Who was the First Indian woman to climb Mount Everest

First woman of India to climb Mount Everest is Bachendri Pal.

About Bachendri Pal

Bachendri Pal is a first Indian mountaineer who climbs the Mount Everest in the year 1984 and became the first woman as a mountaineer of India.  She was born on 24th of May in 1954 in Nakuri, Uttarkashi (currently Uttarakhand) to the Hansa Devi and Shri Kishan Singh Pal (tradesman, groceries supplier). She was interested towards the mountaineering from her childhood; even she tried for 13,123 ft climbing at her 12 along with friends during her school picnic.

How Bachendri Pal became the First Indian Woman to Climb Mount Everest

In the year 1984, she was selected as one of the best group members (6 woman and 11 men) for the fourth mission of India to the Mount Everest (christened Everest’84). She was very interested to take part in such event. It took several days to climb to the summit of the Mount Everest however; she became the first one to reach there on 23rd of May in 1984.

Achievements ofBachendri Pal as a First Indian Woman to Climb Mount Everest

She became the first girl from her village to be graduated. During her training course at NIM, she made her record of climbing to the Mt. Gangotri for 21,900 ft and Mt. Rudragaria for 19,091 ft. She became the instructor at National Adventure Foundation, an adventure school to train the women for mountaineering.

Her name has been recorded to the Indian history for various smaller peaks climbing however; her great achievement of the life is being a first Woman to climb the Mount Everest of India.

What is Mountaineering

Mountaineering is the act of climbing to the peak of any mountain. It is a type of sport, hobby or profession of climbing the mountains. A special training is given to perform such type of event like snow-craft, rock-craft and skiing. It can be performed by some experienced person with athletic ability and technical knowledge in order to manage all the problems.

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