposure.

Prevents from Eye Disorders

  • The beta-carotene, zeaxanthin and lutein are the main contents of the carrot which keeps the optic system well and protects from the astigmatism, cataracts and macular degeneration.

Improves Fertility Level

  • Gajar maintains the fertility in women as it is the rich source of nutrients and enzymes.

Reduces Risk of Bone Disorders

  • Carrots have the anti-inflammatory effect on the body and reduce the risk of arthritis, gout, rheumatism, and various other inflammations.

Improves WBC Production

  • Carrots are the wonderful and natural immune system booster by enhancing the production of white blood cells.

Fights Ageing Process

  • Its antioxidant property prevents the cell degeneration and fights against the ageing process by preventing from the free radicals.

Promotes Wound Healing

  • Vitamin K content of the carrot helps the blood to clot whereas vitamin C helps the wound to heal and makes the gums healthy.

Prevents from Cancer

  • Carrot is a good anti-cancer agent and prevents from the cancer of bladder, prostate and breast.

Inhibits Growth of Cancer Cells

  • A phytonutrients called polyacetylenes (falcarinol and falcarindiol) available in the carrot which inhibits the growth of cancer cells.

Synthesizes Hormones

  • The Vitamin E content of the carrot helps in synthesizing the hormones as well as maintains the healthy cells.

Maintains Brain Functioning

  • The vitamin B content of the carrot makes the nervous system healthy and maintains the proper brain functioning.

Stimulates Appetite and Improve Digestion

  • Carrots are considered as a great appetizer as it stimulates the appetite and improve digestion.

Improves Liver Functions

  • Carrots aids in improving the liver functions by detoxifying the liver.

Improves Sperm Production

  • Eating carrots regularly enhances the sperm production in men.

Improves Metabolism Process

  • Its B-complex vitamins including thiamin, folic acid, pyridoxine, pantothenic acid and etc aids in the metabolism process as a cofactor to the enzymes.

Provides Relief from Stress

  • Eating carrots in salad in sufficient amount on daily basis helps in regulating the memory level by treating the problems of sleeping disorders, depression, weakness, nervous system disorders and etc.

Controls Diabetic Complications

  • It contains natural insulin and easily digestible glucose thus beneficial for the people suffering from diabetes. Taking juice of carrot and spinach helps in managing the blood sugar level.

Treats Cough Problem

  • Eating gajar chatni with misri and black pepper helps in treating cough problem.

Treats Swelling

  • Eating cooked gajar vegetable helps in treating body swelling problem.

Benefits of Carrot for Bones and Joints

Relieves Joint Pain

  • Consuming carrots regularly prevents from the joints pain and other bone problems by preventing the uric acid accumulation in joints.

Strengthens Bones and Joints

  • It contains calcium and vitamin D which help in strengthening the bones and joints as well as provides flexibility to the joints by eliminating extra uric acid from the body.

Prevents from Bone Disorders

  • It prevents from osteoarthritis, osteoporosis and other bone diseases if consumed regularly.

Benefits of Carrot for Skin and Hair

Nourishes Skin

  • Its high vitamin C content and other nutrients nourishes the skin and prevents it from getting dry, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, rashes, blemishes and etc.

Makes Skin and Hair Healthy

  • Consuming carrots in diet makes the skin bright and soft, healthy hair and nails.

Hydrates and Moisturizes Skin

  • Its potassium availability reduces the skin dryness, scars and stains as well as improves the skin tone by hydrating and moisturizing it.

Prevents from Sunburn

  • Its beta-carotenoids prevents the skin from sunburn as it changes to vitamin A and increases the amount of skin collagen thus maintains the skin elasticity.

Benefits of Carrot/Gajar Juice

Reduces Risk of Night Blindness

  • Drinking 7-8 ounces of the carrot juice daily helps in fulfilling the daily dosage of the vitamin A which is very vital element for the good eye vision and tissue growth in bones. It keeps away from all the vision problems such as night blindness and etc.

Improves Collagen Production

  • Drinking carrot juice also fulfills the vitamin C requirement of the body which works as an antioxidant and helps in producing the collagen for the mucous membranes, bones, skin, teeth and etc. Vitamin C is also a very crucial antioxidant.

Rich Source of Vitamins and Minerals

  • The mix juice of the carrot with blackcurrant berries, lemons, oranges and kiwi enhances its nutrients contents specially vitamins and minerals.

Maintains Electrolyte and Fluid Balance

  • Carrot juice has high level potassium mineral which maintains the electrolyte and fluid balance in the body cells, muscle contraction, neurotransmission and etc. It prevents the body from muscle spasms, hypokalemia, dry skin, acne and bad cholesterol levels.

Contains Low Calorie and Healthy Nutrients

  • Carrot juice is a low calorie and excellent nutritional supplement drink for the dieters getting all the critical vitamins and minerals, without being accompanied by all of the calories that a health shake might give you.

Loaded with Calcium

  • Its juice with the broccoli provides more calcium to the body.

Replaces Vitamin Supplements

  • A glass of carrot juice daily works as a vitamin supplement tablets and prevents from many diseases.

Treats Sleeping Disorders

  • Drinking a glass of gajar juice on daily basis helps in treating the problem of sleeping disorders during night.

Treats Liver and Intestinal Disorders

  • Drinking gajar juice helps in treating jaundice and liver problems as well as prevents from intestinal disorders like ulcer and etc.

Treats Kidney and Bladder Stone

  • Drinking gajar juice with beetroot juice regularly for two months helps in treating the problems of kidney and bladder stone.

Treats Hemorrhagic Diarrhea

  • It help in treating the hemorrhagic diarrhea if equal amount of carrot juice and goat milk is taken regularly.

Treats Body Swelling

  • Eating cooked gajar vegetable helps in treating body swelling problem.

Benefits of Carrot for Weight Loss

Prevents from Weight Gain

  • Carrots have low fat content thus helps in keeping the heart healthy and reduces the risk of weight gain.

Reduces Risk of Blood Pressure and Water Retention

  • Carrots have low salt thus helps to stay fit and healthy by reducing the risk of high blood pressure and water retention.

Keeps Digestive System Healthy

  • Carrots have high dietary fibres which aid a lot in making the digestive system healthy and balancing the blood sugar levels thus helps in maintaining the weight.

Improves Oxygenated Blood Flow to Whole Body

  • The iron content of the carrot enhances the oxygen carrying capability of the body thus increases the body stamina to work out more and lose weight. Its phosphorous content provides more energy during the work.

Stabilizes Sugar Level

  • Its magnesium and manganese content stabilizes the body sugar levels and reduces the weight.

Benefits of Carrot for Women

Treats Menstrual Disorders

  • It helps in treating menstrual disorders like pain, irregular bleeding and etc if juice of carrot seeds (10 g) and gur (by boiling in a glass of water) is taken in the morning and evening regularly some days before the occurrence of menstruation.

Benefits of Carrot for Pregnant Women

Keeps Mother and Baby Healthy

  • The high Vitamin A content of the carrots is very crucial for the pregnant women and her unborn fetus.

Reduces Risk of Jaundice

  • It also reduces the risk of jaundice in a new born baby.

Avoid its Overdose

  • The overdose of vitamin A should be avoided as it may lead to the liver toxicity or other health problems.

Eliminates Extra Body Fluid

  • Carrot juice is a very good diuretic which helps in eliminating the extra body fluids thus reduces the water retention in the body especially in women during menstruation cycle and pregnant women.

Improves Fetal Growth

  • It enhances the fetal growth in the pregnant women by reducing the chance of infection.

Benefits of Carrot for Women during Breast Feeding

Provides Healthy Nutrients

  • Carrots are very nutritious food provide all the required healthy nutrients for both mother and new born baby.

Enhances Breast Milk Production

  • Regular consumption of carrot by the lactating mother helps in enhancing the breast milk production.
  • Drinking a glass of cow milk after eating gajar halwa also helps in enhancing the breast milk production.

Benefits of Carrot for Kids

Provides More Calcium

  • Drinking carrot juice also helps to maintain the calcium level in the body which is very beneficial for the normal growth and development of the bones, teeth, skeletal structure, neurotransmission, muscle contraction and etc in the growing children.

Removes Thread Worms

  • Drinking a small cup of juice daily in the early morning for just a week helps in removing the thread worms in the children.

Fastens Teeth Occurrence

  • Drinking carrot juice on daily basis helps kids to get teeth very easily without any pain as well as it also enhances the digestion of milk.

Benefits of Carrot Tea

Boosts Body Energy

  • Drinking carrot tea regularly (boiling cut carrot, milk and gur) helps in strengthening the power of body and mind by removing weakness from all over the body.

Benefits of Carrot/Gajar Murabba

Gajar ka murabba or carrot ka murabba is very famous and delicious Indian sweet dish liked by almost every Indian and eaten during winter season. It is mostly liked by the kids as it sweetens their taste buds. It can be easily prepared at home in very small time and efforts. Simply wash the carrots, dry them, chop them and soak for whole night in the sugar powder by mixing them very well. Next morning add some water and soaked gajar in a big pan and let it boil for half an hour at low to medium flame. Some chopped dry fruits with saffron strands, chhoti elaichi and nariyal chura can be added according to the taste and requirement.

Loaded with Healthy Nutrients

  • Now gajar ka murabba is ready to get all the health nourishment ever. It is very energetic, powerful having high amount of dietary fibers and all the vitamins and minerals which help in nourishing the health very well. It is very nutritious if taken a piece in the early morning with a glass of milk.

Benefits of Carrot/Gajar Kheer

Maintains Balance of Body and Mind

  • Cook finely grated carrot into milk at low flame, switch off the flame and add some chhoti elaichi, misri, dry fruits and ghee according to taste and requirement. Eating carrot kheer on regular basis helps in good digestion thus maintains the health of body and mind.

Strengthens Heart

  • Eating gajar kheer on regular basis strengthens the heart, treats blood disorders and maintains heart functioning.

Benefits of Carrot/Gajar Leaves

Relieves Headache

  • Applying the juice of carrot leaves (apply some desi ghee on leaves and heat it and then press on palm to get juice) into nostrils which promotes sneeze and provides relief from the headache (adhkapari).

Benefits of Carrot Seed Oil

Carrot seeds oil is a yellowish color liquid having earthy smell. It has lots of health and beauty benefits some of which I have mentioned below:

Relieves Skin Problems

  • It provides relief from the common skin problems such as acne, rashes, black spots, psoriasis, eczema and etc.

Eases Premenstrual Tension

  • It also helps women by easing their premenstrual tension as well as provides relief from the pain during arthritis and rheumatism.

Used to Manufacture Beauty Products

  • It is used in many beauty products used for the purposes like face wash, night body lotion, anti-cellulite creams and so many.

Blood Cleansing Property

  • It has property of blood cleansing and beneficial for the major organs like liver and kidney (enhances the flow of urine and releases tension).

Removes Skin Tan

  • It helps in removing the skin tan as well as tones up the skin properly if applied or massaged regularly.

Nutrition Benefits of Carrot/Gajar per 100 g

(Source: USDA Nutrient Database)

Energy: 41 Kcal

Carbohydrates: 9.58 g

Protein: 0.93 g

Fat: 0.24 g

Dietary Fibers: 2.8 g

Sugars: 4.7 g


Thiamin: 0.066 mg

Riboflavin: 0.058 mg

Niacin: 0.983 mg

Pantothenic acid: 0.273 mg

Pyridoxine: 0.138 mg

Folates: 19 µg

Vitamin A: 16706 IU

Vitamin C: 5.9 mg

Vitamin K: 13.2 µg


Sodium: 69 mg

Potassium: 320 mg


Calcium: 33 mg

Phosphorus: 35 mg

Magnesium: 12 mg

Copper: 0.045 mg

Manganese: 0.143 mg

Selenium: 0.1 µg

Iron: 0.30 mg

Fluoride: 3.2 µg

Zinc: 0.24 mg


Carotene-α: 3427 µg

Carotene-ß: 8285 µg

Lutein-zeaxanthin: 256 µg

Tips to Enjoy Carrots

  • It can be enjoyed as raw vegetables as salads with other vegetables like beetroot, radish, tomato and etc.
  • It can be consumed as juice by mixing with other refreshing drink like tomato, lemon, spinach, beetroot, oranges and etc.
  • It can be eaten as fried vegetables with other vegetables like potato, green beans, green peas and etc.
  • It can be consumed as a delicious diet named “gaajar ka halwa,” with other dried fruits like cashews, almonds, pistachio, butter, and etc.
  • It can be consumed by making tasty soups with tomato or other vegetables.
  • It is used in making variety of cakes and healthy baby-foods.

Interesting Facts about Carrots

  • Carrots are much liked by the Rabbits.
  • It ranks the 2nd position in popularity as a vegetable after the potatoes.
  • The world’s biggest carrot was of 19 pounds and 19 feet.
  • Carrots are found in almost 100 species and variety of colors like white, purple, orange, red and yellow.
  • Around 12 pounds of the carrots are consumed by the American in a year.

Disadvantages or Side Effects of Carrots

  • Eating more carrots a day increases the carotene content (carotenemia) in the body which becomes a byproduct and started collecting in the cells of skin which makes the skin look orange or yellow. Children and vegetarians are more prone to the carotenemia.
  • Eating raw vegetables like carrots may lead to the excess gas production.
  • It may cause variety of problems in the patients suffering from the diabetes or gastrointestinal illnesses. Cooked carrots may lead to the blood sugar levels disturbance and affect the person taking medication for blood sugar.
  • Some people may get the allergic reactions (skin rashes, inflammation, itching and etc) by eating more carrot.
  • Eating carrot is strictly avoided by the person suffering from the kidney disease as carrot has high amount of potassium which may harm the kidney.
  • The person suffering from the diabetes must consult his doctor for getting the recommended dose of the carrots.

How Many Carrots to Eat Daily

Carrots should be eaten within limits in order to avoid the overdose of Vitamin A and carotenes. As these contents may lead to the serious problems to the body. It is eaten according to the age or body ability to digest it. Two to three carrots can be taken raw or its juice on daily basis but in limit.


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