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How to Get Motivated to Lose Weight

If wealth is lost it can be regained. But if health is lost everything is lost. We have heard this said often. It is a healthy body and a healthy mind that work together to keep you going healthy and happy. You can then work smart and achieve your goals. You can be physically, mentally and intellectually as also emotionally and spiritually in fine fettle only when you are enjoying holistic good health. Holistic health calls for ensuring the good health of your body and mind. A healthy body has a body weight that is optimal. In other words, a person should neither be a victim of obesity nor suffer from anorexia. What determines our physical good health? Our physical well-being depends on what we consume in the form of food and drink, the kind of physical activity we engage in and the type of lifestyle we live. It is when these parameters are at their optimal levels that our physical condition is at an optimal level. When these parameters are not controlled and regulated, the body’s metabolism and functioning as also appearance are influenced. Diseases are thus caused and the body suffers. Obesity is one of the outcomes. People’s increased junk food consumption in the world today is one of the reasons for an increasing percentage of people suffering from being overweight and obese. Besides, with technological advances...

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How to Get Better Sleep

You work hard. The day comes to a close. You look forward to your hours of rest and sleep. These hours of sleep refresh and rejuvenate you and recharge your batteries ready for another productive and fruitful day. What happens when you have not rested your body and mind sufficiently due to inadequate or fitful or poor quality sleep? You feel sleepy and groggy, of course, but also irritable. You feel the lack of freshness in your body and mind. Lack of sleep affects your body’s metabolic functions. It also makes you listless and unproductive. And if you are...

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How to Deal with Stress in a Relationship

Relationships could take hard work to build but could break rather easily. Stress in a relationship is easy to come by. Working on issues that trouble a relationship and to mend it and keep it alive calls for willingness on both parties to a relationship. We have or create or build so many relationships. There are filial ties, relationships with siblings, bonds between spouses, relationships with relatives and ties with friends, colleagues, acquaintances and neighbours. There are natural relationships like between parents and children, or between siblings. Then there are acquired relationships like between spouses, colleagues, friends and business...

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How to Manage Stress at Work

You may be working at an office. Your job may be high up in the air as an airhostess or pilot. Your work may see you in the high seas as you navigate through the waters working as personnel of the navy or merchant navy. You may work on an agricultural field or a garden or then in a restaurant or a kitchen. Whatever, it’s your job. And you may have stress at work and you have to manage it. Causes for stress at work Stress may stem from the job we do and from our work place. We...

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How to stay away from Stress

You have a lot of power. When you are in a conversation with your friend, you can direct the chat in the way you want to. Isn’t it? You may chat up on a hundred disparate issues. But they are all issues and topics that you and/or your friend like to talk about or find it necessary to talk about. When conversations go into subjects or areas you don’t want them to go into, don’t you take a turn and talk about something better or more useful or more pleasant? So, you do exercise such choice and power, isn’t...

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