Author: N. KALYANI

Does the Power of Love Lead to Stress Relief

Love makes the world go round, they say. And love makes every individual’s life go on too, every human being’s world go round too. Love is fundamental to our existence; it sees us through from the beginning to the end of our life. It sustains, protects, fosters, energizes and invigorates our life. It is a great stress buster too. What is the power of love? Love is about sharing and caring. Love is about friendship and togetherness. Love is about being together through thick and thin, through the ups and downs of life. Love is about sharing joys and...

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Stress Relief and Anxiety Management

Stress and tension have become rampant. I was taken aback when a little child in kindergarten said to me that she was under tension because she had her exams the following day! Tension and stress have become very common, and we are victims of such conditions for any and every thing, thanks to these fast-paced times. Every activity has a quick way to complete, and the results are ours to savour, likewise, speedily. While this may pander to our fancies, we are also getting affected adversely by the hectic pace of life and consider ourselves defeated if we fail...

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How to Live a Well Balanced Life

Today, whatever your age or calling, you have multifarious activities to do. With the information and communication technology revolution that has magically made so many different avenues available for us to stay connected with our friends and colleagues, relatives and acquaintances at anytime round the clock, there is a constant lure of the smart phone and computer as well. The whatsapp, twitter and facebook options vie for attention with calls, sms-es and skype possibilities. These seem to engage us unceasingly. And their attractiveness hardly seems to dwindle. Whether it is children and teenage students, college and university goers, office...

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Know how Joblessness May Age You

What is a job? Whatever activity we do is a job. Anything that is to be done qualifies to be called a job. And so any and every activity can be termed a job. And doing it to one’s best, doing justice to how it is carried out makes for the job being well done. Joblessness leads us to the early ageing, so we must involve ourselves in some interesting activities doing which we can feel happy, energetic and delay our ageing too. Doing job is the key to avoid ageing A job can be just anything. Maintaining your garden lush and pretty. Whipping up a lovely, delicious, healthy lunch for your family, or for your friends. Writing a story. Having a formal job in an office. Having a professional job in an organization. Being a volunteer in an organization. Being a homemaker. Sculpting with ceramic or clay. Painting a canvas. Designing garments. Designing homes or offices. Doing full-time, part-time or freelance jobs are all jobs that you should keep doing to stay young, physically as well as mentally. Often women who are homemakers say, “I am just a homemaker”. It is said rather disparagingly of the role. They say this as against doing a full-time professional job. Having a professional job is seen as being superior to being a homemaker. But it matters little what job you do....

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How to improve Willpower and Determination

How to Enhance Willpower and Determination There are self help books that give you ten steps to become rich, or how to become successful in ten easy steps. These are touted as the easiest routes to reach the particular destination. Sure shot means, they are made to appear. Then there are two minute noodles. The quick and easy way to gastronomic satiation. The shortest and easiest routes and steps are forever being found. But to choose to do anything, it’s all about a moment. Nothing more than that. Decide to act How, you ask. Because it takes just a...

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