An apple or seb is pomaceous fruit, known as the king of fruits because of its beautifulness and lot of benefits. It belongs to the Malus domestica species and the Rosaceae family. It has many diseases controlling power and full of vitamins, photochemical, minerals, protein, and other nutrients. Seb is cultivated in many countries like China, United States, Italy, India, Poland, Turkey and other countries. China is the country ranked first in cultivating the apples; it cultivates the apples of half amount alone of the total amount cultivated by all the countries. United States ranked second in cultivating the apples.

Benefits of Apple/Seb

Apples are the amazing natural source of good health of all human fraternity. Seb has capability to keep body healthy by protecting from the various health ailments caused due to any reasons. Some of its nutritional health benefits are mentioned below:

Benefits of Apple for Bones, Joints and Teeth

Keeps Oral Cavity Healthy

  • An apple a day helps to get healthier teeth, stimulate more saliva production in mouth as well as reduce the tooth decay by decreasing bacteria level on teeth and gums.

Prevents Tooth Decay

  • Eating apples daily keep teeth white and bright by preventing decay by harmful bacteria.

Reduces Risk of Bone Diseases

  • Its high level of flavonoids such as kaempferol, myricetin, quercetin and etc helps in reducing bone diseases like rheumatism, bone inflammations, arthritis and gout.

Relieves Joint Pain

  • It contains good amount of calcium, phosphorus and vitamin C thus regular consumption of apples provides relief from the severe joints pain.

Benefits of Apple for Brain

Prevents from Alzheimer’s Disease and Ageing

  • Eating an apple or drinking its juice keeps the Alzheimer’s and ageing away as apples have a neurotransmitter called acetylcholine.

Prevents from Parkinson’s Disease

  • As being a high fibre fruit it protects from the Parkinson’s disease of the brain.

Treats Sleeping Disorders

  • Eating an apple or apple murabba at night during sleeping time helps in treating sleeping disorders thus keeps brain stress free.

Treats Headache

  • Eating apples with little salt regularly for one month helps in treating headache.

Benefits of Apple for Cancer Prevention

Prevents from Cancer

  • Apples have flavonols, compound which lessen the risk of pancreatic cancer by 23%. Another compound called triterpenoids (found in the apple peel) prevents the growth of cancer cells in major organs like liver, breast, colon and etc. Its high fibre content reduces the colorectal cancer risk.

Kills Colon Cancer Cells

  • The Oligosaccharides found in apples kills the cancerous cells of the colon.

Benefits of Apple for Diabetes

Prevents from Type-2 Diabetes

  • Eating one apple a day prevents the occurrence of type 2 diabetes in the woman. Its soluble fibre maintains the blood sugar levels.

Regularizes Sugar Level and Insulin Secretion

  • Seb lessens the glucose absorption from digestive tract, stimulates insulin secretion from beta cells as well as stimulates insulin receptors to absorb more glucose from blood.

Benefits of Apple for Digestive System

Rich Source of Fibres

  • The soluble fibre of the apples combined together with the intestinal fats reduces the cholesterol levels (by lowering the insulin secretion) and makes healthier.

Fights Diarrhea and Constipation

  • The nutritional contents of an apple fights with the diarrhea and constipation. High fibre of it absorbs excess water from stool and lessens the bowel movement.
  • Eating boiled raw apples provides instant relief from the diarrhea whereas eating roasted apples provides relief from the constipation.

Prevents Digestive Disorders

  • Also prevents from the irritable bowel syndrome means diarrhea, constipation, abdominal pain and bloating.

Cures Hemorrhoid

  • Eating an apple lessens the risk or cure painful hemorrhoids (swelling of veins in the anal canal) and diverticulitis.

Improves Metabolism Process

  • Apples are packed with the B-complex vitamins like riboflavin, thiamin, pyridoxine (also called vitamin B-6) which works as a co-factors for enzymes in the metabolism process.

Improves Water Absorption in Colon

  • Seb helps in beating the diarrhea and constipation as its fibres absorbs enough water and makes stool passing easy.

Strengthens Weak Digestive System

  • It helps in strengthening the weak digestive system if juice of raw apple is taken with sugar regularly or roasted or boiled apple is consumed.

Promotes Hungry

  • It stimulates the gastric juice secretion which promotes hungry.

Treats Pile

  • Applying juice of sour apples on piles helps in relieving pain, swelling and bleeding from the piles.

Treats Intestinal Worms Problem

  • Drinking a glass of warm water with sendha namak and half lemon with empty stomach in the early morning and eating apple at night during sleeping time for 10 days provides relief from the intestinal worms problem.

Benefits of Apple for Heart

Makes Heart Functioning Healthy

  • The high soluble fibre and phenolic compound of apples reduces the building up of cholesterol-rich plaque in the arteries, thus maintain the blood flow to the heart and prevents the occurrence of coronary artery disease.

Protects from Heart Diseases

  • Seb is a high fibre fruit thus prevents from heart diseases including high blood pressure, stroke, apnea and etc.

Benefits of Apple for Skin

Keeps Skin Healthy

  • Eating apples daily makes the skin healthy and reduces the skin diseases.

Treats Skin Problems

  • Eating apples or applying its juice helps in treating the acne blemished skin and smoothing the wrinkles and fine lines.

Boosts Body Resistance

  • Vitamin C found in it acts as a powerful natural antioxidant which is fully capable to block the harmful effects of free radicals by boosting the body resistance to various infectious agents thus prevents from skin ageing.

Stimulates Collagen Formation

  • High level of vitamin C found in it stimulates the formation skin protein called collagen thus maintains the skin health and prevents from wounds and skin tearing.

Stimulates Melanin Formation

  • It is also good source of copper which promotes healthy skin by stimulating the production of skin pigment called melanin which protects skin from ultraviolet rays.

Prevents from Skin Cancer

  • Seb contains vitamin A which promotes better skin development and reduces the risk of skin cancer.

Remedy for Oily Skin

  • It is the best home remedy for the oily skin as applying apple pulp on the face for some time and wash with luke warm water helps in removing extra oil from the face and keeps skin fresh and hydrated.

Lightens Skin Complexion

  • It also helps in lightening (fair) the skin complexion if a glass of milk is taken after eating an apple regularly on empty stomach.

Benefits of Apple for Hair

Promotes Hair Growth

  • The compound found in unripe apples called Procyanidin B-2 (B type proanthocyanidin) controls the proteins responsible for the new hair growth.

Benefits of Apple for Weight Loss

Prevents from Obesity

  • Regular consumption of apples prevents a person to become obese and overweight.

Promotes Calorie Burn

  • Eating apples 15 min before the meal help the women to lose extra weight. The ursolic acid found in apple boosts the calorie burn from the body as well as increases the muscle and brown fat.

Benefits of Apple for Nervous System

Rich Source of B Group Vitamins

  • B group vitamins found in it are the key nutrients to maintain the level of RBC in blood and functioning of nervous system.

Keeps Nervous System Healthy

  • A special antioxidant found in it called quercetin helps in reducing the cellular death by oxidation process and inflammations of neurons thus keeps nervous system healthy.

Benefits of Apple Juice

Treats Kidney and Bladder Stone

  • Drinking apple juice at least four times a day (100 g) helps in treating kidney or bladder stone problems as well as reduces the risk of stone formation in future.

Relieves Vomiting

  • Drinking apple juice by mixing with sendha namak (fasting salt) regularly provides relief from the vomiting problem.

Reduces Poisonous Effect

  • Drinking a glass of apple juice with little kapoor twice a day reduces the poisonous effect of scorpion bite.

Treats Excess Thirst

  • Taking apple juice with little water helps in treating excess thirst problem.

Relieves Dry Cough

  • Taking apple juice with misri two to three times a day provides relief from the dry cough.

Treats Typhoid

  • It helps in treating typhoid if taken regularly as it strengthens the body by removing weakness and fatigue.

Benefits of Apple Murabba

Loaded with Healthy Nutrients

  • Apple murabba can be prepared at home using simple and easy recipe. Remove some apples skin and seed area as well (according to need) and keep them into salt water to prevent them from getting black. Prepare gur (one and half times of apple amount) chasni and add apple pieces and switch off the flame if it is well cooked. Let it cool and place at safe place into air tight container.

Prevents various Body Disorders

  • Regular consumption of apple murabba helps in protecting from the heart disorders, sleeping disorders, high blood pressure, mental disorders and various digestive problems.

Benefits of Apple for Women

Prevents from Osteoporosis

  • The flavanoids found in apples only called phloridzin protects the post-menopausal women from developing the osteoporosis by increasing the bone density. Boron also found in apples which strengthens the bones.

Other Health Benefits of Apple

Maintains Blood Cholesterol Level

  • Apple prevents the formation of gallstones by decreasing the bad cholesterol level in the blood.

Boosts Immunity

  • It is a good detoxifier of the liver as well as booster of the immune system. A good antioxidant known as quercetin boosts the immune system and makes a person stress free. Pectin found in apples increases the interleukin-4 level which enhances the formation of infection-fighting mast cells.

Prevents from Cataract

  • Antioxidants of the apples prevents from developing the cataracts. So apples prove a common saying about them like “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”.

Prevents from Respiratory Disorders

  • Eating an apple on daily basis lessens the risk of common respiratory disease, asthma.

Prevents Kidney Stones Formation

  • The apple cider vinegar prevents the kidney stones formation.

Rich Source of Vitamins, Minerals and Phytochemicals

  • The nutritional content of apples like vitamins C, A, phytochemicals like phenolic acids and flavonoids, iron, potassium, calcium, phosphorus and etc helps the body to stay healthy always.

Removes Toxins

  • Apples have cleansing and detoxifying effect by eliminating the heavy metals like lead and mercury.

Fights Age-Related Problems

  • Apples fights with the age-related problems of the health like macular degeneration, neurodegenerative problems (Alzheimer’s disease), bone loss and etc.

Prevents from Anemia

  • Seb is rich source of iron which reduces the risk of hemoglobin deficiency in the blood thus prevents from anemia as well as ensures oxygenated blood supply to all over body.

Helps to Get Rid of Alcohol Drinking Habit

  • Taking juice of well ripe apple thrice a day regularly for more than a month (or eating a big apple with empty stomach in the early morning) keeps a person away from alcohol drinking habit.

Relieves Cold and Cough Problems

  • Eating an apple daily before taking food provides relief from the common cough and cold problems.

Nutritional Benefits of Apple/Seb per 100 g

(Source: USDA Nutrient Database)

Energy: 52 kcal

Sugars: 10.39 g

Dietary fiber: 2.4 g

Fat: 0.17 g

Protein: 0.26 g

Carbohydrates: 13.81 g

Water: 85.56 g


Vitamin A: 3 μg

Vitamin C: 4.6 mg

Vitamin E: 0.18 mg

Vitamin K: 2.2 μg

Thiamine or vitamin B1: 0.017 mg

Riboflavin or vitamin B2: 0.026 mg

Niacin vitamin B3: 0.091 mg

Pantothenic acid or vitamin B5: 0.061 mg

Vitamin B6: 0.041 mg

Folate or vitamin B9: 3 μg


Sodium: 1 mg

Potassium: 107 mg


Calcium: 6 mg

Phosphorus: 11 mg

Iron: 0.12 mg

Magnesium: 5 mg

Manganese: 0.035 mg

Zinc: 0.04 mg

Fluoride: 3.3 µg


Beta-carotene: 27 μg

Lutein and zeaxanthin: 29 μg

How to Select and Store

Always buy organically grown apples from the market during season and avoid buying inorganically grown apples out of season. Inorganically grown apples may cause some serious health disorders in the body because of the harmful chemicals used in the cultivation or storage. Always select fresh, bright red or green colored apple, medium sized, intact skin, hard and whole as well as avoid buying bruised, wrinkled, too soft, spotted, smelling and irregular sized apples from the market. Seb can be stored for 4-5 days at room temperature (at cool, dry and safe place) however in the refrigerator it can be stored for 10-12 days long in the airtight container.

How to Enjoy

Seb can be enjoyed in many ways such as eating fresh and raw in the early morning, mixed fruit salad, fruit cream, icecream, sliced, whole, well designed and many other ways. It can be added to the various breakfast recipes according to the taste, requirement and look.

Precautions, Side Effects and Disadvantages of Apples

  • Seeds of the apples have toxic effects on the body when eaten in high doses. It should be strictly avoided by the woman who is pregnant or breastfeeding as well as children.
  • The concentrated juice of an inorganic apple is full of arsenic, whereas organic apple juice does not have arsenic.

How Many Apples to Eat a Day

Eating one or two apples daily is fine however eating more a day can cause serious problems. Eat everything in balance to get the real benefits of them. Eat green vegetables too including the variety of seasonal fruits to get the necessary body requirements of fibre, minerals, proteins, vitamins, and antioxidants.

Eating too many numbers of any fruit may elevate the blood sugar levels as well as transport excess of calories to diet. If you want to lose weight, don’t try only apples, have some low calorie and water rich vegetables like green leafy vegetables, peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach and etc. Protein diet is also necessary to fulfill the body requirements of the protein. So, depending on the apples only is not the clue. Overdose of apples have negative impact over the health. A medium sized apple provides you 90 to 95 calories, so eat it accordingly the body calorie requirement.

Eating more fruits cause nutrients deficit including fatty acids, selenium, vitamin C, amino acids, calcium, vitamin A, iron etc which ultimately leads to a health problem like decreased energy levels, fatigue, diarrhea, low immune functioning and etc.


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