As we all know that hair is the natural and most beautiful jewellery of women; so we need to maintain its natural beauty through regular care to look attractive and beautiful. Eggs are very inexpensive ingredient commonly found in our kitchen. Generally, we use eggs to eat as a most healthy food to fulfill our protein needs; however it is also proved a best mask for hair and skin and gives various flawless results if used on regular basis. You can change your dry and dull hair into silky and shiny hair in just one application of egg as it gives all the required nourishment to the hair; so, you must give this nourishment to your hair once a week for better growth and development. By using this mask, give your hair a healthy and vibrant look.

It is a natural hair mask which gives multi beneficial results on the hair and improves the overall quality as well as appearance of hair strands. It makes hair strong from the root and protect from damage due to the effect of pollution, dust, sun exposure, chlorinated water, styling the hair using warmer, spray, back combing, etc. It gives awesome result on your hair than what you have expected. It helps in restoring the natural quality of the hair by maintaining the shine and look of hair. It is very effective mask without any side effect than other various commercial products (having harmful chemicals and synthetic compounds cause damage to the hair) available in the market claiming to provide the better hair quality on regular use. It is a good hair care regime which fixes number of problems related to the hair.

Now-a-days, hair fall is a common problem to all of us because of the increased level of water, soil and air pollution all over the world. Hair strands are made up of proteins and amino acids; so hair growth and development requires lots of proteins and vitamins. And eggs are good source of proteins, vitamins and fatty acids thus it is ready to provide nourishment to the hair. It is an inexpensive natural alternative to the health of body, skin and hair. It strengthens the hair both internally and externally and boosts the hair growth.

In order to support the hair growth naturally, we can add eggs in our daily diet as well as add to the hair care routine to get all the nutritional benefits. It acts as the protein and vitamin pack for hair and muscle of the body as egg white contains adequate quantity of protein and egg yolk contains vitamins. Both help together in hair growth by giving nourishment to the scalp and hair follicles.

What is Best, Egg White or Egg Yolk, to the Hair

Whole egg (egg white + egg yolk) is good for the dry hair as when egg white removes excess oil from the scalp, egg yolk moisturizes dry hair because of having emollient property. Egg white is the best treatment for oily hair as egg white removes excess oil from the hair and promotes healthy hair growth. For normal hair, whole egg is good for the growth and development.

Egg Hair Mask – A Natural Treatment for Dry Hair

Egg is the most commonly used food in our kitchen as it is liked by most of the family members. It is being highly used by the people from the ancient time because of having lots of health and beauty properties. Earlier, women were used to of eggs as the hair and skin treatment to get rid of their hair and skin problems. It is the most effective hair treatment as well as condition the hair to get nice look and feel. Both, egg white and egg yolk repair the dry and damaged hair and give shiny, strong, and healthy look to the hair.

Eggs are the natural remedy for healthy and strong hair because of being rich in protein, sulfur, biotin, iron, vitamins D, B, and A. Variety of components found in it benefits us in following ways:

  • Protein nourishes hair roots and scalp which encourages hair growth.
  • Fatty acids give natural shine to the hair.
  • Potassium helps to repair dry and damaged hair.
  • Vitamin A reduces hair breakage, vitamin B12 promotes hair growth and vitamin D prevents hair loss.
  • Calcium promotes proper absorption of vitamin D thus promotes hair growth.

How to Prepare and Apply Egg Hair Mask

In order to make egg hair mask, you can separate both, egg yolk (for dry hair) and egg white (for oily hair) according to the hair type or use the mixture of both for normal hair. Break one or two eggs (according to the need) to separate egg white and egg yolk and collect in the bowl carefully. Now apply the mask to the scalp and hair strands using fingers or a hair brush. Make the hair damp a while so that egg mask may distribute to the roots and hair tips very easily. You can also use a wide-toothed comb apply it to every strand. On dry hair, apply the mask well to the hair tips as well.

Let the mask applied on the hair for 15 to 20 minutes and cover it with a shower cap in order to get the good result. After that, you can shampoo your hair and wash with normal tap water to get away from the smell of egg. Let it dry naturally or using hair drier and feel the soft, shiny and smooth hair for whole week.

Types of Egg Hair Mask

Egg mask for hair can be prepared in various ways according to the need and requirement of hair and person to get long lasting result. Here are few types of egg mask:

  • Egg hair mask with banana and honey: it extra moisturizes the hair as both banana and honey are natural moisturizers which easily restore the moisture of dry hair. It works amazing for people with dry hair on regular use (twice a week) and gives long lasting result.
  • Egg hair mask with milk, honey and olive oil: it makes hair more soft and moist on regular use.
  • Egg hair mask with lemon juice: few drops of lemon juice can be added to remove the unpleasant smell of egg.
  • Egg yolk hair mask with aloe vera and olive oil: it is very effective for brittle and dry hair.
  • Egg white hair mask with almond milk and coconut oil: it is very beneficial for dry and brittle hair.
  • Egg hair mask with coconut oil and honey.

Egg Hair Mask Benefits

There are various benefits of egg mask on hair when it is applied on regular basis. It promotes new hair growth from root, repairs damaged hair, and soften dry and brittle hair by supplying the necessary nutrients to the scalp. It is the source of large amount of protein, fatty acids and vitamins which strengthen hair. It prevents hair loss, hair fall and hair breakage by nourishing the hair rot, follicles and hair strands. Vitamin A found in it (egg yolk) improves the health of hair by increasing the natural sebum production and moisture into the hair. Sebum production reduces and controls hair dandruff by preventing the scalp from drying. Regular application of egg hair mask promotes natural hair growth and prevents hair loss. Egg is also the rich source of vitamin E which prevents hair from damage caused by the environmental factors like UV rays, pollution, dust, etc. Biotin found in egg yolk renews hair roots and follicles and improve overall health of the hair.

Tips Regarding Egg Hair Mask

Here are some tips regarding egg hair mask:

  • Leave the hair mask on hair for the time it takes to get dry but not more than that time as it will get harder to remove.
  • Wash hair very well with the normal water.
  • Egg yolk mask should not be used on hair by the people who are allergic to it as it may cause allergic reactions (such as difficulty breathing, swelling on the tongue and lips, skin rashes, etc).
  • Do not use hot water to wash the egg hair mask as egg may cook into the hair and very difficult to wash it off.
  • Prepare your own egg hair mask according to the hair type and which mask suits you.