In this article, we will let you know about how to apply your own prepared Mehndi paste on your hair by yourself or with the help of someone at home. We will provide you some tips and processes of applying Mehndi in easy way together with pictures and videos so that you can get more as you want. As we all know that, today’s environment is full of pollution which badly affects our physical, mental and social health in many ways. We need to care ourselves a lot in order to maintain our health and confidence. Hair is the most important part especially for a lady. It is the important reason of beauty for a woman. Nice hair enhances the look and confidence of the woman as well as improves the personality. In order to get a smooth, shiny, silky, soft hair and dandruff free, we need to condition our hair time to time. Mehndi is one of the cheap and best home remedy for the hair conditioning at home.

Basic Requirements for Henna Application on Hair

You need to arrange some basic requirements before starting Mehndi application to your hair. In order to apply Mehndi for common purpose, you need following ingredients:

  • Henna (according to your choice, herbal henna is best)
  • Lukewarm water
  • A mixing bowl
  • A spoon
  • Some petroleum jelly
  • A towel
  • A brush to apply henna
  • Gloves (rubber gloves to prevent hand from getting stain of Mehndi)
  • A polythene wrapper (to wrap hair after applying Mehndi)
  • You can also have egg, amla, satritha, lemon juice, coffee powder, oil, fenugreek seed, yogurt, etc according to your purpose of applying Mehndi to the hair.

Points to take care before applying Mehndi

Following are some points you need to take care before applying Mehndi on your hair:

  • If you have decided to apply Mehndi on the hair, you need to avoid washing your hair about 12 hours before the application.
  • You can slight moisten your hair otherwise let it dry.
  • You can do olive oil massage with few drops to your hair before application.
  • Prepare henna Mehndi in the mixing bowl using lukewarm water and keep it for 4 to 5 hrs. Stir the paste with spoon in between to make it a thick and smooth paste as well as avoid lump formation.
  • You can add some sugar to the paste to make it smoother.
  • Always try to mix something other (like lemon, coffee, sugar, black tea, egg, yogurt, etc) in the henna paste which suits you, don’t go on other’s suggestion as it may harm your hair.
  • Don’t mix lots of ingredients at one time as they may react and harm.
  • You can wrap your head after henna application to get better henna color on the hair.
  • Apply some Vaseline on your forehead, sides of ear and back of neck to avoid the staining of henna on the skin.
  • You can wash it with clean water after 3 to 4 hrs however you can shampoo your hair after 48 hours as it takes time to darken the color.

How to Apply Mehndi on Hair

It is very easy to apply henna on the hair however need to follow some careful steps to get better result. It is used for years because it is a nice method to maintain the beauty of our hair. It does not only provide color to our hair but also makes hair healthy, shiny, smooth and natural. It is best to use home remedy than the variety of chemical products in the market. It maintains the natural quality of our hair and improves the beauty of hair. It is completely natural and does not have any side effect. It also improves the growth of hair.

Step by Step Process

Here are step by step processes of mehandi application on the hair. It will help you easily apply mehandi on your hair:

  • Keep all the required things (prepared Mehndi bowl, brush, comb, gloves, etc) on the dressing table near to you so that you don’t have to do up and down many times to get things.
  • First of all, you need to apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly on the forehead, sides of ear, and back side of neck to avoid Mehndi color on the skin.
  • You can wear hand gloves before or after applying the jelly.
  • Now, divide your hair into two equal parts from the mid-point (you can be more clear from the video).
  • Take a small portion of the hair from the mid of head and apply Mehndi properly from root to the tail. Then, wind it in one direction (clockwise) and roll around to make jura. Apply some paste from outside also to stick it.
  • Do the same process, until you finish all the hair strands properly.
  • Give a nice finish to the Mehndi application by applying left Mehndi paste all around the head from outside to completely cover the hair. It will make your jura stay properly without the use of clips or pins.
  • You can wear the poly cap to prevent applied henna from getting dry so that it can give proper color to the hair.
  • You need to keep it for 1 hour (for light shade) or 3 to 4 hrs (for dark shade) on your hair.
  • Wash off the Henna with clean tap water however avoid shampooing it for at least 24 hours to get the better result.

Tips for Best Result

You can follow some tips to get the best result of the Mehndi on your hair:

  • Always make the paste of Mehndi in an iron bowl as it gives maximum color.
  • Keep the paste for 4 to 5 hrs to get better result.
  • Prepare the paste using lukewarm water to get nice consistency of the paste.
  • Make sure to apply henna on every single hair strand to get even and nice color.
  • Cover the hair with plastic cap to get dark color.
  • Wash off hair with lukewarm water to get softer, smoother, and shinier hair.
  • If your hair is curly and you want straight hair, then regular henna application is best method to get straight and soft hair. For this, you can apply the paste of henna, eggs and curd.
  • Do not apply henna when you are suffering from cough, cold, fever or during menstruation because it is cool in nature.
  • Regular application of henna provides nourishment to the hair and gives shiny, smooth, soft and silky look.
  • Leaving henna paste on the hair for a longer time repairs your damaged hair and makes it healthy.

Some More Tips if you want Different Results

You can use following tips if you want to get different results according to your choice and hair type:

  • In order to improve your hair growth and get healthy hair, you can use henna with tea or coffee decoction for 1 hour.
  • To get salon coloring on the hair, you should use eggs and lemons with henna which provides a natural burgundy color to the hair. You can also use some coffee powder and prepare the mixture in iron vessel to get a rich and deep color.
  • You can also add egg white, lemon juice, and beetroot juice with henna to get nourishment. Leave it on hair for 2 to 3 hours and then wash away with plain water.
  • To get more hair growth and healthy glow, you can use your own essential oil with henna which will prevent hair fall, formation of grey hair and effect of pollution.
  • You can also use fenugreek seed and mustard oil with henna to promote healthy hair growth. It will make your dry hair smooth and soft because fenugreek provides required protein to nourish hair follicles and mustard oil improves blood circulation in the scalp.
  • To get the effect of natural hair conditioner with henna, you can mix curd.
  • You can use green tea to get the effect of an effective conditioner and prevent hair fall. It makes your hair soft by enhancing hair elasticity thus prevent hair breakage.
  • It you want to get relief from the dandruff and itchy scalp problem, you can use the mixture of lemon, curd, fenugreek seeds and henna.
  • You can remove the excessive dryness of scalp by using olive oil, egg white and henna powder.
  • Hair fall can be prevented also by the use of amla, fenugreek seed and henna. The mixture of coriander leaves and black pepper powder with henna is also effective in hair fall treatment.