What is Asperger’s Syndrome

Asperger syndrome generally affects people in their childhood from birth and goes side by side all though the life however it does not fall under the category of any disease or illness. One cannot get it by own or get recovery from it. People suffering from the Asperger syndrome generally suffer with the problems of lack of social and communication skills and behaviour while communicating with others however they have normal intelligence and language development.

People of any age (such as children, young and adult) who suffer Asperger syndrome have proper ability to think well and learn things however lacks ability to communicate properly with others due to lack of social skills and behaviour. However it has been noted that, people with Asperger syndrome as get older become more able to manage behaviour problem and communicating others skilfully.

Babies suffering from the Asperger syndrome generally get diagnosed after the age of 3, 5 or 9. Asperger syndrome is characterized as people having poor social interactions, odd speech patterns, difficulty in reading other’s body language, obsession behaviour, difficulty with dazzling light and sound and etc.

Other characteristics of AS may include motor delays, clumsiness, limited interests, and peculiar preoccupations. Adults with AS have trouble demonstrating empathy for others, and social interactions continue to be difficult.

Symptoms of Asperger’s Syndrome

Babies suffering from the Asperger’s syndrome (one of the autism spectrum disorders, ASD) do not develops same set of characteristics.

Asperger’s syndrome is a mild form of autism with characteristic of socializing and communication problem. Some of the symptoms of Asperger’s syndrome in babies are mentioned below:

  • Babies with impair development of crawling, unassisted standing and simple gestures, eye contact, interactions, avoid attention and affection, problems while reacting with activities and objects.
  • Lack of normal non-verbal communication and appropriate facial expressions.
  • Improper development of language among babies according to the normal developmental milestone.
  • Behaviour changes occur and vary from mild unusual to quite aggressive.
  • Impair development of social skills thus unable to communicate properly with others like exhibiting a social smile to other.
  • Poor coordination development of the limbs like hands and feet thus show abnormal reflexes.
  • Presence of behavioural abnormalities like communication and speech because of difficulty in using vocabulary.
  • Unable to focus on the environmental aspects.
  • Delayed development of ability to point towards desired object and use of gestures.
  • Problem in developing motor Skills and may get involve in repetitive interests and behaviours.
  • Babies when grow older may develop sensitivity to the criticism.

Causes of Asperger’s Syndrome

The causes of Asperger’s syndrome are still unknown however medical experts, researchers and mental health specialists are still involved in investigating causes. It has been estimated that the possibility of Asperger’s syndrome may be some type of brain abnormality which interferes with the proper development of the behaviour and social skill. However, it might be a hereditary problem which passes to the next generations from back generations.

Some other reasons may also be the mental health disorders including anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder and etc. Bad parenting, neurobiological disorder and emotional stress may also be the reasons of Asperger’s syndrome. The chances of developing Asperger’s syndrome in twins and premature babies are greater than other normal babies.

Treatment of Asperger’s Syndrome

Symptoms of Asperger’s syndrome vary widely from child to child and there is no any special treatment to treat it completely however, some preventive measures are there to lessen its symptoms. It involves early parent education and training, psychotherapy, specialized educational interventions, behavioural or cognitive therapy, social skills training and language therapy should be given to the affected baby.

All the caregivers to baby in the family should be given proper knowledge of the condition of the child. Mother is the first teacher of her child and she is the best medicine to solve all the developmental problems in babies. Every mother should understand their child needs and requirements (emotional and physical needs) and try to address all the problems very peacefully in order to get him out of the health issues.