Puff is the fluffy structure made by the front hair on the head. It can be made easily at home by taking front part of the hair. We just need to practice on daily basis if we want to get a perfect puff. In order to make puff we need to lift the front hair to the level than normal level to give it a fluffy look which is called puff. Making puff is very easy and simple and it gives an elegant look to the hair and whole face. It is one of the nice hair styles which improve the confidence level and personality of the girls or women positively. It can be made at all hair types as well as small, medium and lengthy hair. Women having thin or less hair can make puff with the help of artificial puff. Artificial puff is a puff like structure made up of plastic or artificial hair which we can put under the front hair and then cover it with front hair to give the look of natural puff. It is a casual hair style which we can make at any occasion or daily according to the wish at any place such as home, office, market, tour, party, etc.

Puff Hairstyle at home with Step-by-Step Process

Here is the step by step process of making half puff and full puff:

  • Sit in front of the mirror properly.
  • Comb your hair to make it detangled.
  • Now take a small section of hair from front (if you want to make half puff), comb it properly and take it back.
  • Take this section of hair in one hand back side and roll it a while as shown in the image.
  • Pin it properly (or use clature) and tightly by lifting it upward and forward direction to give a better shape.
  • You can use more tiny clutch or bobby pins to keep your puff in well shape.
  • You can make braid or high ponytail using all the back side hair which gives a nice look.
  • The process is same for making full puff as well; the difference is that you need to take bigger section of hair from front and pin it back side as usual like half puff.
  • Now your puff is ready and you can enjoy the nice puff. You can give any shape to your back hair such as ponytail, braid or you can leave the hair free and open.

Puff Hairstyle with Ponytail

It is a convenient hair style which we can make within minutes and it gives a nice look and feel. We can make a ponytail in the back (high or low, both give nice look) with puff in front. It generally suits to the young age college or office girls wearing jeans and t-shirt.

Puff Hairstyle with Braid

We can also make a loose braid with the front puff and it gives good look. It is also very convenient and can be made in less time. It suits to the all age women in any outfit.

Puff Hairstyle Accessories

Natural puff can be made without any accessories however we need various accessories to make artificial puff such as hair clips, hair volume padding, thick rubber band, thin rubber band, and some decorative hair pins.

How to Make Puff Hairstyle at Home without Hairspray

You can see here a video on how to make puff hair style at home without using artificial puff and hairspray. This video is showing the step-by-step process of making half front puff as well as full front puff on your own hair at home very easily. This video will help you to learn how to make puff hairstyle with high ponytail at medium length hair:
Making Puff Hairstyle using Clature

Making Puff Hairstyle using Rubber band