Beetroot or Chukandar is also famous by the name garden beet, table beet, red beet, golden beet or commonly as a beet in the North America. The various varieties of the beetroot are commonly found in Europe, North America and Central America. It can be eaten raw as a salad, roasted or boiled as a cooked vegetable by mixing oil and vinegar. In the Eastern Europe it is taken as a soup as a very popular dish. Whereas in India, it is eaten as chopped, boiled, cooked or spiced pickle of the beet. Pickled beet is also a traditional food in the South America.

The green leafy part of the beet can also be eaten just like spinach. One of the most famous contents of the beetroot called Betanins (found in the root) is used as red food colorants. Eating beetroot may change the urine color to pink in some people.

Benefits of Beetroot/Chukandar

I was always encouraged by my mother and my grandmother to add some beetroot in my diet because of its variety of beneficial importance. It is a very good natural antidote for the anemia, it also enhances the physical endurance of the person to work out more. Here I am pointing all the beneficial aspects of the beetroot and answering too that why you should also add some beetroot in your diet:

Controls Blood Pressure

  • Beetroot aids in controlling the blood pressure as it is a nitrates rich vegetable (nitrates then converted to the nitrites and nitric oxides) which relaxes the arteries and helps in reducing the blood pressure.

Prevents Plaque Formation in Arteries

  • Eating beetroot regularly helps in preventing the plaque formation and bad cholesterol as it is a vegetable having high amount of soluble fibres and antioxidants like betacyanin (provides color to the beetroot) and flavanoids.

Prevents Deposition of Bad Cholesterol

  • These antioxidants prevent the deposition of bad cholesterol in the artery walls by just reducing the oxidation of bad cholesterol and thus protect the heart from possible heart attacks and stroke.

Makes Bones and Teeth Strong

  • Beetroot or Chukandar is a great source of minerals like silica which is very helpful in beating the osteoporosis. Silica is a significant component required for the body to use calcium which makes the bones and teeth healthy.

Keeps Blood Sugar under Control

  • Beetroot also keeps the diabetes under check, since beetroot is fat free and low in calories as well as with medium Glycemic Index. Because of its medium glycemic index it slowly releases the sugar into the blood and thus keeps the blood sugar level normal.

Treats Anemia

  • Eating beetroot properly helps in treating the anemia as it is a good source of lot of iron which helps in making the haemagglutinin (part of blood which carries oxygen and nutrients to the body parts).

Boosts Energy Level

  • Beetroot increases the physical body endurance by boosting the energy level and relieving the fatigue because of its nitrate content which dilates the arteries and enhance proper oxygen transportation to the body parts.

Improves Sexual Health

  • Beetroot is famous as a “Natural Viagra” as it enhances and improves the sexual health and stamina. As it is rich in nitrates which release the nitric oxide to the body and relax the blood vessels, it increases the blood flow to the genital organs. Another aspect, it is the good source of boron which is very important for the human sex hormone production.

Prevents from Cancer

  • Regular eating habit of the beetroot protects the person from various cancers (like breast and prostate) because of its betacyanin content. Betacyanin triggers the slow tumor growth.

Regularizes Bowel Movements

  • It keeps the person away from the constipation, makes the stomach healthy and regular bowel movements due to the high soluble fibres which work as a laxative and has cleansing effect on the colon.

Boosts Brain Power

  • Beetroot has capability to boost the brain power and protect from the dementia due to its nitrate content which increases the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood to the body parts. Nitrate also releases the nitrite which makes the better neural impulses transmission and boosts the brain power.

Protects from Alzheimer’s Disease

  • Its folic acid content also protects from the Alzheimer’s disease.

Prevents from Liver Disorders

  • It has medicinal effects on the body and prevents from the liver disorders through the detoxification process.

Increases Antioxidant Enzymes Level

  • The soluble fibres available in the beetroot increase the antioxidant enzymes level in the body (glutathione peroxidase), enhance the number of WBC and keep the intestinal tract healthy.

Rich Source of Essential Nutrients

  • Its high vitamins and minerals contents (like potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, fiber, vitamins A, B, C, beta-cyanine, beta carotene, folic acid and etc) is very beneficial for the healthy growth and development of the body for all ages.

Relaxes Mind

  • Chukandar has betaine which is very helpful in treating the depression and tryptophan which helps in relaxing the mind and makes a person able to have sense of well-being.

Acts as a Stomach Acid Tester

  • It is used as a stomach acid tester in order to test the stomach acid levels.

Energy Booster

  • It high carbohydrate content provides instant energy to the body.

Rich Source of Phytonutrients

  • Phytonutrients (betanin and vulgaxanthin) found in the beetroot acts as an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and detoxifying agent support.

Maintains Eye Health

  • The carotenoid phytonutrients like lutein and zeaxanthin plays a great role in maintaining the eye health.

Prevents from Cancer

  • The betanin availability in the beetroot prevents both the skin and liver from developing tumour as it expels the cancer causing agents.

Destroys Free Radicals

  • The antioxidant property of the beetroot prevents from the ageing by destroying the free radicals.

Prevents from Acidity

  • It provides relief from the hypochlorhydria, in which the stomach acidity increases, because of its high fiber content.

Reduces Stress and Anxiety

  • Its magnesium content provides instant relief from the muscle tension and thus reduces the stress and anxiety.

Provides Relief from Menstrual Problems

  • Eating beetroots regularly provides relief from the menstrual problems, tooth aches, headache, backache and other problems.

Prevents DNA Damage

  • Beetroot also prevents the cell and DNA damage in the body.

Benefits of Beetroot and its Juice during Pregnancy

Provides Better Nourishment to Baby

  • It has amazing beneficial effects for the pregnant women and her unborn babies as it is the richest source of folic acid.

Prevents Baby from Spina Bifida

  • Folic acid is very necessary component for the proper formation of the spinal cord in baby and prevents the child from spina bifida (congenital spinal cord disorder).

Energy Booster for Mother

  • Beetroot is also a energy booster helps the mother by providing extra energy essential during pregnancy.

Benefits of Beetroot Juice

Instant Energy Booster

  • Drinking beetroot juice on daily basis boosts the body performances and increases the muscle strength during exercises because of its magnesium, potassium, iron, vitamins C, A, B6 and folic acid contents.

Keeps Liver Healthy

  • Beetroot juice is known as the liver protective food as it has medicinal effect on the liver.

Improves Blood Flow

  • Beetroot juice is rich in antioxidants and nitrates which enhance the blood flow all over the body like heart, brain, muscles and etc.

Protects from Heart Diseases

  • Taking beetroot juice on regular basis normalizes the blood pressure and prevents from many heart diseases.
  • One or two cups juice of beetroot a day is enough to get blood pressure normal.

Prevents from Calcium Deposition into Body

  • Raw oxalic acid is found in beetroot juice which helps to remove the calcium deposits from the body and provides relieve from arthritis, varicose veins, kidney stones and etc.

Delays Age Related Problems

  • Beetroot juice helps in boosting the body immune system and fighting with inflammation. It protects from all the age related degeneration.

Provides Relief from Fever

  • Beetroot juice also provides relief from the glandular fever (or Epstein Barr infection).

Benefits of Beetroot for Wight Loss

Prevents from Obesity

  • Its high fibers content and low calories aid a lot in weight loss strategy. It prevents a person from being obese and overweight.

Benefits of Beetroot for Skin

Maintains Skin Health

  • Beetroots have amazing benefits for the skin by providing all the essential nutrients to the body which assists in maintaining the healthy skin.

Cures Skin Problems

  • Having beetroot juice habitually cures the skin inflammations such as the acne, pimples and boils.

Acts as Blood Purifier

  • It works as a great blood purifier and cleanses the toxins from the body thus providing a healthy glow to the face skin. Directly applying its juice on skin removes the dead cells and makes the skin hydrated and elastic.

Makes Skin Smooth and Wrinkles Free

  • Its powerful antioxidant property protects the skin from early ageing by deactivating the free radicals. It protects the skin from getting wrinkles and fine lines.

Prevents Skin from Sun Burn

  • The lycopene found in the beetroot makes the skin elastic and protects from sun burn and skin cancer.

Removes Dark Spots

  • Beetroot juice removes the dark spots from the skin when applied with multani mitti and provides skin a fair complexion.

Benefits of Beetroot for Hair

Promotes Healthy Hair Growth

  • Beetroot has all the nutrients required for the healthy hair growth such as protein, carbohydrates, minerals like potassium, calcium, phosphorus and vitamins like B and C.

Relieves Itchy and Dry Scalp

  • Applying beetroot juice provides relief from the itchy scalp and dryness because of its anti-pruritic property. The enzyme found in the beetroot destroys the dead cells, dandruff, psoriasis and moisturizes the scalp.

Provides Natural Shades to Hair

  • Applying beetroot juice with henna on the hair provides natural reddish-brown shades.

Improves Blood Circulation to Hair Follicles

  • Its carotenoids content improve the hair quality, thicken the hair and provide shine to the hair by improving the blood circulation and nourishing the hair follicles.

Nutritional Benefits of Raw Beetroot/Chukandar per 100 g

(Source: USDA Nutrient Database)

Energy: 45 cal

Carbohydrates: 9.56 g

Protein: 1.61 g

Fat: 0.17 g

Dietary Fiber: 2.80 g

Sugars: 7.96 g


Folates: 109 µg

Thiamine: 0.031 mg

Riboflavin: 0.057 mg

Niacin: 0.334 mg

Pantothenic acid: 0.155 mg

Pyridoxine: 0.067 mg

Vitamin A: 33 IU

Vitamin C: 4.9 mg

Vitamin E: 0.04 mg

Vitamin K: 0.2 µg


Sodium: 78 mg

Potassium: 325 mg


Calcium: 16 mg

Copper: 0.075 mg

Iron: 0.80 mg

Magnesium: 23 mg

Phosphorus: 38 mg

Manganese: 0.329 mg

Zinc: 0.35 mg


Carotene-ß: 20 µg

Betaine: 128.7 mg

How to Select and Store the Beetroot

Buy firm, smooth and red-purple color beetroot from the market. Buying it with greens leafs attached makes easy to store it for three to four days at room temperature. Without leaves it can be stored in freeze for some weeks to maintain its flavor and texture.

Disadvantages and Side Effects of Beetroot

  • The high level of homocysteine has harmful effect to the blood vessels thus may lead to the heart diseases, stroke, or other peripheral vascular diseases.
  • High level of betanin in the body may change the urine and stool color to reddish. It may seem like hematuria (means the occurrence of blood in urine).
  • As beetroot has oxalate so it is avoided by the person having kidney stones or bile duct stone.
  • Beetroot or Chukandar juice acts as a good laxative and diuretic, so it may cause some intestinal or stomach problems.
  • Having lot of beetroot juice may lower the blood pressure to a great extent and cause faintness and weakness.
  • Drinking beetroot juice should be avoided by the patient suffering from the hypertension or urolithiasis.
  • Taking concentrated beetroot juice may cause diarrhea.
  • Beetroot juice has some allergic side effects such as the chills, fever, burning and itching sensation, rashes and etc so instantly consult your doctor.
  • Over consuming of the beetroot juice by the pregnant or breast feeding mother may cause harm to the foetus because of its strong detoxifying effects.

How Much Beetroot to Eat Per Day

It is hard to say that how much beetroot should be eaten by the person a day. As the amount to eat a day may vary to the persons need according to their body type and problems exists. So, it is suggested that one should eat in limit as over eating of the beetroot may lead to some serious problems.


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