Why do babies cry

It is a most important topic that “why do babies cry” which has been categorized according to their crying patterns and crying times. There are many reasons of crying a baby in his/her various times. Sometime his/her crying indicates parents to fulfill their needs immediately and sometimes feeling insecurity about their parents however sometimes they have some internal problems which they tell through their painful crying.

As they are unable to do their daily routines and even they cannot talk to their parents about their needs so they cry to get their timely foods, bath, massage, warmth and comfort accordingly. Their crying is the best way of communication to their parents which needs immediate response, in the lack of which they cry continuously till they get.

As time passes baby learns other ways of communication like eye contact, recognizing things, making noises, smiling, try to talk, paying attention on activities performed by others. Some of the most common and important reasons of crying babies are mentioned below which parents must identify to know (especially mothers):

  • The first and foremost reason of crying may be that a baby is hungry. Baby indicates parents that he is hungry and wants to get immediate attention towards the requirements of breast milk or cow milk according to the habit and fix time. Baby cries continuously in the lack of attention and stop crying when he/she get required things.
  • Sometimes unhappiness and upset may be the reason when baby get flushed and frustrated of not getting proper comfort and then baby cries by clenching fists, drawing up knees and making arch of back.
  • If a baby cries even after getting all the facilities in timely manner, the reason may be some internal health disorders like colic pain, digestive problems, allergy, intolerance to new food habits and etc.
  • When a baby cries of unknown reasons the word defined as the PURPLE cry which means (P for peak of crying, U for unexpected crying, R for resists soothing, P for pain-like face crying, L for long-lasting crying and E for evening or late afternoon crying).
  • Sometimes baby cries when he gets tired and need rest, sleep and mother lap. Baby also cries in the lack of lot of attention and cuddles which he has become used to of from some devoted visitors.
  • Baby feels too cold and too hot in the seasons, wet or soiled nappy pads which irritate his skin, wet clothes and all which makes a baby uncomfortable.
  • He weeps when he does not get timely daily routine means massage, bath, feed, sleep, playing and etc.

Some of the reasons of baby crying according to the time are mentioned below which helps parents to identify their babies cry:

Why Babies Cry at Birth

  • Baby cries at birth loudly as he come out to the new environment from the regular and used environment of the womb of mother. Baby see everything new, feel too hot or too cold, separates from his mother after long time, feels insecurity about mother as he get away from his mother and other reasons.
  • He feels very hungry just after he come out of the mother’s womb and need mother’s touch as soon as possible.
  • Inside the mother womb he feels and hears sound of mother’s heart in very calm environment however outside the womb he feels very insecure and weeps loudly.
  • New born baby also cries because of his incomplete sleep as new born baby required to sleep for at least 16 hours or even more a day. He needs more blood circulation and calm to the brain in order to fully develop brain functioning.
  • He may get his nappy wet or soiled diaper which irritates his skin and trigger him to cry.
  • In the mother womb he gets slippery movements however outside the womb he does not get the same which makes him to cry.

Why Babies Cry at Night

Some of the most common reasons of the crying baby at night are he may be hungry and he may get his nappy wet or soiled. However some other reasons may be; he is not feeling well because of body pain, insecurity, abdominal pain, incomplete sleep and etc. He may also cry at night because of the absent of mother touch over him.

They must get enough milk while sleeping as they need more energy for healthy growth and development as well as get prevented from various infections. Babies get enough time, support and affection from mothers at night have more chance of survive and less chance of getting diseases however babies get less affection, love and support at night have less chance of survive and more chance of getting infectious diseases.

A natural reason of crying a baby at night is protecting the occurrence of siblings as baby crying at night hinders mother from continuing ovulation just after pregnancy. Breast feeding a baby at night helps mother to stay infertile for long period.

Why Babies Cry at Evening

  • Some of the babies cry at evening from 6 pm till 10 pm and sometimes they left no ways to stop them. They might get colic pain or feel too hot during summer season.
  • Some babies have tendency and habit to wander outside in park or other greenery places so they cry when not get the same.
  • He may also cry as he needs some energetic meal after the whole exhausting day. He gets very tired and needs some peaceful sleep and rest thus he cries.
  • He may get body pain because of tiredness and need some massage treatment and breast feeding by mother. He needs more love and affection from his mother when he gets tired and hungry.
  • Crying process is necessary for a growing baby as it helps in the proper child’s development. Baby crying is not only the reason of insufficient baby care however it is the most important part of their development.

Why Babies Cry Before Sleeping

Baby generally cries before sleeping as he needs more attention, care and security by his mother. He becomes something insecure that what would be happened to his mother when gets slept. He needs feeding, secure and comfort environment and mother touch before sleeping, in the absence of which he cries. A baby cannot communicate verbally thus he shows his needs through his crying in different ways.

Sometimes a baby cry before sleeping because of his blocked nasal passage and difficulty in respiration due to cold. Sometimes he has teething pain during early 3 months of his age or his clothing are not proper which he feels itchy and uncomfortable.

Why Babies Cry When Sleeping

Some babies generally cries suddenly during their sleep because of the insecure feeling about his mother, he fears suddenly of something, he gets his nappy wet or soiled and etc. Sometimes flies bite may also be the reason of crying when sleeping. Parents must care their baby needs and know the reasons of crying during sleep in order to provide their baby a comfort and crying free sleep all through the night. Some babies need feeding during night for first few weeks after the birth.

Why Babies Cry Continuously

Continuous baby crying is the indication for parents that baby is suffering from some serious ailments which disturbs him all time and triggers for crying. If a baby is crying continuously, it should be taken care of by the parents and must go to the physician for early detection and cure. Continuously crying baby may suffer from colic pain, stomach pain, incomplete sleep, hungry for hours, other internal disorders, fatigue, acid reflux, food allergies, illness, gas, fear and etc. Some babies are used to of sleeping on shoulders of parents or other family members, in the absence of which they feel uncomfortable and cry.

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