Skin is the major part of our body and it plays a great role in our beauty especially skin of the face for any man or woman. It adds a lot to our beauty and freshness. If our skin is healthy, clean, soft and fresh, we look smart and beautiful. It improves our confidence level and inner strength which help us in being happy and active. There are many ways, we can keep our skin healthy and fresh especially face skin. In such as a running and hectic environment full of pollutions, our health and beauty is in danger zone. We need to follow various effective skin cleaning tips to maintain the beauty and health of our skin. As we all know that, our face talks always even in silence mode and it reveals everything about our health and beauty. So, we need to take care a lot of our face skin including whole body.

Face cleaning is a process which cleans our face skin completely and makes it free of dust, pollutions, pimples, black heads, white heads, and other marks at the skin. Regular cleaning of the skin keeps our skin clean, soft, smooth, and shiny which gives a beautiful look to the face. Generally, we clean our face once daily while bathing in the morning however it is necessary to clean our face in the evening too before sleeping to maintain the natural beauty of skin and make it free of all the impurities of the day. Cleaning and moisturizing our face in the night repair and renew our skin and gives it a fresh look.

Our face skin is very soft, sensitive and different than the skin of whole body. So, we need to give it a special care and treatment to maintain its freshness as well as avoid the effect of aging. Everyone notices our face while talking, so why not we give it a good care? Most of the women spent lots of money on costly beauty products for their face; however, the truth is that managing face skin beauty is actually very simple. We need to follow a simple beauty regimen regularly which includes washing face, exfoliating, use of toner, moisturizing and cleansing at night.

Regular face cleansing removes dead skin cells, dark spots, oil, dirt, pollutants, etc from the skin surface and gives us a rejuvenate look. Skin cleansing is the most effective process to get a glowing skin and maintaining its beauty for a longer time.

How to do Face Cleaning at Home

We own self can easily perform the process of face cleaning at home by using following face cleansing steps:

  1. Face Washing: Face washing removes the makeup, dust, sweat and pollutants from the skin as well as gives clear look to the skin. Before washing the face, you can remove your makeup very easily by using plain coconut oil which is a great natural makeup remover. Face wash required for our face is twice a day, morning and night to keep it clean always. We can use mild soaps, face wash, and raw milk to wash our face. We need to give extra care for our dry skin and we should use coconut oil, olive oil, etc to wash our face and rinse with luke warm water. Never use hot water at dry skin as it makes it drier. We can use gel or foam cleansers for our oily skin.
  2. Another most important step is steaming but you can skip this one according to your need and requirement. This process helps in opening the clogged pores and loosens the dead skin cells from the skin surface. It also hydrates the deeper layer of the skin. 4 to 5 minutes of steaming is good for normal to oily skin but generally not good for dry skin. You can simply use hot towel (wet your towel with hot water) to your dry skin instead of using direct steaming over boiled water.
  3. Exfoliation is also the important step in face cleaning as it removes dead skin cells from the skin surface. It can be done by applying a scrub cream (from market) or any home scrub (available in our kitchen such as baking soda, sugar, salt, etc). We need to follow some points while scrubbing such as scrubbing should be in circular motion, use a soft and very light hand motion on skin and it should not be done more than 3 to 5 minutes on the face. After scrub, rinse your face well with luke warm water. Then wipe with clean towel. Oil (for dry skin) and lemon (for oily skin) can also be used as an exfoliator.
  4. You can use face mask according to your skin type as it deeply soothens, cleanses and removes impurities from the skin. It hydrates the skin and soothes the inner fresh layer of the skin. You can apply it for 10-15 minutes and wash with warm water or normal tap water. Wipe gently with a soft towel and don’t tightly wipe the face as it may hurt the new fresh skin.
  5. Toning is the necessary step after scrubbing of the skin as it lowers the skin pH, tightens the skin and maintains the skin texture. Natural toners are good for skin such as gulab jal, green tea, cucumber juice, etc.
  6. Moisturizing is the last and most important step of face cleaning as it provides nourishment to the skin and maintains the heath, freshness and shine of the skin. It restores the moisture of the skin and gives it a natural glow. It helps in improving the skin texture as well as prevents impurities to go inside the skin and affect it. It also prevents dry skin from dryness and sun damage. You can apply any light moisturizer with good SPF (sun protection factor). Give a soft massage in circular motion using your moisturizer with finger tips on your face and neck.

Some more Face Cleaning Tips

Following are some more tips for easy and natural face cleaning at home in order to get a parlour shine and beauty on your face:

  • Using face cleaning products from the market may harm the skin, especially sensitive skin. So, generally we should use home remedies to clean our face. We have variety of natural things at home as a scrub, pack, toner and moisturizer.
  • We should not use hard face cleaning brush to clean our face as it may deeply scrub and harm the skin. We should use our hand to gently scrub the skin.
  • Variety of fruits and vegetables cleansers can be used to clean the face as they will help you maintain the natural freshness of your skin.
  • Avoid using cheap soap on your face as it may damage the soft facial skin.
  • Understand your skin type and choose best cleanser, toner, pack, and moisturizer for your skin in order to maintain its youth look.
  • There is no need to use cleaning sponges on face as fingertips work great on the face skin.
  • Touching the face with dirty hands all around the day may infect and dirt the skin with dust and bacteria. It may lead to the pimple on your face, so do not touch the face with dirty hands. First of all you need to wash your hands and then face.


We have provided above details about the face cleaning including how to do face cleaning at home with clear processes and some more tips for face cleaning. This is a general view about face cleaning we required on daily basis in order to maintain the natural condition of the skin and delay the face skin ageing process. In order to make you clear about the face cleansing, we have provided below a simple video on face cleaning: