Who was the First Indian Woman to Cross English Channel

The first woman of Indian who cross English Channel was Arati Saha.

About Arati Saha

Aarti Saha (Aarti Gupta nee Saha) was born on 24th of September in the year 1940 in Kolkata, West Bengal, India and died on 23rd of August in the year 1994 because of jaundice. She was very much interested towards the swimming from her childhood which was spotted by the Sachin Nag.

How Arati Saha became the First Indian Woman to Cross English Channel

She was motivated towards the swimming to cross the English Channel by an Indian swimmer, Mihir Sen. Finally; she won this competition on 29th of September in 1959. She swam to Sandgate and England from Cape Gris Nez and France. She made her own records of swimming for 42 miles in just 16 hours and 20 mins and hoisted Indian flag at the Sandgate. She was also participated in the Helsinki Olympics in the year 1952. She became the first woman from Asia who had swum the English Channel.

Achievements of Arati Saha as a First Indian Woman to Cross English Channel

  • She was the first Indian woman who had cross the English Channel by her fine swimming capability.
  • She has been the winner of around 22 State competitions from 1945 to 1951.
  • A stamp has been issued by the Indian government in her memory from 1998.
  • She has been honored with the Padmashri in 1960.

What is English Channel

The English Channel or simply Channel is an Atlantic Ocean arm (560 km long and 240 km to 33.1 km width) separating the southern England from the northern France as well as joining the North Sea with the Atlantic.