Generally new born baby do green potty which is not common and makes mothers stressed. It is a common belief that baby doing green potty is suffering from cold or has teething problem. However, passing green stool for long time is not common and indicates some serious hazards to the health.

A baby totally depends on breast feed passes bright yellowish and sweet smelling stool of mustard paste consistency. Introducing other things in the diet of a baby like formula milk, dal water and etc changes the color of the stool just like an adult.

However, the reason of green stool means the baby is generally getting only foremilk and not getting sufficient hind milk which provides lots of energy to the baby. A baby cannot tolerate high amount of milk lactose (means milk sugar) and develops digestive problems like gas, intestinal cramps, pain and then green stool. In order to prevent such condition, do not let him go off forcefully from the breast until he own does this.

Green stool may also occur if you start new things in diet to which baby is very sensitive or you have eaten something (like cow’s milk products, green vegetables or green colored food, antibiotics or iron supplements) for which he develops disorders. It also may be the sign of baby illness and teething which increases saliva secretion and then tummy upset and green stool.

Fat less milk is also the reason of green stool in baby. If a baby develops eczema or rashes with green stool he may have infectious diarrhea. So, breast feed your baby properly in order to be sure that he is getting both foremilk (fat less and more watery) and hind milk (fatty, thick and more energetic) to prevent him from the stool disorders.