How to Bath a Baby

Bathing a new born baby or toddler is really very careful procedure which everyone must know providing care to the baby. There may be need to bath a baby two or more than two times a day as they may mess their clothes while crawling in the home or drinking milk and other activities throughout the day. In such cases baby bath or clothe change becomes very necessary in order to prevent them from skin infections, rashes, diseases as well as offering them a feeling of well being.

Pre Baby Bath Procedures

Some of the things which we must take care and prepare just before the baby bath in order to offer baby safety, care, secure environment, avoid any type of delay in bath procedure and easy access to every needed things required to bath a baby.

  1. Arrange a soft, well shaped and blunt ended small plastic baby bath tub in order to protect baby from injury and offer luxurious bath.
  2. Learn procedures for how to give secure and safe baby bath.
  3. Decide calm, safe and secure environment according to the need and choice of your baby.
  4. Decide where to bath a baby and arrange things accordingly for easy access.
  5. Choose any soft soap, towel, clothes, diaper, clean water at room temperature (avoid too hot or cold) to bath your baby.
  6. Check well lighting system in the room you are going to bath your baby.
  7. Check the water temperature from the lower side skin of your wrist (to avoid too hot or cold water) as lower side skin is very sensitive and helps you to identify the water temperature for your baby bath or use bath thermometer to check bath water temperature.
  8. Arrange feed for your baby as he/she feels hungry just after the bath.
  9. Provide light body massage to your baby with any baby massage oil 15 mins before the bath and feed 10 mins before the bath.
  10. Decide any fix time to bath your baby on daily basis for good habit and prevent baby from bad routine health disorders like cold, cough and etc.
  11. Keep low water level in the bath tub for baby safety and avoid water instil to ear, nose or mouth.
  12. Keep baby head at high level than body to avoid problems because of the baby movements.

During and after Baby Bath Procedures

Baby bath is a very important and careful procedure which must be followed while bathing a baby. I have provided below very safe and secure procedures for both baby boy and baby girl which a mother must read and know before going to deliver a baby. Some of the careful baby bath steps are mentioned below:

  1. If you are going to bath your first time then it is good to have bathing instruction and demonstration in front of any nurse or experienced person of the home.
  2. Cut your nails, clean your hands with soap, roll up your long sleeves, remove jewellery, wrist watch, rings, bracelets, bangles and other things wore on your hand and palm before providing bath to a baby.
  3. Start bath procedure by arranging water level in the tub which should not be more than 3 inches.
  4. Arrange baby for bath by putting his/her clothes out of the body, bring him to the bath area and communicate him properly that you are going to provide him bath and say him to cooperate as baby understands everything.
  5. Gradually bring your baby to bath tub and put his/her feet first to the water to avoid baby fear from bath and let him be friendly from the daily bath procedure.
  6. Support baby head and neck from your palm and slowly pour water to other body parts.
  7. Apply mild soap to the baby body from your other hand or use any soft washcloth and wash with water.
  8. Do same procedure to clean baby scalp and then go to mouth to clean baby eyes, ear, nose and face very carefully and gently.
  9. Gently wipe dried nose and ear secretions with soft and wet cotton balls.
  10. Provide too much attention while cleaning the umbilical cord area of the baby as it is very sensitive and harm the baby for long period of time.
  11. Go to genital area and clean very carefully to avoid any type of infection.
  12. Rinse baby body thoroughly with clean water and receive him in very clean and soft bath towel (or in warm blanket in winter season accordingly).
  13. Wipe and dry baby body thoroughly with towel and apply mild baby body lotion all through the body.
  14. Dress baby very well in dry, soft and proper size cotton cloth.
  15. Apply powder (prescribed by the doctor) on the umbilical cord area very safely in order to prevent from infections, let it dry naturally and break down easily without pain.
  16. Apply hair oil to the scalp with little massage and comb hair very gently.
  17. Feed baby by keeping him in your lap and let him sound sleep without disturbance for long as baby habits and needs.

Procedures for how to bath both, baby boy and baby girl are almost same except cleaning their genital areas which needs lots of care and attention. Some of are mentioned below:

How to Bath a Baby Boy

Baby boy bath procedures are same as mentioned above however cleaning genital parts need some precautions and careful attention. Use soft and wet cotton balls to clean and wipe genital areas of the baby boy to avoid any type of irritation and infection. Do not pull foreskin of the baby penis forcefully as it may bleed and pain which may lead to serious infection.

How to Bath a Baby Girl

Baby girl bath procedures are same as mentioned above however cleaning genital parts of the baby girl need some careful steps. Gently and carefully clean the baby girl vaginal areas, urethra and other parts with soft cotton balls to prevent her from infection.