Following daily routine of massaging a new born baby or toddler is very necessary for the baby for his/her proper growth and development. In the modern and competitive world, a mother may not have proper time for massaging her baby two to three time a day because of the hectic schedules and fast speed lifestyles however, body massage is a very important procedure for a growing baby and mother-baby bond and relationship all through the life. Baby body massage is a good way for a mother to get in touch emotionally and establish a meaningful connection between mother and child which in turn brings countless and positive health effects for both.

Massaging a baby on daily basis helps him to get better growth and development, ensures him a secure mother-baby relationship and improves his/her self-confidence. It makes a baby more active and boosts weight gain faster. It also helps mother to get free from the post delivery depression problem because of the stress hormones, lack of sleep during night and etc. Some of the points which are mentioned below needs to be taken care of while massaging a baby:

Points to Consider before Massage

  • Try to provide baby massage on any fix time on daily massage as baby becomes used to of.
  • Avoid massaging your baby just after the feeding as he/she may develop digestive problem and vomit the milk.
  • Wait for at least 45 mins after feeding to offer him massage.
  • Take care of your baby mood and avoid massage if he/she has any health problem.
  • Before massaging your baby, talk to him that you are going to massage him so that baby may cooperate and enjoy the massage.
  • Do not massage your baby with empty stomach as he/she feel hungry and never cooperate during massage so massage your baby 45 mins or one hour after the feeding.
  • Maintain a calm, peaceful and happy atmosphere by running a slow music in the room to offer him pleasurable massage.
  • Put baby clothes off just before the massage and maintain the normal room temperature according to the season.
  • Do not forget to remove your jewellery like ring, bangles and cut nails as they may harm baby skin and make massage procedure painful.
  • Place your baby in comfortable position whether on your legs or on the changing table on a blanket or towel.
  • Talk to your baby regularly all through the massage procedure, it helps you to increase mother baby relationship, deviate baby mind and enhance love bond.
  • If it is your first time, then it is best to have massage training under any good instructor or have proper guide with your doctor.
  • Use any soft and good baby massage oil to avoid skin irritation and other problems.
  • Do not forget to have baby feeding (breast milk or cow milk) to offer him after the massage as baby feels deep hungry just after the massage.
  • Do not offer bath to a baby just after the massage or feeding as he/she may vomit and develop some problems. Wait for at least 15 mins.
  • Avoid massaging just after baby wake up.

Baby Massage Procedure

Some of the careful, safe and effective baby massage procedures are mentioned below:

  • Communicate your baby about the massage procedure to make him comfortable for the massage.
  • Rub massage oil first into your palm to maintain its normal temperature instead of directly applying it to the baby body.
  • Use gentle, soft and round rubbing motions to massage a baby with light strokes and pressure according to the baby age.
  • Start massaging a baby with his/her back by laying him on stomach side lower. Use small circular and forward downward motions to massage back with some strokes on hip and legs.
  • Lay baby on back side to massage chest, stomach, legs, arms and feet.
  • Start massaging baby chest (with folded hand) and stomach (in clockwise motion) with small circular motions and little pressure.
  • Massage baby hands in circular motions by rubbing baby palms.
  • Go to feet and massage both of the feet with little pressure and C shaped circular motions. Rub inner side of the baby feet.
  • Slightly pull baby fingers with no pressure of both feet and hand.
  • Massage baby face with soft motions by starting with baby forehead and go to eyes, ears, cheeks, nose and neck.
  • Do some exercise with baby limbs (hands and legs) by stretching limbs in cross shape and touching his/her forehead using limbs.
  • Take baby in your lap and massage baby scalp with little pressure in round motions.
  • Now put clothes on and feed the baby.

Benefits of Baby Massage

Massaging a baby is very beneficial for both baby and mother. Some of are mentioned below:

  • It helps babies to grow better and behave better.
  • Skin-to-skin connection all through the massage helps in enhancing mother baby bond.
  • It helps baby to breathe more rhythmically in irregular breathing patterns and strengthens the nerve endings on skin.
  • It helps in stimulating growth hormones among babies which promotes normal baby growth physically, mentally, intellectually and emotionally.
  • It helps in weight gain and appetite level.
  • It enhances oxygenated blood circulation throughout the baby body, stimulates brain and other organ functioning as well as enhances neurological development.
  • It helps in boosting baby body immunity, enhancing secretion of digestive hormones and promotes digestive system functioning.
  • It helps in relieving stress level in both mother and baby by reducing the stress hormone level.
  • It helps in encouraging more relax and sleep as well as reduces baby crying.