Face massage is a technique of giving massage to the facial and neck skin in order to get healthy, glowing, youthful and toned facial skin for long time. It matters a lot for everyone to maintain the beauty of facial skin however quite different especially for a woman. Face massage is one of the best ways as beauty treatment which slows down the risk of aging process by giving younger looking skin.

Face Massage at Home

As we all know that everyone cannot afford the cost of face massage at parlour and spa. But a hope is still there for them as face massage at home in easy steps is possible which is very cheap and well affordable for a big range of women. One does not need to buy any extra thing for doing face massage at home as she has required things at home. In this article, we have given easy to perform and simple to learn step-by-step process of face massage at home which anyone can learn and perform at home anytime.

Face massage is a technique of massaging facial and neck skin which gives a pleasant and relaxing experience as well as makes one to feel relaxed, fresh, tension free and youthful. According to the experts, it is declared that time to time facial massage, whether at home or parlour does wonders to our skin. It not only removes accumulated dirt, effect of polluted and toxic gases, excess oil and dead cells from skin but also gives skin a clean, smooth, glowing and fresh appearance for long time. One can get it’s all the benefits at home by using things available in home without spending thousands of rupees at spa, salon or parlour.

Face massage is a must to perform activity for everyone to get healthy skin as we look old soon by our facial skin even in early 30s. Facial skin is more prone to ageing, thus we must be conscious and use face massage at home to look younger forever like stars and other famous personalities. We must be very honest to ourselves about what we eat, what we use on our skin, what our daily routine is, and so many things other than the face massage which matters in staying young forever.

You can be stay young and beautiful by following remedies at home equally like a parlour and salon. While, you can be more benefitted if you perform beauty remedies at home; as you use natural things and not cosmetic products that give instant but not long lasting effects. Cosmetic products are harmful for our skin; they have been prepared using chemicals having unbelievable side effects. You just need to follow some basic steps while performing facial massage at home to pamper your skin in spa or salon style.

Face massage is not a new or modern style; it is very old technique of keeping skin young and healthy. It is very effective way and continuously coming from ancient time which have been passed to us from our old generations for our wellness. It not only makes our skin youthful but also provides relief from many problems such as stress, headache, sinus congestion, sagging facial skin, etc. It is a type of facial treatment which can be done by the professional massage therapist, face massage machine, cosmetologist or by self at home using palm and fingers. It just needs small amount of oil, massage cream or lotion in order to facilitate movement on the facial skin while performing facial massage.

It is also useful to stimulate pressure points available on the face and neck in order to release blockage in the flow of blood and vital energy. It is performed to improve the skin texture and pain relief.

Why it is Necessary to Massage your Face

Facial massage is very necessary for all of us especially women in 30s as they need to maintain as well as improve their skin texture in order look youthful and feel fresh. According to the study, it is also revealed that face massage reduces stress level, relieves tension, headache, eyestrain and facial pain. It provides anti-ageing effect on our skin without any side effect. We can say face massage is all in one technique to look younger. Just like a regular body massage, regular facial massage improves the look and feeling of well-being and healthy. It provides firmness to the skin, tones up skin, reduces wrinkles, thus gives smooth and youth look. It improves blood circulation, stimulates lymph nodes (also reduces swelling) and relaxes tight muscles in the face and neck area thus prevents the formation of wrinkles. It helps in removing dust and dead skin cells thus gives skin a younger and healthier look.

The finger pressure we put while doing facial massage, relaxes the facial muscle by relieving the congested areas on the face and neck. It helps to eliminate toxin from the skin and make it young. It is a nice treatment at home or parlour for facial rejuvenation.

Which is Best Oil for Face Massage

There are various types of massage oils which can be used to massage the facial skin according to the skin type. Almond oil, avocado oil, apricot kernel oil, coconut oil, olive oil, sesame oil, jojoba oil are good for dry skin; jojoba oil, sunflower oil, wheat germ oil, and castor oil are good for medium to oily skin; sunflower oil, sweet almond oil, grape seed oil, soy oil, evening primrose oil are best for normal skin. It is very necessary to choose the oil according to the skin type in order to get all the benefits of face massage as well as avoid any type of bad effect of oils that does not suits you.

Things you need for Face Massage

Generally we need face massage oil to start the facial massage however there are some other things also that we need to keep in side before starting the massage such as:

  • Any mild soap, face wash or cleansing lotion to clean up the face before massage.
  • A medium sized bowl to have some oil.
  • Cold water in a bowl to wash the face.
  • Make up remover to remove the makeup.
  • A big towel to drape at shoulders of a person who takes massage.
  • A small face towel to take steam after massage.
  • Moistened cotton balls to clean the skin.
  • Facial massage oil, fruit cream or skin lotion which suits the skin type of a person.

Face Massage Technique (step-by-step process)

Following are points indicating face massage technique with step-by-step process (for more clearance of the steps, you can see the face massage video given below at the end of page under heading ‘Face Massage with Almond Oil’):

  1. Ensure to wash your hands with soap and clean water before massage in order to make a clean face massage. You need to remove your make up with makeup remover, eye lenses, etc if you have any of them.
  2. You should keep all the required things on the dressing table for your easiness and avoid rush while doing face massage steps.
  3. You must sit on the comfortable chair, table or flat floor on which you can perform the whole process with ease.
  4. Take some oil on your palm and rub it with both hands in order to give your face skin a warm effect and improve blood circulation in that area.
  5. Apply the oil on cheeks with both hands and start massage with little pressure from lower cheek to upper cheek. The direction will be from downside to upside.
  6. Now give massage to the cheek and forehead with one palm alternatively on both sides. The direction will be from downward to upward and will end to another side of forehead.
  7. Take some oil again on the palm and rub it to give warm effect on the face and give massage to the forehead by doing circle motion with fingers. The direction will be upward and outer side.
  8. Now repeat the same step with fingers in same direction on the cheeks.
  9. Give massage to the skin around lips (in round motion) and nose (upward to downward).
  10. Now give massage to the eye circle in upward and outer direction with index finger.
  11. Give massage again to the whole forehead with both index fingers and then massage the area on forehead just above the nose in down to upward direction.
  12. Now massage the mouth circle with both index fingers in down to upward direction and vice-versa.
  13. Now press the area on forehead between both eyebrows (which is called glabella) with one index finger.
  14. Again press the pressure points below the both eye circle with fingers.
  15. Now give finger stroke all over the face.
  16. Now it’s time to give massage to the neck in down to upward direction with fingers.
  17. Pinch the eyebrow line with little pressure using two fingers (index and thumb) from inside to outside and then massage the whole eye circle with index finger.
  18. Press the area at the end of the forehead (both side) near to the outer corner of the eyes.
  19. Again give a little massage in circle motion all over the face and then finger stroke.
  20. After massage give your face a warm effect. To do this, you can dip a small towel in warm water, squeeze the water out and keep the towel on face and neck and press with little pressure. Wipe the face and neck with warm towel in circle motion.
  21. After 10 to 15 minutes you can wash your face and apply toner and moisturizer as usual.

Face Massage Tips

Following are some facial massage tips which you must know before starting the face massage procedure:

  • You must be well aware of your skin type so that you can choose best massage oil for your face.
  • You must be relaxed and have some free time away from your hectic schedule so that you can do face massage properly.
  • You must know the face massage techniques with step-by-step process so that you can take benefits of facial massage without any side effect on the facial skin.
  • Make your mind that you can do facial massage at home easily with parlour like effect.
  • You must wash your hands and remove the facial makeup and dirt to make facial skin ready for massage.
  • Hands are good to give face massage than other tools and machines.
  • Learn face massage steps very carefully to avoid any type of mistake as wrong steps may make your skin more wrinkled and saggy.
  • You do not need to empty your pocket at parlour as you can get the same glow at home.

Face Massage Benefits

Regular face massage provides various amazing and potential benefits to the facial and neck skin:

  • It stimulates the face muscles and promotes oxygenated blood circulation into that area.
  • It is an effective treatment with the anti-ageing effect for long time.
  • It increases more blood flow to face area which in turn increases collagen production which makes facial skin healthy and gives natural glow to the complexion.
  • It also improves the texture of facial skin and muscle tone.
  • It relaxes the facial and eye muscles as well as provides relief from tension, headaches and facial pain.
  • It also alleviates stress and anxiety, enhances the mood thus good for overall relaxation.
  • It is a treatment for facelift and prevents the facial skin from wrinkles as well as delays ageing.
  • It gives younger look and feeling of wellbeing.

Precautions and Side Effects of Face Massage

There are some precautions and side effects of the facial massage too if we do the steps in wrong manner. We should avoid facial massage in following conditions:

  • It is necessary to remove contact lenses before the starting the procedure.
  • We must avoid face massage when open sores or any cut is there on the face.
  • Having acne, psoriasis or eczema on the skin is not favorable condition for the facial massage.
  • It is necessary to take precautions while doing face massage steps as wrong steps may cause reverse effect on the skin.

Face Massage with Almond Oil

Here is a video showing step-by-step procedure of face massage with almond oil, you can see the full video here to do facial massage at home with yourself: