Tips to Remove Hair Dandruff Quickly

Hair Dandruff

Dandruff is the most common problem for everyone especially for women with long hair. It hugely affects the hair growth and development as well as becomes the big reason of hair loss and hair fall. It is the dead skin cells on the scalp which sheds over shoulders and gives dirty look. It makes hair weak from the root; thus, promotes hair fall from the root. It is natural that upper skin cells gets dead time to time and sheds however if we don’t take care of it, it gets worse and becomes harmful for the healthy hair. High amount of dandruff lead to the itching, redness and irritation all over the scalp.

Dandruff is a common scalp disorder especially occurs in the winter and rainy season and generally affects most part of the population especially who are at the post-pubertal age. It can be treated using some kind of specialized shampoos; however, it is good to treat it using some home remedies which are free of dangerous side effects. People, who get affected by dandruff, generally suffer social and self-esteem problems which may bring psychological and physiological problems in the future. We have mentioned below some possible causes of dandruff, problems caused by dandruff, and home remedies to treat hair dandruff instantly.

Reasons for Dandruff

Generally, dandruff causes various problems to the person who suffers it in daily life. It causes itchy scalp, flakiness, red greasy patches of the skin and gives tingly feeling on the skin. According to the health experts, dandruff is not a problem caused only by the poor hygiene however may occur due to the dry skin, lack of combing, scrubbing and proper shampooing, psoriasis, sensitivity to the various products in the market, eczema, fungus, etc. Dry skin is more prone to the flaking dandruff.

A most common and natural reason is, epidermal layer of the scalp replaces itself continually thus upper cells get died and pushed outward which flake off in the form of dandruff. This process is regular and generally the flaking of dead skin cells becomes too small to be visible. Generally, upper skin cells gets mature and sheds in 2–7 days however when this process becomes fast, it creates a lot of problem. There are some common factors involved in the dandruff formation such as metabolic by-products of micro-organisms available on the skin (Malassezia yeasts), susceptibility and allergy to the sensitive people and other microorganisms (bacteria like Propionibacterium and Staphylococcus) causing dandruff formation. Dandruff causing bacteria develop on the scalp due to the moisture and sebum amount.

Sometimes, seborrhoeic dermatitis causes dandruff formation due to the dry and thick lesions having large and silvery scales. Seborrheic dermatitis is affected by the factors like seasonal changes, immuno-suppression, stress, etc. Some other causes of dandruff are:

  • People sensitive to the yeast are prone to having dandruff.
  • People having some skin disorders like psoriasis, eczema, etc are tend to get dandruff.
  • People having dry skin tend to develop dandruff more often in the winter season.
  • People having oily skin tend to have seborrheic dermatitis means irritated oily skin thus they are very prone to dandruff formation.
  • People, suffering from Parkinson’s disease or other neurological illness and weak immune system, tend to have dandruff.
  • Lack of proper combing to the hair causes dandruff formation to the scalp. So, it is necessary to comb hair regularly in order to reduce the risk of having dandruff.
  • Some people are sensitive to the hair care products available in the market thus they get red, itchy and scaling scalp.
  • Lack of hygiene means lack of enough shampooing on regular basis creates more dead skin cells which cause dandruff.
  • Lack of proper healthy diet (foods having zinc, B group vitamins and healthy fats) is also the reason of dandruff.
  • Mental stress and other illnesses also cause dandruff formation.

Problems Caused by Dandruff

People having long time hair dandruff problem may suffer in the future if they do not get dandruff treatment. Dandruff caused by bacteria may break the skin of scalp which causes irritation and redness. That area becomes tender and swollen which gives weak and ill feeling. Some people feel lack of confidence as they get white and oily flakes of dead skin cells on the hair and shoulders. The signs and symptoms of dandruff may be more prominent and worsen in the rainy and winter season. Dandruff may affect people of any age group including newborn babies.

Simple Home Remedies to Remove Dandruff Quickly

There are number of commercial products available in the market claiming to remove dandruff in limited time. However, only some of them work accordingly and most of them do not work according to their claim. On regular use they affect badly as they have lots of side effects. In order to get an effective solution for our hair dandruff and protect the beauty of hair from side effects of artificial products, we need some home remedies (completely natural and lack of side effects) to remove dandruff instantly, quickly and completely in just one day or regular use of twice or thrice a week. I have mentioned here one of the simple and easy home remedies to remove hair dandruff quickly at home. This proven remedy will help you to get rid of dandruff permanently:

Coconut Oil and Camphor

The mixture of coconut oil (nariyal tel) and camphor (kapoor) is very effective remedy for removing the dandruff very quickly even in one hour. Apply this mixture (two tsf coconut oil and two tablets of camphor: you can change this ratio according to your need of hair) very well all through the scalp. Massage the scalp with this mixture for 15 minutes and leave it for next 1 hr. Wash your hair using any mild shampoo after one hour. Let hair dry naturally, then you can see the result. If the result is not positive for you in just one use, you should use this remedy regularly twice or thrice a week. In order to make it more effective for persistent dandruff, you can apply this mixture at night and leave for whole night, then wash your hair in the morning. Definitely, this remedy will give a positive result by removing hair dandruff completely.