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Week 31 of Pregnancy

Pregnancy Week 31 Do you know that your baby is smarter than you right now? Feeling surprised? While the pregnancy hormones are making you dumb and absentminded, your baby is working on all his five senses and getting perfection in using them all. Your foggy mind may miss hearing something but your baby’s ears are 100% developed and he can very well listen to what’s going on out there. It’s not false when people say that children nowadays are smarter than their parents. What else can be the better example when they are more intelligent when still in the womb? Anyways, besides this major sensory development, let us see what your little one is training on inside. Growth and Development of Baby The baby is heading into a growth spurt with a length of 16 inches and weight of 3 1/3 pounds. He or she is quickly approaching their birth weight and height. However, the baby is gaining more weight than his length. The underneath fat has made him look plump. The skin is slightly pinkish and will remain so till birth. The baby is developing more definite patterns of his wakefulness and sleep so that you can notice them clearly. While he is awake, his kicks and somersaults must be keeping you awake and alert all time. With the setting up of baby’s moving patterns, it’s good that...

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Week 30 of Pregnancy

Pregnancy Week 30 Hey you all pregnant women, start your countdown of 10. You have passed three quarters of your journey and this too shall go quickly. What once was a dream and seemed so far is now getting closer every day. Rather than YOU, it’s your belly which is speaking a lot. While you are out and about, everywhere people are making lot of comments on your physical appearance. Some good, some bad and some are even totally unacceptable. However, just ignore them! Your dreams must be getting weirder as you are going through big emotional turmoil, anxiety and excitement. However, rest and relax are the two words for you in this time. Growth and Development of Baby Your growing belly is a good sign to reveal the fact that the baby is growing at a quick pace. Though, he or she is fully developed by now, but a little bit of fine tuning is left to make him/her a complete individual. By this week, your baby turns 15.7 inches in length and weighs around 3 pounds. Presently, your baby is lying in about a liter of amniotic fluid. However as he/she grows, the fluid goes on decreasing. Until now, the baby’s brain appears to be smooth and plain. However, with the formation of grooves and indentations, it is turning in the form of the characteristic brain to...

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Week 29 of Pregnancy

Pregnancy Week 29 The big belly and hard jabs and kicks must already be giving you feel of your little one every time. The baby hiccups are another way to feel him. Apart from this, your baby is big enough to make his presence feel to the outer world too. As the pregnancy progresses, its effects are visible and felt by your legs, bladder, belly and even brain. The life’s simplest task like bending also seems difficult. You must be feeling as you were pregnant forever. With every passing day and week, you are surprised by new symptoms and challenges. Let us read more about them. Growth and Development of Baby At the beginning of the third trimester, your baby is around 15 inches long and weighs around 2½ pounds. With the high pace development, baby is reaching its birth length but may double or even triple in the next 11 weeks. The fat continues to deposit under the baby’s skin which is less wrinkled and smoother now. The baby is accumulating white fat which is different from the brown fat which baby developed for the regulation of temperature. This white fat is actually meant for energy purpose. At the same time, white greasy vernix and soft furry lanugo begin to disappear. This gives more of human like look to your baby. The lungs are continually being more mature...

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Week 28 of Pregnancy

Pregnancy Week 28 Welcome to all the moms-to-be in their final and third trimester! You all are getting bigger day by day but still not big to feel too clumsy. You are still energetic enough to do your daily errands on your own. However, may be by the end of the day, your feet and ankles may be swollen and you feel like getting into the bed immediately. Those unlucky women, who were bearing the nausea and vomiting till now, can hope to get some relief in this trimester. Though there would be many changes in and out of your body, your trimester would be filled with excitement, curiosity and eagerness to meet your baby. Growth and Development of Baby With this week, your baby has reached last trimester of his life in womb. He or she is weighing around 2 ¼ pounds and measures about 14.8 inches in length from head to heels. From last few weeks, baby was showing sluggish growth but now, he has picked his pace again. The fact is evident with his plump ultrasound image. The baby is continuously packing on more fat so as to look like a complete baby you dreamed of. He is feeling warm and safe in his watery home thanks to the downy hair lanugo and waxy coating vernix. Though, quite immature at this stage, babies born during this...

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Week 27 of Pregnancy

Pregnancy Week 27 With the last week of second trimester, your baby is getting little cramped in there. His/her playground is becoming smaller day by day. The easy somersaults, jumping and turning may be quite hard. However, the stubborn baby wants his space which he gets by pushing the boundaries to expand the uterus more and more. In short, you are going to have muscle and ligament pain now. This will result in backache, leg aches making them even sore. With all this, you are gaining weight continuously. But let’s see how baby is growing inside his little home. Growth and Development of Baby This is the last week of second trimester and baby looks like the baby in your dreams though a bit smaller and thinner. Though the organs and other systems still need to mature but baby has good chances of survival if born pre-mature. Right from 27th week, your baby spends lesser time in curled form and starts unfurling. Now, it’s easy to measure your baby from head to heel which was previously from crown to hump. This week your baby is around 2 pounds in weight and measures around 14 ½ inches in length. The baby is growing at a fast pace. The baby continues to form fat under the skin so that he or she does not look skinny anymore. You must have read...

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