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Week 26 of Pregnancy

Pregnancy Week 26 At 26 weeks, you have almost completed two third of pregnancy journey. You must be going for your regular ante-natal checkups which were monthly till now. Soon, your doctor would call you fortnightly and then you will have to make weekly visit in your last month. You are growing along with your baby. There must be many internal and external changes you are facing. Let us read further to know more about this week. Growth and Development of Baby The baby development at this stage is small, gradual and insignificant but this is quite crucial phase as the baby is gearing up himself to enter in this world. Weighing around two pounds and about 14 inches in length, your baby will soon start feeling cramped in the uterus. However, still, he would be left with plenty of space to make free movements. The only thing is that there will be lesser space for his Olympic feats. The major development in the 26th week is the opening of baby’s eyes. The eyelids which were closed for last so many weeks are finally open and now your baby can look around in the womb. As the retina part is developing, he could form the images of the object but iris still lacks enough pigment to decide the color of the eye. With this development, you can try shining...

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Week 25 of Pregnancy

Pregnancy Week 25 Congrats! You have almost completed six months of pregnancy. Soon, you will be entering your third and last trimester. You are at way too near to meet your baby. With a big belly with you, you must have started thinking a lot of baby. Lot of preparations must be going on. You must have already browsed hundreds of baby shops and online deals. Well, with thousands of options available, it become quite confusing for expectant parents to decide on what to pick and what to leave. On top of that, your foggy brain is also not supporting you. Don’t worry; still you have much of time. There are around three months. Keep it slow, seek advice from experienced people and make a budget. I am sure things will be much easier. Growth and Development of Baby Now, these coming weeks your baby is busy in fine tuning the systems that has developed so far. Along with that, he or she is packing on more and more fats. From head to heel, baby measures around 13 ½ inches and weighs around 1 and half pounds. Now he or she will gain half pound every week. The baby is constantly practicing his muscle movements and showing steady growth to sustain in the outer world. In the last so many weeks, baby has formed complex network of cells, tissues,...

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Week 24 of Pregnancy

Pregnancy Week 24 This week brings you good news. What’s that? Well, with this week you have cleared a big milestone of your pregnancy. Now, your baby is medically viable or in simpler terms, he or she has good chances of survival (if born premature) only if kept under good neonatal care. Catching sight in the mirror can make you little disappointed as you are now more filled out and less defined. More and more fat is accumulating in your tummy, thighs, bottom and upper arms. Apart from this, you must be getting more emotional day by day. Routine incidences, situations and even television commercial will really affect you. Watching any mother child relationship in real or reel, looking at a passing baby in pram can bring outbreak of tears. Well, there is nothing you can do about it. Just believe that this is perfectly normal and we would only suggest you to enjoy this emotional phase of life. Growth and Development of Baby The baby is continuously packing on more fats day by day but he or she still looks long and lean like an ear of corn. However, the fat deposits are lessening their skin transparency making it like normal human beings. The deposition of fats will soon start to plump up your child. The baby weighs around one and half pounds and much of this weight...

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Week 23 of Pregnancy

Pregnancy Week 23 Are you freaking out with some weird, vivid, wonderful or not so friendly dreams? Oh, that’s perfectly normal. Many women have pretty amazing dreams which tend to hang for the whole day. In your dreams, you may reach to some fantasy world which has no resemblance with the real one. You may even involve your partner and baby in them. If you are the one facing this situation, just enjoy them. They have nothing to do with reality. It’s just because your brain is excessively active during day time thinking lot many different things. Having baby, being parent and managing life’s other roles are the normal concerns which make you think a lot. Just ignore or enjoy them and empty your brain for the new thoughts in the coming day. Growth and Development of Baby This week your baby is developing his or her everyday skills. Moving, stretching, touching, smelling or reaching to something are some activities which he is continuously busy in to prepare himself for the life outside the womb. Besides that, his organs, systems, bodily functions and hormones start to function and get regulated. The baby weighs around one pound and about 11 to 12 inches long. Though, most of the development and activities of the baby this week is similar to the last one but the main focus lies on gaining weight....

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Week 22 of Pregnancy

Pregnancy Week 22 As you pass the middle of your second trimester, you and your baby are growing at a rapid but even pace. There must be many noticeable changes in the physical appearance of a Mom. The saddening stretch marks, irking vaginal discharge and uncomfortable belly balloon may make you depressed at times. No worries as these feelings are perfectly normal. Remember, that you have got this immense power to create a new life within you. So, with so much strength handling these tiny issues is not a big deal. Just cheer on, and see what your baby is doing in there. Growth and Development of Baby By this week, the baby is invading more and more space of uterus as continuously growing in size. Weighing about a pound and measuring 11 inches, your baby looks like a miniature newborn. The eyebrows and eyelids are becoming distinguishable. The eyes are also fully formed and are placed at their right position. The colored pigment of eyes, iris, still lacks pigment. The nose and ears are also fully developed and ears are functional too. With all these developments, your baby has developed his sensory system very well. He has got that sense of touch and now he is rubbing his hands, legs and torso. This week your baby is busy in sucking its thumb, playing with umbilical cord, hiccupping and...

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