Who is the First Indian Women to Be Hanged

The first Indian women who are going to be hanged in India are Renuka Kiran Shinde and Seema Mohan Gavit.

About Death-Row Sisters (Renuka Kiran Shinde and Seema Mohan Gavit)

The name of the death row sisters are Renuka Kiran Shinde (45 years old) and Seema Mohan Gavit (39 years old). Their father name is Kiran Shinde and mother name was Anjanabai Gavit. Their father was found not guilty by the court however their mother was with them and got died during the case ongoing process in the jail. They (and mother too) belong to the Kolhapur and got jailed in 1996 for kidnapping and killing small children for begging purposes.

How Death-Row Sisters became the First Indian Woman to Be Hanged

These two first Indian women (Renuka Shinde, 45 and Seema Gavit, 39) who have been decided to be hanged are from Kolhapur who were sentenced to death in the year 2001. Both of them were convicted and jailed in 1996 with their mother, Anjanabai Gavit in order to get punishment for kidnapping and killing children in the western state of Maharashtra. As per the media report, they have been charged for deaths of 13 children. Both of the sister were started this act of kidnapping youngsters for earning through begging and cruelly killing them when they became useless.

The death sentence of both sisters was upheld by appeal court in 2004 however Supreme Court of India has decided to provide death sentence to such woman as a “rarest of rare” case. After their arrest, they kept in Yerawada Central Jail near Pune. Anjana (their mother) died because of the brain haemorrhage in between the case ongoing process.

What is Death-Row

Death row means a place (also called a section of a prison) allotted for housing prisoners who are awaiting their execution. It means being on death row at places where no any special facilities are available for convicted prisoners sentenced to death.